Cholesterol too high? So you protect yourself with the diet

Is the cholesterol too high, it might admonishing glances from the doctor and the recommendation to change diet. It is useful to keep the cholesterol in your vi

Cholesterol too high? So you protect yourself with the diet

Is the cholesterol too high, it might admonishing glances from the doctor and the recommendation to change diet. It is useful to keep the cholesterol in your view, because a high cholesterol level in the body can have adverse consequences: Too much cholesterol promotes deposits in the blood vessels, and can promote, among other things, heart disease.

But what cholesterol actually is and where does it come from? Cholesterol is a substance that fulfils quite different functions in the body. It is used for example as a building block for various hormones and is involved in the digestion of fat. The body produces cholesterol, therefore, even. A part of the cholesterol people to take the food.

It helps with nutrition and protective substances

take A piece of the body can compensate for it yourself, if people take a lot of cholesterol themselves. "The body has certain disposal mechanisms," says nutrition researcher Maike honest man. How strong is the influence of diet on the level of cholesterol in the body, is scientifically controversial. Studies have come to different results.

Before you leave the Steak to prohibit, it can help, more protective substances to take. It is important that the diet contains enough effective fat. "This is achieved in particular by saturated fats against unsaturated exchanges," says the expert. In order to support the levels of "good" cholesterol in the body and the "bad" cholesterol a piece to be of course lower.

Finger away from saturated fats

Saturated fats are, for example, in sausage or fried dishes, also in fat of meat of pork and beef, in cakes and in many Snacks like biscuits or Chips. Far better for the body and the heart is there to take instead, polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are contained, for example, in many vegetable oils, in fish, in certain types of meat or in eggs.

In the case of a high cholesterol value, it is convenient to work on eating less animal products. You want to treat yourself to a Steak, you should resort to a high-quality product. "When you meat the polyunsaturated fatty acids are found mainly in products of animals that have eaten a lot of Grass and herbs," says an honest man. Animals that have been fed on grain, in contrast, have a lower content of particularly favorable fatty acids in their flesh. In wild-game meat a lot of good fat is included. As a rule of thumb applies: The more fresh air and forage from the pasture, the animals get, the more valuable the grease composition. Honest man says: "When it comes to cholesterol, it is, instead of buying an expensive Grill - prefer good pasture meat and to make a decent campfire."

dietary fiber to bind cholesterol in the intestine

In fish, particularly fish that live in cold water, with a high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids. "Herring, Sardine, mackerel, salmon or tuna, for example," says the expert. Another good source of linseed oil, containing Alpha-linolenic acid is. "As a therapeutic measure it is, on the day of taking a teaspoon in addition to," advises the nutritionist. Important: the oil should not heat, but cold use. "Of particularly high quality it is, if it was cold, and in the absence of Oxygen pressed," says the nutritionist.

Also, soluble fiber can help to bind cholesterol in the intestine, so it reaches even in the body. "Everything that Flaxseed swells, for example, or whole-grain products works", says an honest man. "Especially effective is the fiber from the oats is." Furthermore, so-called Phystosterine, which are contained in nuts, seeds, vegetables, and grains can help, according to studies, to reduce the level of cholesterol.

Very high values can also be genetically determined to be

"In everyday life can be increased the protective effect is quite practicable, by eating a lot of nuts and fiber," says an honest man. More lentils, legumes, and vegetables can help. Who knows that he can get the afternoon cravings that can prevent bad fats, by hoarding nuts in his Desk drawer. "So you are not even tempted by the cookies to access," advises the expert.

It is possible, however, that the cholesterol levels are extremely high. It is useful to observe such values: Were you always so high? Or is this a one-off rash? Strong Stress can lead to, for example, that the cholesterol-increases value in the short term. The value, however, remains permanently high, and it can also be used with a balanced diet, not reduce, this can also have genetic causes. In such a case, it is sometimes the only appropriate medication to lower the cholesterol.

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