Lamas against Corona: With unique anti-body Corona could be spread stopped

Lama against Corona ? These furry animals are common in Peru (and appearing in one of the best Disney films, namely “A Kingdom for a llama” ), don't look p

Lamas against Corona: With unique anti-body Corona could be spread stopped

Lama against Corona ? These furry animals are common in Peru (and appearing in one of the best Disney films, namely “A Kingdom for a llama” ), don't look powerful or heroic, but scientists believe they may help us to overcome the Covid-19-pandemic and to prevent the deadly Coronavirus infected, still human cells. (All of the articles relating to the topic of Corona, you can read here)

Therefore, Lamas Super-antibodies against Corona

it All began millions of years ago have demonstrated, as a mysterious ancestor that was shared by llamas, camels and alpacas, a strange genetic Mutation. This Mutation was not to speak to you the ability (which only happens in the movies “A Kingdom for a llama”), to fly or something, but it was more of a happy “accident” of the Lamas brought a antibody to develop that exists in no other animal in the world.


This anti-body as a “nano-bodies” and could, according to a study by the Rosalind Franklin Institute and the University of Oxford, which was published in the journal Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, the pandemic put an end to.

“These [nano-body] can block the interaction between the Virus and the human cell – or pretty strong block,” says Ray Owens, Professor of molecular biology at the University of Oxford and one of the main authors of the study. “Basically, they neutralize the Virus”. (Also read: sports during Corona: danger for the immune system?)

So, the antibodies of llamas to protect against Corona

The antibodies act as a kind of shield , which prevents the Virus from in the human cells and penetrate and infect them, causing the spread to be stopped and the Virus is disabled. The studies also confirm that In the presence of sufficiently large quantities of these mutant nano body SARS-CoV-2 was to penetrate completely unable, in human cells.“ You can literally develop no infection ,” says Owens.

The unique feature of These nano-bodies are very small, which makes them perfect to help in the fight against the Coronavirus and to prevent it from hooks in the human cells. Jason McLellan, associate Professor of molecular Biosciences at the University of Texas in Austin, explains that the larger anti-body, as he says, “can't bind to this pocket” that forms on the surface of proteins. Therefore, the nano-bodies have bodies here an advantage compared to human antibodies.

According to the expert it is exactly this advantage which has enabled nano-body can be used for treatment of many diseases – including approved by the FDA for the treatment of cancer.

the researchers hope that your nano-corps can be used as an effective treatment methods for people who are infected with Covid-19. They could even be used as a measure to prevent a further spreading used, at least until a vaccine becomes available, the defeated, the Virus completely.

The article “Los científicos creen que las llamas tienen un super anti Cuerpo para vencer al Covid” by Paloma González is originally in appeared.

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