Tasty, but harmful: With 9 food you are poisoning your body

the 1. Sausage and other processed meat products That sausages are not just healthy, it should be known. This is mainly due to the high proportion of saturat

Tasty, but harmful: With 9 food you are poisoning your body
the 1. Sausage and other processed meat products

That sausages are not just healthy, it should be known. This is mainly due to the high proportion of saturated fatty acids, their consumption can lead to cardiovascular disease. But the sausage is still with the other smut. How Daniela Krehl, specialist adviser for nutrition of the consumer is Central Bavaria, explains, contributes also to the high content of salt to the sausages, but generally speaking, processed meats are just healthy.

/iStockphoto/Martin boar sausages contain a lot of saturated fatty acids and salt brine

especially pickling salt proves to be problematic: "During Heating and Frying nitrosamines, which are carcinogenic substances formed. This applies, for example, on Red sausages“. Also the smoke produced during Roasting and grilling process, is unhealthy. Therein, polycyclic aromatic substances can also be carcinogenic are included.

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2 works. unhealthy food: canned tomatoes and other canned food

Actually, canned tomatoes aren't so unhealthy, because they contain, for example, significantly more lycopene than fresh tomatoes. This secondary plant substance is not only for the red color, but very healthy. Because it is an antioxidant that captures free radicals, strengthens the immune system, and even the risk of cancer lowers. According to Daniela Krehl, the Problem's in the can itself. "The indoor coating containing Bisphenol A, which merges into the food".


The chemical interferes with the hormonal balance and can lead to developmental disorders in children. Infertility and cancer are related to it. "This is true, unfortunately, for the majority of food cans, because so far, the industry has found no Alternative," explains Krehl. "Uncoated doses are not the solution, because it will, for example, Tin in the tin, which is toxic". Best products in the glass draw.

This is a sign of cancer you should not ignore FOCUS Online/Wochit This is a sign of cancer you should not ignore

3. Tuna, sword fish, salmon and other fish

fish is healthy and due to its content of healthy Omega-3 fats and Iodine, at least once or twice on the dining plan. However, some types of fish are highly contaminated with mercury. "A particularly old and large fish store very much of it – fish and tuna-fish sword," explains Krehl.

dpa/Wolfgang Thieme/dpa tuna is one of the two main ingredients for "Vitello Tonnato". The fish comes as a sauce on haudünn-cut slices of Veal.

How high is the concentration of this heavy metal, depends on more than just age and type, but also by the respective fishing area. Although the EU sets limits for fish, but especially Pregnant and Nursing women should refrain from consumption of these species, since mercury is highly toxic, and the Unborn and babies can cause serious harm.

Also in the case of fish from aquaculture, caution is required – for example, in the case of salmon. He is frequently contaminated with antibiotics and pesticides, which are mixed with the feed,.

4. Rice and rice products.

rice is considered easy and well-digestible food. But just white rice that has been hulled and polished, contains hardly any valuable ingredients. Stick it in the bowl. Therefore, the healthier option is whole-grain rice, rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. However, in rice, a poison accumulates. According to the Verbraucherzentrale Bayern he is often contaminated with inorganic arsenic, which can cause large quantities of cancer. The recording of lower amounts of can damage vessels and nerves, and the emergence of cardiovascular promote disease.

/iStockphoto/SB In rice and rice products arsenic

arsenic is naturally present in the soils, but also on sewage sludge and fertilizers in the environment. The roots of the rice plant takes up much arsenic – how much depends on the region of cultivation, and the cultivation method. Rice products such as rice milk, waffles and porridge contain the poison. Therefore, they should be consumed only in moderation. This is especially true for children and babies travelling.

