New Zealand declared for Corona-free: behind The success of the island state

The last Covid-19-Patient in the country on Monday (local time) for 48 hours with no symptoms and is considered to be recovered. The woman from Auckland, will n

New Zealand declared for Corona-free: behind The success of the island state

The last Covid-19-Patient in the country on Monday (local time) for 48 hours with no symptoms and is considered to be recovered. The woman from Auckland, will now be released from quarantine. Since there is no single known active infection case in new Zealand, will you cancel the Corona restrictions, the government announced.

The country had reported only 1504 confirmed and possible cases of infection. 22 people died in connection with Covid-19. The last Time in new Zealand reinfection has been reported, is 17 days. That new Zealand have, for the first time since February, no active case, be a "significant sign on our journey," said health Director-General Ashley Bloomfield.

head of government Jacinda Ardern said that although the strict border controls would be retained. All other restrictions and rules would be repealed in the night to Tuesday. Distance commandments and numerical limitations in the assemblies are eliminated. Thus, new Zealand's national sport can also Play a spectator in the crowds in the stadiums, for example, to Rugby,.

the aim was, out of the crisis as quickly and safely as possible to get out, so that the borders of the country, the first line of defense against the Virus to remain, and all the other restrictions for the business could be terminated, Ardern. "Today, 75 days later, we are ready."

Ardern is praised worldwide for your country with strong leadership, clear and for every citizen clear explanations, empathy for the people and confidence in the scientists through the crisis. But what is the success of new Zealand?

reasons for the success of

For the lenient course of the Corona-pandemic, there are a variety of reasons. One of the early Actions of the government. Already on the 28. February had adopted the government's travel restrictions to high-risk countries such as Iran or Italy, before a good three weeks later, on 20. In March, the country's borders were completely closed. In addition, the government has to Ardern that every passengers have to go to the end of 14 days in Isolation.

in addition to the additional preparation time helped in new Zealand, its geographical position as an island state. An unnoticed mass import of Corona cases, such as in Europe, for example, from the ski resorts of the Alps, was prevented by the control of flight and ferry services.

new Zealand and the Virus: The country was shock-frozen

Up to this point the measures have been quite comparable with those of other island regions such as Taiwan or Australia. However, new Zealand's politicians decided to fight the Virus in a way that you would have otherwise believed in autocratic States.

On the 25. In March, the government announced a national state of emergency to tags on the risk level of the Covid-19-emergency plan to increase from three to four. The country was frozen in shock. "So an extreme Lockdown, there was probably nowhere else in the world," said Oliver Hartwich, a German, who directs in new Zealand the research Institute for economy, "The New Zealand". The number of new infections are among rose to 78, in the case of country-wide 283 confirmed cases. imago images/Xinhua On the day of the lock downs at the 26. March the streets of new Zealand's capital, Wellington is empty

only still in contact with persons from the own household were Allowed from this point; the radius of movement in the Free was are limited to the own district. "The residents were stopped by the police, if they wanted to in a different district," explains HART gave way to the strict controls by the authorities. Unlucky to those who were at the time of the lockdowns in another part of the country had also. Because even domestic trips were no longer possible. And even to visit dying Relatives fell to the strict conditions of the victims.

all the Kiwis were able to Work the system, except for relevant professions such as health personnel, only from your home. To larger supermarkets and health facility public life came to a Standstill. The strict measures were in place about seven weeks and ended in may.

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new Zealand's government communications

offers a good crisis, in Spite of the drastic Einschinitte, the Approval ratings for the Prime Minister Ardern in the crisis, at 65 percent, the social democratic Labour party at 55 per cent. To Ardern and the government "has erupted into a veritable Hype," says Hartwich. imago images/Xinhua new Zealand Premieminsterin Jacinda Ardern (L) and Minister of health, Ashley Bloomfield explain their actions

One reason is the excellent crisis communication of the government. Almost on a daily basis and punctually at 13 PM, the Nation learned everything Important about the history of the Virus in the country and the actions of its emergency government.

The Prime Minister spoke of their country as "our Team of the five million" and meant the total number of all citizens of new Zealand. She regularly appeared on Facebook, always smiling, and answered questions from their fellow human beings. Her public appearances, she finished with the words: "be strong. Be kind."

As a further advantage, is that Arderns government maintains a close and trusting relationship to science learning. You and your government have placed priority on the health of the citizens, while other countries out of concern for the economy would have hesitated, but with restrictions, according to experts.

in Addition, wage subsidies have been similar to the German short-time working money, non – bureaucratic grants. The increase, in addition to the low case numbers, the popularity, says Hartwich.

The Lockdown as a panic reaction?

Controversial remains, however, whether the deep cuts of the government in the private lives of citizens were at all necessary and lawful. From the point of view hard-jerk the government of new Zealand was to be paid "despite the small fall in panic". The reason is that The policy have hardly known about the performance of their health system. A request of the Institute at the beginning of the crisis, how many intensive care beds and ventilators were available in the country, could not be answered.

new Zealand's largest daily newspaper "New Zealand Herald" were according to their own information, documents, according to which the measures of government were, according to the assessment of one's own constitutional court is legally enforceable. The top legal adviser to the government, David Parker, speaks only of a design, but not an actual recommendation of its authority.

"A scandal," says Hartwich. The government had set the Council from the own house. "Normally, the Minister of justice would have to resign after such an incident." Clearly, the Episode makes, how close the government had ventured to the limits of democracy, in order to contain the Virus at an early stage.

walking The tightrope between health and personal freedom of the citizens is, above all, in Germany a much-discussed topic. How far the state can go when it comes to the containment of the Virus? In new Zealand, they have positioned themselves to clear very far. As new Zealand's economy out of the crisis, according to the strict Lockdown in addition to be seen. "Prospects" in FOCUS Online

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