Silicea Can strengthen silicic acid to our body?

Silicea – you have heard the term many times but can't really start something with it? What can this chemical Element and why you can benefit from it, we expla

Silicea Can strengthen silicic acid to our body?

Silicea – you have heard the term many times but can't really start something with it? What can this chemical Element and why you can benefit from it, we explain them here. (More on the topic of health, you can read here)

What is Silicea?

silica, also silica is a homeopathic remedy that is often referred to as silicic acid and a compound of silicon, water and oxygen. It is a chemical Element that is found in rock crystals, and traces of which are also in our body where our cells in the development and growth to support.

The use and administration of Silicea is part of the alternative medicine, which is based on the guide, that the substances, which have positive effects on a healthy person, must also help to the sick. Homeopathic remedies and, therefore, also Silicea are sold in pure Form to strong reactions, which is why you only in a very diluted Form. In homeopathy, there are various means that can be used in various symptoms.

when to use Silicea?

In homeopathy, silica is prescribed in most cases of common cold symptoms – especially in patients, who often have to struggle with cold feet and hands, and prone to recurring colds. Since the substance is so highly diluted that they can exert no negative effect on your body, take a lot of people silicic acid already, if you run the risk of catching a cold. So when it gets colder outside, and the annual cold wave is imminent – or if you are on the road a lot and stressed out. (So you do not recognize the differences between the common cold and flu)

But only to the organism for colds, can Silicea be used, but also often accompanied by States of exhaustion and Weakness, under which many suffer. If it suddenly hard to come in the morning from the bed, one longs for a NAP and this condition is increasingly the Norm than the rule, many also Siliciea.

Silicea in case of sweaty feet

furthermore, it is used weakness Silicea also in the case of varicose veins, and connective tissue. Since the connective tissue is weakened without adequate silicon, which ensures a certain elasticity, resulting in varicose veins can occur, it is also used in these symptoms often Silicea back.

do you suffer from sweaty feet and have tried foot baths and crackling foot and leg mousse yet? Here, too, is used in alternative medicine to Silicea. This is often recommended if your sweat has a particularly strong smell and tend to still have cold feet.

In the drugstores, there are also often silica-to buy tablets act as a nutritional Supplement, and promises to strengthen nails and hair and help with skin impurities and acne. Diatomaceous earth, also Silicea terra called, prides itself with a high silicon content. Even if this effect is not scientifically proven, these supplements is often the case with brittle nails, failure, or thin hair taken.

experience and action of Silicea

The effect of homeopathic medicines is generally controversial. While many scientists criticise the remedies of alternative medicine, there are many patients that rave about their positive effects. This could also be due to the so-called Placebo effect, which occurs when you take certain medium and their effect believes. Many people rely on homeopathic remedies, often do not want to minimal discomfort in which you can directly access to strong drugs.

Because these substances can damage the body due to the strong diluted Form, you grab often to Alternatives such as Silicea, which are either in the pharmacy or drugstore available. The effect of the Agent depends of different factors. The Symptom to be combated, as part of another disease? How regularly these symptoms appear? If you're struggling with severe discomfort, you should not abandon despite all this, the visit to a doctor. Silicea is especially useful if you want to prevent weaker symptoms, like a cold in the Winter or the onset of blemishes, and his body and mind wants to do something Good.

taking forms of silica

Silicea can be taken in various forms. There are capsules , of which one, a side dish, depending on the information in the package, up to three of the day can take as capsules, for example, in the case of silica-as is the case. This Form is chosen in hair loss and nails like. In addition, the substance is also available as a Siliciea Gel available, like in the case of acne, for firmer skin, sweat is used feet, and varicose veins. While the Gel has a cool side effect, is set with a weakened connective tissue is also Silicea ointments . In addition, there are Silicea Balsam , which is applied in the presence of symptoms, pertaining to nails and hair, but also in the case of smaller irritation on the skin.

Since the Silicea as well as all other homeopathic medicines are diluted, they come in, as a rule, without any side effects and also have no harmful effects on our body. Therefore, the dosage of Silicea is, above all, of their symptoms depending on and what effect you expect from it. The agent may be to prevent taken or affected be applied. Detailed recommendations, refer to the package insert of the respective Means.

Silicea in food

Silicea is as a trace element in our body and supports our body in the structure of the connective tissue, skin, hair, and nails. While many rely on the use of nutritional supplements in order to increase the effect of this substance, can be achieved this effect, by adding to his diet by foods that have a high content of Silicea.

not, However, also shows this positive effects scientifically sufficient. Since, however, these foods are all healthy, not a diet based on this scale, harmful. Include foods with Silicea potatoes, wheat, millet, vegetables such as cauliflower, spinach, peppers and parsley. In the area of the fruit, especially strawberries and wine are grapes with a high content of the element.


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