Coronavirus-drug: Rescue a German Lama the world? Researchers hope | world

Coronavirus-drugs: Remdesivir vs. hydroxychloroquine research shows clear trends for effectiveness - approvals be extended in Europe. In connection with the C

Coronavirus-drug: Rescue a German Lama the world? Researchers hope | world

Coronavirus-drugs: Remdesivir vs. hydroxychloroquine research shows clear trends for effectiveness - approvals be extended in Europe.

In connection with the Coronavirus* in the world is looking for drugs. The research seems to make progress. A study from the USA shows significant success in the application of the drug Remdesivir . Here you will find the basic facts to the Coronavirus* and the Corona-News from Germany. We also offer them in a map, the current case numbers in Germany. Currently there are the following recommendations to the Corona-protection measures*.

Update from the 5. June: research for a drug for the treatment of Covid-19 is for months, feverishly. The focus of the scientists of two substances, which were originally developed against other diseases, were quickly set up.

The Ebola drug Remdesivir had emerged as the favorite out. Without causing severe side effects, it lowered the recovery time of the subjects significantly. Also, the death rate dropped during the Tests easily. In the United States Remdesivir promptly received a approval for emergencies .

the fabric helps, is certainly an encouraging finding, however, has found only a temporary solution. The search for a specifically on the Coronavirus tailored drug to be running at full speed.

Coronavirus: research after a drug is on a good way - bring a Lama to the breakthrough?

researchers in Sweden are now able to exploit the great hope, after you studied, Lama , you had extra from a German research farm in Germany, to be flown in. It is the key to the search of a treatment method for lung disease ?

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are The chances of that seem very good, reports the German press Agency. The animal was immunized with virus proteins and formed tiny antibody . Alpacas and other camel species can develop this special kind of Blood. The so-called Nano-antibodies are now the Foundation for further research .

The joyful observation of the scientist: The llama antibody clung to the same part of the Virus, how to do it human. Can you isolate from the blood of the animals and then, the hope of the researchers, for the treatment of Corona-Ill use . Earlier Tests on mice and Hamsters are still.

Coronavirus research: drug shows first clear successes - the expansion of the use of planned

first message from the 23. May: USA - While the number has risen in the world of infections with the Coronavirus , who had been cured over two million, is expected to remain the number of the new worldwide and even more high. Especially South America is coming into focus: It has replaced Europe as the center of gravity of the pandemic.

With the progression of time, are also published, more and more studies to therapeutic approaches and treatment options . Confirm first suspicions or clear up the myths. Two recent findings have hope that Doctors will soon have more clarity.

Coronavirus-medicine: extension of approval in Europe could stand before

such As the ZDF writes, to do mainly two tendencies: Thus, the originally anti-malarial drug developed. hydroxychloroquine severe side effects have especially for people with heart problems triggered and mortality rates increased. At the same time, there would be receipts for treatment success with another drug, originally scheduled to be against Ebola used.

Thus, a clear treatment that results: The death rate after the application of Remdesivir - compared to Placebo-gifts - a little lower, the recovery period is 31 percent lower. In the U.S., the US biotech group Gilead has already received an authorisation for the drug in case of emergency. And also the European medicines authority EMA could follow suit soon. In a hearing before the EU Parliament last week was to certify, therefore, that experts consider the currently available study data as "robust enough". Should this be the case, with a conditional market approval soon. In the case of inpatient , which are not ventilated, may be used the drug also in Europe.

Also in Germany, a study has been running longer to Remdesivir*. At eight German University hospitals, research is conducted into the drug. Also in Munich, Germany. Here the drug had helped about one in every two patients, reported Professor Wendtner, chief doctor of the infectious diseases in the Munich clinic in Munich-Schwabing.

Coronavirus-drug: research goes in different directions

That, at University hospitals and in collaboration with various pharmaceutical companies, will be further tested in different direction, in a publication of the national Institute of health in USA (NIH): On 14. In may, it was confirmed that a further study should start to hydroxychloroquine. Apparently, the Doctors hope to here findings on the effects in connection with the antibiotic Azithromycin . In the study, Participants should take the medication at home and you Are documenting.

A further track to the go meanwhile, researchers at the Berlin Max-Planck-Institute . Here it is investigated whether extracts of Artemisinin (or wormwood), could prove effective. A to this Plant-based healing potion is now sold by Madagascar from around the world - because so far, scientific evidence is missing, hope the researchers at the Max-Planck-Institute here is more clarity.

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