5. Doughnuts and other baked goods

you belong to the favorite pastry of the German and time in the carnival popular. Except for sugar, fat and white flour, this pastry contains no nutrients and is thus out of the not healthy. In addition, it contains but also toxins. Krehl explains: "are doughnuts usually in cheap palm oil-fried – fat pollutants that are carcinogenic to emerge". So, for example, 3-Mono-chloropropanediol fatty acid ester, a short 3-MCPD called.

dpa / Jens Ressing) With doughnuts can be any hangover prevention. (

As many baked goods contain, spreads and Snacks, palm oil, particularly in children, the tolerable daily intake quickly be exceeded. Therefore, the consumer calls the Central Bavaria, Europe-wide mandatory maximum levels for 3-MCPD in vegetable fats, Oils, and infant food set, explains Krehl.

6. Microwave Popcorn

Ready-made Popcorn, you just need to pack in the bag in the microwave, is handy, but extremely unhealthy. Because it contains depending on the variety, tons of salt or sugar, hydrogenated fats and flavour enhancers, such as butter flavouring Diacetyl. Even small amounts of it to attack the lungs.

/iStockphoto/Ildar Imashev

In the United States, the substance caused a scandal, because factory workers, the Diacetyl Vapors every day were exposed to Bronchiolitis obliterans diseased, scarred lungs is irreversible and narrowed. The disease became known as the so-called Popcorn lung in the story and was recently in connection with E-cigarettes in the headlines. Diacetyl is not only in the Popcorn or flavoured E-cigarettes, but also, for example, in Snacks, baked goods, ready meals, baking mixes and Margarine.

7. Chips and French fries - - containing starch, heated food

French fries and Chips are among the favorite snacks of many adults and children and are consumed frequently. Especially chips often end up as a garnish on our plates. However, these potato products damage solid the health. For example, studies have shown that regular consumption of two - doubled up to three times a week, the risk of death. This is not only due to the high fat and salt content, of the heart-circulation-favored diseases, but also due to the fact that these products contain high amounts of acrylamide. This substance is carcinogenic and is caused by strong heating, such as baking, roasting and Frying of carbohydrate-rich food.

Reuters/Ina Fassbender Makes Junk Food blind? The nutrition researcher Stefan Kabisch from the DIfE holds the described link between malnutrition and Eyesight and hearing loss, probably not.

potato products contain, according to the consumer, therefore, particularly high amounts, but also biscuits, crackers, Toast, crisp bread and Breakfast cereals. Children are especially at risk, since they can be based on the body weight quickly higher acrylamide amounts. The good news: Since 11. In April 2018, according to the EU regulation, measures to reduce this substance in food is legally binding, so that food manufacturers must adhere to specific limits.

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8. Soft drinks

Cola and other soft drinks in adolescents, but also adults high in the course. But, unfortunately, they contain a lot of artificial flavors, extremely a lot of sugar and empty calories to the emergence of obesity and type 2 Diabetes. The risk of such diseases is increasing according to the study, already eight percent, and if you consume daily more than 250 milliliters of soft drinks.

/iStockphoto/vasiliybudarin soft drinks contain too much sugar or unhealthy sugar substitutes

the sweetener staggered soft drinks are much better: they encourage diseases cardiovascular. According to Daniela Krehl also substitute aspartame, he is taken in larger quantities, kidneys.

9. Frozen pizza

cardboard box and plastic packing, tearing, and pure in the oven. Nothing is easier than making frozen pizza. However, in addition to a high fat and calorie content of pizzas stuck them in the freezer a lot of artificial flavouring substances and flavour enhancers. Add to that, that Pizza with Salami carries a special risk.

/iStockphoto/ moniaphoto frozen pizza is full of artificial substances.

"By the use of sodium Nitrite in the Salami in connection with the cheese of dangerous nitrosamines, which are carcinogenic," explains Daniela Krehl of the consumer. The combination of nitrite and amines is also found in Pizza, with squid, anchovies, shrimp and other food, such as Toast Hawaii. Your vocal cords have been severed! 270 puppy from a cruel breeder farm saved FOCUS Online/Wochit your vocal cords have been severed! 270 puppy from a cruel breeder farm

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