Buy running shoes: With these expert tips, you can find the best Pair

if you want to buy the best running shoes, there are some important points to consider, because not all Sneakers are created equal: Some are just there to give

Buy running shoes: With these expert tips, you can find the best Pair

if you want to buy the best running shoes, there are some important points to consider, because not all Sneakers are created equal: Some are just there to give your suit a more casual Style, others Go for long hours, for Training or for different sports, and choosing the right shoes can keep your feet in total destruction. (Read: Terrifying! So harmful a glass of juice)

is called, according to the studies, As Nike Michael Jordan for their first collaboration, had to design the company just a Pair of Sneakers that allow the NBA Fans into ecstasy and give you all your money out of your pocket would undergo, but they also had to be functional, so the feet of “His Airness” to protect, so that he could give every game his Best. (Also read: This Nike Jordan Air cost under 100 euros)

Only the best run you can shoes your best time to run

There are sneakers for Basketball, weight lifting, Tennis, and also for the Run – and all of them have a different goal. How Eliud Kipchoque showed as he ran the Marathon in less than two hours, do not prevent the proper shoes when Running only injuries and blisters, you also have to return a higher energy and can help you to run your best time. (Also interesting: With the training schedule of the U.S. Marines schell burn fat and muscles and build strength)

Usually, the range of running shoes in sport is divided into shops, in sections, in which you can see which trainers are best for Running on the hard concrete of the city, for long runs, for Sprints or for other types of training. Each model has different features that you should consider before buying. According to Tiffany Beers, an expert of Nike, there are, however, other points that you should consider when choosing the best running shoes – from the price to the comfort. (Worth reading: The best tips for Running and Training in the heat of summer)

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the factors that you should consider when choosing the right running shoes:

1. Running Shoe tip: The price

Yes, believe it or not, the price is a big issue. Whether you like it or not, in this area, a higher price means that you will get a higher quality and technology – that does not mean, however, that you have to pay the highest price, in order to get a good Pair of running shoes. The most Important thing is that you can compare different prices and features to ensure that you get the most for your money.

2. Running Shoe tip: The comfort

This is one of the most important points, as Running in uncomfortable shoes is a pain and leads to nasty blisters. Therefore, it is important that you put on your shoes before purchasing, walk a few steps to make sure that everything feels right and comfortable.

3. Running Shoe tip: The Grip

As a good car tire a good grip even in sneakers does not prevent you from falling in slippery terrain into a Skid. Otherwise lead to falls and serious injuries. Therefore, make sure that your trainers have good Grip, before you leave the Store.

4. Running Shoe tip: The weight

Nobody wants to walk around with a Pair of heavy sneakers will only slow down and even more tired make. When it comes to running shoes, the following applies: the easier, the better! And although you will need to scale in a business, you can feel the weight, when you take the shoes in Hand. (Also interesting: This Burpees Routine is your fat melting)

5. Running Shoe tip: The Foot type

It's not just about the materials, the Design and the properties of the shoes. For the selection, you also need to know your Foot type: If flat feet or high arches, or Pronation, i.e., inward rotation desFußes. This helps you the models which meet your needs best. It could even be that you need to anatomy a special insert.

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6. Running Shoe tip: The Aesthetics

the Design of your running shoes is important, because awful shoes will motivate you, hardly to exercise more. (Read also: Nike Air Jordan Retro collection of the cult-Sneaker 2020)

7. Running Shoe tip: The fit

From the laces to the shape of the heel is the right fit is important to ensure the best comfort during Running. Too tight shoes can cause nails to peel. With shoes that are too wide, you risk, however, is that bubbles form or you will lose while Jogging even on a Shoe.

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