Firmer Po: 15 Min. Booty Workout with Kaya Renz

The summer is here, but the chic Bikini pinches a little on Po? This could be due to the Corona-Extra-pounds, of which probably everyone has a few to show for

Firmer Po: 15 Min. Booty Workout with Kaya Renz

The summer is here, but the chic Bikini pinches a little on Po?

This could be due to the Corona-Extra-pounds, of which probably everyone has a few to show for it.

Fortunately, because the Workouts from the Fitness Coach Kaya Renz remedy.

her latest Booty Workout on YouTube is likely to ensure that every home office platform sat his butt back in shape, and Abundance, without Equipment and in just 15 minutes.

the structure of The Po-Workouts

For the Workout it needs nothing more than a training Mat and something to drink.

In 15 minutes Kaya Renz goes through an exercise sequence of nine units to a total of twice.

In the small break between the first and second Set of remains plenty of time to drink once more to take a deep breath and a SIP.

Otherwise, the Exercises to follow in between that was pretty fast to each other, each with only ten seconds of rest.

Each Exercise is performed for 40 seconds. The Nice thing is: After the first half you can Kaya know that only 20 seconds ahead of you and motivates you, now is not to give up.

you can do, the Workout, together with her endure – and this is, after all, the goal.

So off to the Mat, ready, go!

The Exercises at a Glance 1. Half Burpees

We start with Half Burpees: you spingst first in the Plank and from there to the Squat – legs between the hands and then the torso erect.

Instead of going back into the booth, spingst you directly back into Plank, back into the Squat, and so on.

2. Leg Raise on the right

Enter the booth you are now in the Quadruped.

complete the right leg from the ground and to winkle it. Lifting the leg then to the other side and then back high, as if the knee kicks.

Pull the navel in a nice way and keep the shoulders tight.

3. Leg Raise on the left

shake in the ten seconds breaks your wrists before you get on the left side the Same again.

4. Deadlift Squat

on you hip width apart and fold your arms behind your head.

Now you can open and close initially, with a straight back your upper body 90 degrees to the front, then stand up straight again, and you go down in the Squat.

Come back up and start again: Only Deadlift to the front, straight and knee to Squat bend.

5. Straight Leg Raise on the right

As for the Leg Raises before you from the all-fours position.

This Time is not bent, the leg, however, but stretched out and swinging like a pendulum from one side to the other.

Here again is not important that you fall to your center to activate, into a hollow cross.

6. Straight Leg Raise on the left

shake out your hand joints again briefly and repeat the Exercise on the other side.

7. One-legged Bridge on the right

Start from the initial position for a Bridge.

Instead of you to push with both legs, you stay on the lower arms thereof, and press on with a heel high – as high as it goes and back again.

8. One-legged Bridge on the left

repeat the Exercise with the other leg.

9. Cross lung Jump Squat

This last Exercise has it! With a combination of Cross lung and Squat Jump you give everything.

Start hip width apart and do a diagonal lunge to the rear.

Bring the feet back into the parallel state, and bend your knees to Squat.

When you come to jump and go directly back into the Squat, before you return to the starting position with parallel feet back.

For the repetition you're going now with the other leg first to the back in the Cross of the lungs.

With Power again

When you get through all the Exercises once, do you have a half a Minute Pause – then the fun starts all over again.

Because the Exercises are already familiar to you, you can calm a little bit more power in the individual exercise elements of fire.

Or, to put it in Kaya's words: "Let it burn and enjoy it!"

Larissa bright mouth

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Updated Date: 13 June 2020, 20:26

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