Leg Day with MadFit: Strong Bodyweight Workout in 15 minutes

The Motivation for a decent round of Sport sometimes comes quite unexpectedly, therefore. How convenient if you can directly to home start. The crisp Home Wor

Leg Day with MadFit: Strong Bodyweight Workout in 15 minutes

The Motivation for a decent round of Sport sometimes comes quite unexpectedly, therefore. How convenient if you can directly to home start.

The crisp Home Workouts by Fitness Influencerin MadFit allow you just that – at any time and at home to the body's shape and burn off energy.

no Matter what muscle group you're calling want: Maddie has the right Workout in store.

The legs in a holistic way

to exercise finally, the Jock, published a brief, but no less strenuous leg Workout on your YouTube channel.

The legs of this put-together Exercises, the muscles in the upper in the Po as well as the calves – and all without additional Equipment.

What are you waiting for? Sports clothes to put on and then it can start already!

here's how: Each Exercise is for 30 seconds is carried out. With short breaks and a round lasts 7.5 minutes – doing two passes.

1. Squats

The Workout begins with a very classic Exercise, which will tickle the Muscle fibers in your legs and Butt really nice Wake with the Squats.

  • Start in an upright, stable Stand and hold the arms crossed in front of your chest.
  • Perform the Squats by going controlled in the knees – your hips you push it to the rear, the feet are continuously fixed on the floor.

"pay attention to the tension in your back leg muscles," emphasizes Maddie during the execution.

This means that Even when you come up, your legs should always maintain the tension and never be stretched. So your muscles working without a break.

2. Squats with calf raise

With squats, it is equal to – now, however, claimed at the same time, the calf muscles.

  • Lead to the lowering of the Squat just as much as before.
  • lift in the high press, however the heel from the floor your body weight rests on the Stand only on the balls of the feet.

"by now your knee quite," tells Maddie in the Video.

3. Calf raise

And because it was just so beautiful, it is now also without a Pause, directly with the tension in the calves.

  • starting position is upright, the legs are slightly placed wider than hips.
  • raise and sink in this Position, your heels – the legs remain meanwhile constant, by stretched. to trigger

the muscles a little more, sink your feet only as far down until your heels almost touch the floor.

4. Combination with a diving

If the first three Exercises were not strenuous enough, you will this combination of Squat Jumps and calf lifter drive but certainly the sweat on the forehead.

  • Go into the Squat Position down.
  • Consider this, and, still in the knees, with both sides of the calf Jack.
  • jump After you have parked your heels back on the ground, high, by pulling the trigger yourself with both of your legs powerfully up from the ground. Your arms, you can take this momentum to the full.
  • land back in deep Squat Position and start the sequence from the beginning.

After this strenuous Exercise wagon, and you've earned 15 seconds of rest before it is rock hard.

5. Pulsating Lunges

Continue with a Practice that has a true bubble butt guarantee a lot of fun with the Lunges.

  • starting position is the wide-failure-step: The back foot is placed on the toe, the front knee is straight above the foot.
  • sink you out of this state-controlled down until your rear knee almost touches the ground.
  • Pulsate in this deep Position, three Times, before you finally return to the starting position raise your body.

Eighth in the execution to ensure that your weight rests in the front of the foot really on the heel. Especially the rear leg will be addressed muscles.

6. Back Kicks

If you have the Lunges for 30 seconds mastered, you can stay for this Exercise directly in a deep lunge. Put simply, your rear knee on the floor.

  • pullin ' you out of this Position, with the rear foot from the floor and sit up a little.
  • remains the same During the front leg slightly bent, from you stretch the rear leg to the rear and lift it so far that you feel a nice tension in your Butt muscles.
  • Return finally, back to the starting position to start the sequence again.

After you have mastered this Exercise with the one page successfully, the other leg of the series. So: conversely, both the pulsating Lunges as well as the Back Kicks by pulling!

Did you put this behind you, you can again for 15 seconds, take a breather.

7. Squat with Twist

And because Squats bring the muscles in legs and buttocks so beautiful to Burn, it's now with a further embodiment of the Exercise.

  • Position yourself about how at the beginning of the Workouts, in a deep Squat. Pullin ' you out of this Position powerfully from the ground.
  • Fold jump in your feet, so that they are offset from the Landing in front of each other. Jumping out of this position back into the Squat Position.

warning: Your feet change in the cracks of your Position – time, the right foot is in front of the left, then it is different again.

8. Leg Lift to the outside

Thus, in this Workout, no muscle group is too short, be now taken from the outer thigh muscles to target. The execution is quite simple:

  • Stand in the upright position and shift your weight to one leg.
  • lifting and lowering the free leg stretched to the side.
  • Your hands, you can hold during the execution in front of your body to help you Balance a little.

The beauty of this Exercise is: you can't run to a swing, since you would Rob you otherwise even the balance. This way, you're talking to perfect the deep-lying muscles.

After execution, follow again the Twist-Squats, before your other leg with the Leg Lifts to the series.

9. Pulse Squats

Just a little more hold on – you're nearly there! Stay in spite of the trembling muscles focused and focus continue to be on a clean run.

  • to place you in a wide stance, with your toes pointed outwards.
  • now Go as far in the Squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
  • Hold this Position and pulsate slightly up and down – this means full tension of your legs!

Important: Maddie explains that in this Exercise, the pelvis should be tilted forward, as a result, the muscles are tense in your Po to the maximum.

once you have completed this passage two Times, you're already through with the Training!

Cornelia Bertram

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