Work-out: 5 brutal Exercises, you burn in the pool fat

It is possible to turn at the time, the swimming pool in a fitness Studio to more fat strong as to burn ever . There are many different ways to train ,

Work-out: 5 brutal Exercises, you burn in the pool fat

It is possible to turn at the time, the swimming pool in a fitness Studio to more <> fat strong as to burn ever .

There are many different ways to train , you can do it with your own body weight, with Weights, with resistance bands, with items from the kitchen. You can do intense Cardio, challenges, inspired by films, such as the Routine of Rocky or The Terminator. (More fitness exercises you can find here)

Good for the joints: Exercises in the swimming pool

But: If you want a workout that helps you fat without putting a lot of pressure on your bones and joints to exercise, then the path to the swimming pool is the best Option.

a great way to operate Cardio (Swimming is without with aching feet or knees to be), but it is not the Only thing that you should do in the swimming pool (and we're not just talking about wassersex). In fact, water aerobics for fat burning and has a healing effect, relieves the symptoms of diseases such as Arthritis and fibromyalgia.

burn fat and the body conserve

movies and popular culture have convinced us that only older women and people with mobility problems in the swimming pool for a workout, but lately we have seen great athletes, the water use, in order to intensify your Training in a way that is for your body.

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Whether you believe it or not, the water creates a resistance that helps to strengthen the muscles to increase and the heart intensity. And at the same time support of (a part of) their weight, which protects your joints and your risk of injury is reduced. In particular, if you are overweight, not in good condition or a previous injury to recover. (Read here, when a watch is really water-resistant)

Work-out in the swimming pool

A Training in the swimming pool will give you "better balance, agility and endurance, which means a big confidence boost for anyone who has avoided in the past Sport," says clinical exercise physiologist Mary Sanders, Ph. D., a Professor at the University of Nevada School of Medicine in Reno. Sanders explains that another advantage is that you can burn while Training in the pool more in less time calories than other Exercises (and it will help you to get the desired body).

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training sessions in the Pool

1. Run with Weights

I'm sure you have some of these Videos of athletes seen, which try to run in the Pool. This is quite simple: You take a bunch of Weights, increases in the Pool (although you should not do it probably, if it's too deep) and runs against the water pressure. Some professional athletes have even treadmills that run on water, but you don't need one. Just a Couple of dumbbells can add and run as fast as you can, is a good Alternative.

It is recommended to wear water shoes to improve the grip and avoid slipping. If you increase the intensity, heel kicks and add the knee lift and Running, you can try to run in a zigzag to create a flow and to make the Exercise more challenging.

2. Up and down presses

This is a good Exercise for the upper arms. Just use the edge of the pool to pull yourself up, hold the Position for a few seconds and then lower the triceps, in order to reverse the downward movement.

3. Jumping Squats

This is basically like a normal cracked knee flexion, standing with hips open legs and prevents the legs until the thighs are parallel to the ground and at an angle of 90 degrees. Then you have to jump as hard as possible to try and get out of the water and jumping back down until the feet touch the ground again.

4. Hüftdrehungen

they Keep the feet hip width apart and stretch both arms straight in front of you, just under the surface of the water. Bend your knees into a squatting Position and jump to 90 degrees. Tighten the abdominal muscles while you move from page to page, until you are back in the starting position.

5. Crunches

To do this, you should hook your shins and feet on the pool edge, knees at a 90-degree angle bent, the Rest of the body in the water, with the hands of a dumbbell or disc and abdominal movement, you can add twists to train the lateral muscles.

schedule for the complete Training

warm up (5 minutes)

Jogging in place (1 Minute)

they take turns each knee to chest (1 Minute)

Alternating high knees (1 Minute)

side steps, alternately in each direction (1 Minute)

The next Exercises like HIIT or Crossfit in a run-out. Each Exercise is done for 40 seconds, followed by 20 seconds of rest before it goes to the next Exercise.

  • backward kick with the left leg
  • reverse kick, right leg
  • Up and down presses
  • Jumping Squats
  • Hüftdrehungen
  • rotate Angewinkeltes leg to the inside, first to the right
  • rotate Angewinkeltes leg to the inside, now on the left
  • Crunches

you now Make a second pass!

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