Cpoint, GPunkt, and Coregasm: Unusual ways to bring a woman to climax

When I was 17, I had my first (and only me conscious) highlight in their sleep. I dreamed, along with Bill Murray, I had the night before in the teen Comedy "b

Cpoint, GPunkt, and Coregasm: Unusual ways to bring a woman to climax

When I was 17, I had my first (and only me conscious) highlight in their sleep. I dreamed, along with Bill Murray, I had the night before in the teen Comedy "baby bacon and meatballs" seen to stand in the ring and wrestle. We both wore Nicki Hotpants and cropped knotted Shirts and choke slammten and legdroppten us like Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair, to Bill Murray for me finally ... well ... finished. I woke up sweaty and happy. Since then, I felt Bill Murray has always been very connected. Is it any wonder?

In the first part of my Guides on the subject of female orgasms I had already suggested that women should be able to come to a minimum of VM files a thousand different ways to climax. Theoretically. In the sense of sexual awareness, I've put together some of the more unknown orgasm-options of the female body, whose existence has been scientifically proven. Personally, I have seen of it so far, a maximum of two under, the existence of the other ways I let me Friends and follow inside to confirm. I don't want to serve them lastly any nonsense.

#1 Coregasm

for Years I waited for a morning Jog on the so-called "Runner's High", a feeling of unbridled euphoria that is set to – Pi times thumb – Run 30 to 40 minutes. Sadly, never came. I gave up both – the hope of the High and the Jogging. Also, the so-called Coregasm, I was never given. The is supposed to befall the women who train diligently, your body center. By the contraction of the trunk muscles of the pelvic floor is activated, and even the clitoris to be stimulated as a result. Wow. With Leg Raises, Crunches and Russian Twists for the climax? This is misleading. Maybe I will reactivate it again to my Sophia Thiel subscription.

#2 Nipple Orgasm or Breastgasm

Breasts and nipples are many women crazy erogenous zones, be neglected in the Sex, but, unfortunately, often. A pity, because a study demonstrated recently that Stimulation of the nipples triggers the same areas in the brain that are also stimulated by the intensive study of the clitoris and the Vagina. If you do it right, they can give your partner in this way, great orgasms.

spinning, The Problem With a little Nipple three times and lick it is not done. A Breastgasm takes time. You the woman demonstrate that you want to take this time to do it this time only to you. Oh, Yes: The Whole works of course only, if this touches your partner are comfortable, and only then, if your Breasts and nipples are actually an erogenous areas. Ask them openly and try it out, if desired.

#3 Mental orgasm

Yes, there will be women who come alone, through the power of their thoughts, whether in the waking state or as weiland I sleep. Thoughts on Liam Hemsworth, Travis Scott, "365 Days"-Star Michele Morrone, or Bill Murray. Erotic fantasies with a Happy ending, so to speak. Now I can't imagine that you do not want to, if you're already in a (mental) erotic tussle with Ryan Gosling or Drake, to touch at least a little bit. However, it should also orgasm without the work, say Mental-experts.

idea for an Experiment: tell each other your hottest daydreams (in their should be no other women appearing, I'll only say this once), or read your loved one out of an erotic book and "forbid" her to lend a Hand. Maybe it'll work.

#4 Deep-Throat orgasm

Yes, you'll be pleased to sink your Penis veeery deep in the throat of the woman and to give her alone a climax. And it's true, there are women who swear by it, and specify that parallel to the increased production of saliva, which would be caused by the in the German romantic than "Kehlensex" established operation, your Vagina is very moist.

Often have to Play more extreme these ladies but, from my experience, a penchant, know yourself and your body very carefully and, not the least of them to go have Sex in a submissive Position. In this respect, the head plays in this variant a large role. And, of course, the question of how well your partner has her gag reflex under control. For you I hope Better than I do. (Also read: These sexual positions women love, really)

#5 G-spot orgasm

A Form of the vaginal orgasm, of which I told you in the first part of this guide. The G-Spot, you may be familiar with. Although its existence is doubted by many, and I believe it. If you introduce two fingers into the already aroused Vagina of your woman, and in such a way that the tips of her fingers in the direction of abdominal wall, you can feel about five inches below the entrance to a rough point. Welcome.

Now you have to move your Finger quickly again and again in the direction of the abdomen, as you would want someone to attract. The framework programme: kissing, light choking (Invite only), a little Dirty Talk – then it may happen that your partner is experiencing a G-spot orgasm, but even squirts. Giant mess, but ultra sexy. (Read also: Forget the G-spot - this is the most popular erogenous Zone of the woman)

#6 A-spot orgasm

For the Grand Finale of the A-point it should be mentioned, which is short for Anterior Fornix Erogenous Zone. This point may be more sensitive to touch than the G-Spot and multiple orgasms spells. Easy to find, he is not, however, The A-Zone is located between G-spot and the cervix, so relatively deep Inside of the Vagina. Now you can either go with your fingers on the search or on the good old transport. Because of all the sex positions, where they penetrate particularly deep into their partner, are in order to stimulate this point-intensive. I say Doggy Style. A lot of fun when you are Looking for. (Also read: sex positions you do not know yet)

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