Stress for no reason: tips against inner turmoil and provocative Songs

Bushido and Shindy 2013 "Stress without reason" – published a title that has become a classic in the German-Rap – brought not only an Outcry but also several

Stress for no reason: tips against inner turmoil and provocative Songs

Bushido and Shindy 2013 "Stress without reason" – published a title that has become a classic in the German-Rap – brought not only an Outcry but also several lawsuits. "Stress without reason" was for many "Affected", which is found in the Track mention of your name to a massive point of contention. (More on the topic of Stress and how you can get these in the handle, you can read in our GQ Anti-Stress-Guide)

What is “Stress without reason” has triggered

This putative Stress for no reason would have saved several politicians, including Claudia Roth, but also of the Comedian Oliver Pocher, who are mentioned in the Song, probably the best. As for the plaintiff against the Bushido Song, the title brought with it a more ironic meaning: If in the Everyday of Stress for no reason is spoken, according to often the inner turmoil that accompanies a constantly – and this effect is the Song "Stress triggered for no reason" in the Affected.

For the Mentioned in the Text, he meant by the claims and the litigation, especially strain – a Symptom that brings the inner turmoil with yourself. In addition, you need to often be Stress in his life, such as time pressure, for example, in order to work – Stress work in addition, as well as an engine of art and music – even if it's not in the Track, probably not to this extent and the one or other insult would have less harm to the "Stress without reason"Lyrics certainly. Here, we present protect you some useful tips to restlessness and inappropriate Songs, and how best to manage those risks. (Resilience – the silent helpers against Stress)

How do you know when the Stress becomes to much?

If you are in a Stress, for example just before an important exam, a Job Interview, in which you must prove, it is a decision that is, you are planning a relocation, an important Event – then you know in most cases, what are the triggers for certain symptoms that shows your body. You will quickly tremble nervously, your hands, you can't sleep because too many thoughts, it is difficult for them to concentrate.

you will be irritable, and aggressive word exchange are on the agenda. What starts with nervousness, it can actually outbreaks lead to permanent, real physical ailments, such as heart palpitations, rapid exhaustion, a constant feeling of weakness and perspiration. In these cases, the lack of understanding stems from the often opposite of one's own Psyche. Many people wonder, But I don't have any Stress, why the same symptoms are still with me? (For more tips on stress reduction, you can find here.)

tips: Inner restlessness – what can you do?

Stress is no longer on a specific event is referred to in the medical field as an inner restlessness. For some people it is a permanent condition, in the other hand, it occurs, often after prolonged phases of Stress, and. The symptoms are diverse and many, it is difficult, in this case, see a doctor.

Often the symptoms of anxiety can be side effects of depression or personality disorders, in other cases related to the consumption of certain medications, hormonal changes, low blood pressure or low blood sugar. Since, in practice, the exact Occurrences of the times in which the symptoms occur, you will be asked, it turns out most quickly whether or not these symptoms are psychological or physical in nature, and how to best address this. (Here you can learn more about how Stress can be avoided.)

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Help medications for anxiety?

Whether drugs can really help, often depends on the causes for the inner turmoil. If this is based on the physical changes, i.e. due to medications, low blood pressure or low blood sugar is triggered, should be taken with additional medicines with caution and prior to a combination with other drugs, should be referred to a doctor or to a pharmacist. To one of the mild sedatives that can be taken in most cases without any concern, for example, Valerian. This is also used as a sleep aid, and is for anti-anxiety and increased nervousness. However, there are different versions of the drug, which is why you need to in this case also, exactly over the area of application to inform them.

lavender essential oil promises to be a relaxing, positive effect on the body. However, the exact mode of action of the Oil is not yet sufficient. As a further sedative apply hops, St. John's wort and Melissa . However, even if these drugs promise for a certain amount of time, reassurance and the symptoms expose, does not mean, unfortunately, that the causes thus disappear as well. If you are earning a permanent deal with the inner turmoil, one should investigate the roots of this. (Do you suffer from constant fatigue? These eight foods can help.)

self-observation in Stress for no reason, and restlessness

to Keep the symptoms over a longer period of time (from several days to several weeks), it is advisable to see a doctor, in order to clarify the causes for the feeling of Stress. To worth the beginning it is often also a kind of self-observation and to ask themselves: when do the symptoms occur? What are you thinking in this Moment? What events occurred previously? Have you taken in the last time a particular medication, your diet changed, increasingly sports-driven?

This self-observation can also help later on a visit to the doctor to determine the causes for the inner turmoil quickly and to respond accordingly. Often the care of a physical illness with symptoms such as fast heart palpitations, chest pressure and a nervous stomach contributes to the fact that these are reinforced. To gain clarity through self-observation and a visit to the doctor, so it can often bring already a relief. (Stress can also trigger back problems?)

first-aiders in case of Stress for no reason: movement

What can help with anxiety, also, is to access certain relaxation techniques. Here, movement is recommended in the first place, if the physical condition and symptoms allow it, because the inner restlessness can be an expression of the urge to move. It can, therefore, help to integrate sports into everyday life and to observe the effect of this measure.

in Order to improve the awareness and the feeling for the own body, can also help Yoga, as well as the Practice of certain breathing techniques, when the racing heart and the excitement, the symptoms do not stir a overcome (if another disease). Especially helpful are, if you are prone to Hyperventilation. Can relax, even a Digital Detox, since social media is shown to an inner pressure to many trigger, since there are often coated or maybe in the pictures of reality that claims to increase yourself. (Five strategies for a better smartphone to use, you can find here.)

What home remedies help with anxiety?

in addition to movement and breathing exercises can also means simple house, like a Cup of tea will help. Especially tea with lemon balm and lavender is often used for the calming effect. In addition to tea, a glass of buttermilk to help when unrest threatens a take. A proven home remedies for everyday life is also to integrate periods of rest and to take time to reflect on the day and what happened. Also a hot bath with lavender oil can have a relaxing effect. However, the objective here is always to first determine where the inner turmoil comes from. Home remedies can be, despite all of this, at the beginning of the complaints, a first aid, if no serious cause underlying. (Meditation: In only 10 minutes the whole body strengthen)

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