Rolex is considered to be of Value: These models are most worthwhile

A Rolex as an investment? This is no longer a secret. The reasons for the increase in the value of the most popular Rolex models, you could talk evenings out, b

Rolex is considered to be of Value: These models are most worthwhile

A Rolex as an investment? This is no longer a secret. The reasons for the increase in the value of the most popular Rolex models, you could talk evenings out, because Rolex is the watch brand with the highest recognition, to the greatest possible brand recognition and most of the myths. A Rolex has always been a safe investment. Men to put for a hard times like a Rolex as a nest egg. (Interesting: man Rolex appreciate. As he hears the incredible value to it)

she is, as in many thrillers and action films seen a throughout the world accepted means of payment, if you want to get in a Situation in which it's a matter of life and death, a security guard or a pilot, one of the last seat. When it gets really dicey, make it the guy with the Rolex on Arm that is the Knowledge learned over generations.

tastes, and the focus of the collector can be

convert However, not all models of the brand are the same desires – even if you can flat say that a Rolex will not hold its value in the longer term, never, because the Orient resale prices, regardless of the desirability at the current list prices. Therefore, a Rolex Milgauss or Explorer I loses never its value. Both are not quite as hysterically sought after models. You are not to get in the meantime also so easy on the authorized concessionaires for the list price, but have experienced the explosion in the price development of other models. That could change, however, should be guided by time, taste, and focus of the collector to the effect. Then they would be seen as a bargain with potential. For the Daytona, you can hardly believe it, should have been in the sixties, even a store Keeper. In the following, we introduce here, however, the “Blue Chips”, the current best investment opportunities of the brand.

"Daytona": The model with the longest waiting list

The Daytona model with the traditional longest waiting list and the only Chronograph from Rolex. She is the perfect candidate for a value investment, because it is the connection to Paul Newman, wearing it as a racer, often on old photos, part of cultural history.

Express GQ style

their popularity is also due to the eye-catching dial version with the contrasting totalizers, which has made it to the coveted collection object. Anyone who has enrolled in the eighties in the waiting list with a waiting period of up to ten years, was able to purchase the watch, for example, in 1994, to the official list price of 3.068 EUR. The same watch with Box and papers would be a re-sale value of 25,000 to 50,000 euros, depending on condition and dial color.

Older models for higher prices still. The Vintage model of a Daytona from the estate of Paul Newman with a price of 15 million dollars the most expensive watch ever auctioned. Who is allowed to be lucky, to a new Daytona to the list price of 11,300 euros to purchase, you can sell them at the same time for almost Double again. (Also interesting: these are the ten most expensive watches in the world)

Rolex watch GQ style Pepsi : The discoloration determines the collector value of

The waiting list for this watch was the Moment it was introduced in 2018 at the trade fair “Baselworld”. The new Rolex GMT-Master II was first introduced in 2014, in white gold, in steel, they became an instant hit. Because of their red-and-blue ceramic bezel she has the nickname of “Pepsi” and is reminiscent of the color scheme of the original plexiglass bezel from the fifties. This has, in turn, your very own collector's value, depending on how faded or discolored, the dials and bezels are.

New to the “Pepsi” is the elegant Jubilé-Band, which was normally reserved for the Datejust models. Those who get today, a new “Pepsi”, pays according to the list of 9,000 euros, in the secondary market but already loose from 14,000 euros.

Rolex watch GQ style " Batman” : the previous model, with good opportunities to increase the value of

To this “Batman” was a similar Hype as the 201834-color variant of the “Pepsi”and by the way, even the old “Batman”-models with oyster bracelet highly sought after by collectors. For the same list price as the “Pepsi” is their resale value is similarly high and you get a quasi-5,000 euros as a gift.

With the introduction in the year 2019, this colour was equipped variant with the technical innovations of the "Pepsi". With the introduction of the new “Batman” was, however, stopped the production of its predecessor, the no .. 116710 BLNR, even the completely black 116710LN-Version. This, in turn, is a good indication for the expected value of dough.

Rolex watch GQ style Explorer II : used to be a secret, now an object of speculation

Earlier, the Explorer II was a cheaper tip. Tempi passati. The previous reference as well as the current reference 216570 for collectors more and more popular: the Explorer II is benefiting from the low availability of the other gefragteren Rolex models. 1971, was presented the latest model in the year 2011. The Explorer II is, therefore, a Prime candidate for a technical Update and a change of model with ceramic bezel. This, in turn, would limit the availability of the old models and, therefore, the object of speculation to make. The Version with white dial is searched in the case of the Explorer II series more often than the one with the black dial because the white dials are Rolex rare.

Rolex watch GQ style

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