CoronaWarnApp: the CoronaApp works in Germany

Long has been discussed about it, now the Corona-Warning-App is available. You should contribute to the spread of the Corona Virus in Germany to curb. The aim i

CoronaWarnApp: the CoronaApp works in Germany

Long has been discussed about it, now the Corona-Warning-App is available. You should contribute to the spread of the Corona Virus in Germany to curb. The aim is to inform the people who had contact with an Infected, much faster than before. Thus, the infection chain will be broken even more effective.

Important: The App will not replace will keep the existing measures, such as distance and wash your hands, but adds an additional Instrument.

How the German Corona-Warning-App to work?

a Somewhat simplified explains, the App will automatically register other Smartphones in their direct environment, on which the Corona App is installed. This can be thought of similar to a digital hands shake. The App you do not need to do this, open active, but it runs in the Background.

Hits one App to another, the devices exchange device ID with each other. This is renewed every few minutes.

a Person has been tested and If positive for the Coronavirus, can you put this diagnosis in the App. As a result, a process, in which it is collected, with whom this App had to shake digital hands starts. These users will be notified if there is a danger that you could be infected. It will, however, notify each user who has resided in the vicinity, but only those in which a computer, a risk of infection is actually (a minimum of 15 minutes of contact and a distance of two meters or less).

it happens to be anonymous. Encounters are not stored on a Central Server, but on each individual device. The location and identity of the user are not recorded, according to the Federal government. (Read also: exercise with a mask - breathing protection when sports make sense?)


What are the settings and operating systems are necessary?

Apple users will need to update your operating system to Version iOS 13.5. Google 6 is a minimum Android requirement, also the Google Play Services need to run on the device.

The Smartphone must also have the Bluetooth technology. In the case of Android devices must be activated in addition to the site access. This is according to Google, the technical prerequisite for this is that a Smartphone can communicate via Bluetooth with other devices in the environment.

The App informs the user of the Installation, which settings are necessary. You need to enable the risk identification and Bluetooth, and a COVID-19-contact Protocol agree. Of course, you can also choose to use these features – however, it makes little sense to use the App, because you can not determine the case, whether you had any contact with an infected Person.

Where can I download the Corona-Warning-App?

The App can be downloaded for free in the App Store and Google Play.

What is the technology behind the Corona-Warning-App?

The App receives data via Bluetooth. Almost all Smartphones are now equipped with Bluetooth technology. The advantage is that the Signal extends only a few meters wide, and unlike, for example, with GPS, no location data will be collected.

Many people use Bluetooth to listen to music and transfer them wirelessly from the phone to a headphone or a speaker. Bluetooth must be turned on to be able to use the App. But even if the App is running in the Background, you can pair a still further devices, such as earphones with the Smartphone.

when will I get a message from the Corona App?

Meet the two devices with Apps, replace a random code. This will be saved for 14 days. Starch also recorded the time and duration of the contact, as well as the signal. From the stored data, the App calculated on the Basis of the Robert Koch-Institute risk Score.

now tested someone positive for the Corona Virus, then he can inform the other users about it. The measured values exceed a certain threshold and the risk of a contagion, is the people be informed, the contact with the Patients had. You don't know who's infected, but merely that there is an increased risk to you, since you had within the past 14 days for at least one encounter with a Person that is positive on the Corona-Virus tested.

The Corona-Warning-App alerted me, what do I do?

The Corona App is merely informed that a user had contact with a Person who is suffering from COVID-19. This does not mean that one has self-inserted, too, but that a risk exists.

it is Recommended to conduct themselves in such a case, prudently and to avoid contacts as much as possible. You should. with his family doctor, the medical on-call service (Tel 116117), or the Department of health in the connection.

but There is no obligation to stay after such a warning, at home, or to report the warning. Likewise, it is up to each user whether or not he shares a positive test result on the App. (Read also: how risky is the visit to the outdoor swimming pool or at the lake is due to Corona)

How to be wrong avoided messages?

users can share a positive test result on the App itself. However, it is first passed to an authorization. This can be done via a QR Code, the test lab is created. However, all laboratories are not yet able to generate QR Codes. Therefore, there is, in addition, the ability to verify an infection by means of a transaction number (TAN), you get on the phone.

In this way should be prevented that it comes to false reports. (Read also: how to wear a mask without the goggles fogging up)

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What is the criticism there is of the Corona-Warning-App?

In the App there are, as yet, comparatively little criticism. Initially there were concerns on data protection, so the developers have improved again and again. As a positive rating, that the source code of the App is out in the open and so everyone has the opportunity to, for further development of the App to contribute. Good review, there is also to ensure that data are recorded locally and no identities of the users are exchanged, but only anonymized IDs.

the purely German approach is Criticized, however: The App is not compatible with other Corona-Warning Apps compatible, if you travel abroad. Appropriate interfaces will be worked according to the Federal government, but it is questionable whether they will work, because in many countries the data are collected differently than in Germany, Central. It is conceivable that in the future, when Roaming is possible to work with the data from abroad.

criticism is currently also the Green. You require to regulate the use of the App by an accompanying law, for example, to ensure that the use remains voluntary, and the data to be protected. The Greens fear that, for example, Restaurants or airlines could require their customers to use the App. The Federal government is in favour, but against a corresponding law as the data protection regulation and the consumer protection laws are sufficient. (Read Corona also:-Kilos - so you get rid of your excess weight again)

How the App works in other countries?

Many countries have now developed a Warning App and install (for an Overview see for example here). While the use of the App is voluntary in Germany, it is, for example, in China, Qatar or India duty.

the principle of the Apps is abroad, is somewhat different: the App in China created a complete movement logs, the user, and sends this to the authorities. Also the Apps, which are, for example, in Iceland, South Korea or Israel, in use, to create, unlike in Germany, the movement profiles (Tracking). The Apps account, where a user is when has stopped, and warn him on this basis, if an increased infection could be a risk. (Read also: This is probably the craziest breathing mask in the world)

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