Particularly, many of the returnees from Kosovo and infected: Why Corona is raging in the Balkans so strong

In terms of a positive effect on Sars-CoV-2 tested travel returnees in the Balkans, in particular Kosovo, a sad top position. Because according to the recent RK

Particularly, many of the returnees from Kosovo and infected: Why Corona is raging in the Balkans so strong

In terms of a positive effect on Sars-CoV-2 tested travel returnees in the Balkans, in particular Kosovo, a sad top position. Because according to the recent RKI-report of the proportion of infected Germans, who have been infected abroad increased sharply. In 1096 of 1777 cases, travelers from Kosovo came back.

41 Dead within a week

Kosovo is considered as a risk area. 10.419 infections, the Johns Hopkins University, 341 people Dead and almost two million inhabitants. To were the beginning of the pandemic to lock in the whole country, strict output. In June was relaxed – since then, the infection and death figures rapidly.

Johns Hopkins University In Kosovo, the corona case, are on the increase more and more.

in the past week Alone 41 people in a result of a Covid died-19-disease. 731 Infected have been added since then new 195 since yesterday (Stand: 13. August 2020). Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti announced last week on Facebook to have infected. the

The Internet portal " " will lead Kosovo under the "red" countries – those that urgently need to take further measures to curb the pandemic. the The Internet portal "" leads the Kosovo under the "red" countries.

Balkan developed for the Hotspot,

Not only of Kosovo to the Corona of the Hotspot. Also in other Balkan countries, the Numbers continue to grow always stronger.

Bosnia-Herzegovina announced within the past week, 1565 new cases. With around 3.3 million inhabitants, the country now measures 14.961 Infected.

Serbia reported Infected around 6.9 million inhabitants 28.751 – in the past week, 1419 new cases were added.

The infection happened in the Balkan countries is also reflected in the returnees-Tests: According to the Kosovo Turkey (501), Croatia (260), Serbia (196), Bulgaria (166), and Bosnia-Herzegovina (156) follow as a possible infection countries. (Status: 12.08.2020)

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politics as infection, and accelerator

For the epidemiological development in the Balkan countries, there are various reasons for this. Plays a crucial role in the policy. About were held in Serbia, Croatia and the North of Macedonia continue to be elections, despite the pandemic. This could have accelerated the infection to happen. In addition, in the past few months, again and again, inconsistencies in the enforcement of measures.

In Kosovo, for example, the government broke up in the spring in discussions about enacting a state of emergency. The Parliament had put forward a motion of censure against Prime Minister Albin Kurti, after the interior had dismissed Minister Agim Veliu. This was required due to the Corona-crisis, the proclamation of a state of emergency. Kurti was, however, and survived the failure is not of no confidence.

In Belgrade were at the beginning of July protesters car tires, set fire to the smoke of candles and stormed for a short time even the Parliament, to protest against President Aleksandar Vucic announced curfew – the rowed then, and not put the proposed measure.

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this action

the behavior of the population is crucial for the spread of the Virus. Requirements such as minimum clearances or the mask of duty to be committed in Kosovo often miss, shows a ZDF report. Violations of the General mask, a duty and a curfew from 22:30 p.m. cost of the Kosovars, although 500 Euro but are committed nonetheless of many. There are parties, friends meeting at home late at night in the cities. "The police seems to be powerless," - said in a ZDF report.

in the villages of the measures of a more relaxed handling. "The risk here is that the punishment is not so high," explains innkeeper Selver Islamaj. In addition, you have anyway usually with family members. "If there is one, then all are eh's," he explains to the ZDF.

family visits without protective measures

another reason that makes the Virus spread more and more: Within the Balkans States a high amount of Travel is there, a lot of families visiting in the summer months with relatives in the neighboring country. Also, many Germans have family there.

"The people have felt after the Isolation of the obligation to visit their families. And often without adequate protective measures,“ said about infections Loge Sali Ahmeti from the University hospital of Pristina, the ZDF. "This has encouraged the spread of the Virus."

foreign office warns of entry

The Foreign office warning still in front of non-tourist travel in Kosovo. Although the authorities allow foreigners since 9. June 2020 the entry again without conditions, as long as you show no symptoms of the disease – Holders are increasingly monitored and their health checked. In the past, the Kosovo government had adopted, however, often at very short notice restrictive Corona-measures.

Should the infection numbers so again a strong rise, it is not excluded that the country's borders and the airport will be temporarily closed. Medical care according to German standards is not guaranteed according to the foreign Ministry. There is only very limited capacity for intensive care treatment and limited Covid-19-test opportunities were about.

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Updated Date: 13 August 2020, 14:26

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