Aerosol risk: What we don't need now, so that Disaster comes in the autumn to the Corona

As Martin Exner, hygiene expert at the University of Bonn, Germany, at the press conference on the Sars-Cov-2 outbreak at the meat company Tönnies in front of t

Aerosol risk: What we don't need now, so that Disaster comes in the autumn to the Corona

As Martin Exner, hygiene expert at the University of Bonn, Germany, at the press conference on the Sars-Cov-2 outbreak at the meat company Tönnies in front of the microphone came, he said something Amazing: It has not been known that convection-aerosols could keep in motion and thereby corona virus due to the space transport. Exciting, but just no time?

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had increased in recent months, the evidence that standing or only circulated air in closed environments, the risk of infection with corona virus is significantly increased. To there is a of Infected, even a super-spreader, carry invisible fog cloud when you Exhale, Talk, Laugh or Sing his virus through the air. The aerosols, the droplets are smaller than 5 micro meters, hovering there for hours.

a choir of singers in a rehearsal room, a large family of Tradition festivals, friends in the Restaurant-opening and / or employees in the office have been infected in this way – the renunciation of masks and distance was added.

unnoticed in the Beginning, were aerosols, considered to be the main suspect

At the beginning of the pandemic, hardly, are aerosols become the main topic of the risk of Infection with Sars-CoV-2. Also in Germany, "chief virologist," Christian Drosten came increasingly to the Conviction that, in addition to the droplets, infectious aerosols, a major role in the infection play to happen. In mid-may, he said in his Podcast 40 that about half of all Sars-CoV-2 infections is due to the fact.

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for Better-than-makeshift masks: plenty of fresh air

The A's and O's against Aerosol infection with corona virus is fresh air. In Free a gentle air movement to trigger the invisible plumes of particles. The viruses contained dry up quickly. In a terrace Café or beer garden, the distance between the Stranger then plays even a smaller role.

Wide-open window and return offer on hot summer days, a pleasant breeze and let aerosols no Chance. The problems start when people spend a longer time close to each other in a closed room of modest size – the typical scenario in the cold Season, and a potential trigger of the feared second wave of Infection.

Unspectacular, but effective: frequent Airing

In the private room, in schools and everywhere where Windows and doors were thrown open will be the regular Airing to be a decisive factor in the fight against the pandemic. As a guideline, the recommendations for Aerosol prevention in the workplace: Instead of the usual supply of fresh air once per hour, there should be a rhythm of 20 minutes followed. If possible, briefly generated a return.

For schools had open virologist Drosten a pragmatic solution that is, however, more likely in mild weather to prevail: "The window and into the window, a large fan, the transported air to the outside, so that the inside is a decent air current. This is a good method to create some revenue.”

Cozy that doesn't sound at frosty temperatures, straight, thick scarves are likely to be hits this Winter sale.

air conditioning is not allowed to swirl the air around

in Many places, the classic Air, however, is not sufficient or not possible at all. Office complexes, factory halls, public authorities, shopping centres, Hotels or means of transport have ventilation systems , as are museums and theatres. Many air-conditioning systems but are not up-to-date, have inadequate filters, or provide little or no fresh air. All the important messages to the Coronavirus in the FOCUS Online Newsletter. Subscribe now.

virus free air was not a concern of Clubs, small stages or basements bars. With a view to re-opening must also make many of these businesses thought about how you can at least reduce the Aerosol flow through a good ventilation system - distance and masks when going Out, not an issue.

Aerosol-killer: fresh air and high efficiency filter

pure recirculating systems , as you have now contributed to the Corona onset in the case of Tönnies relevant, such as for Restaurants and larger office spaces is not permitted. There is air-conditioning systems must allow the supply of fresh air. The amount, however, is controllable. The proportion of fresh air is low and not a high-performance filter available, are virus-like in a convection system that distributes only, not removed.

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So hygiene expert Exner for the Heinsberg study had found that the air in the hall of the fatal carnival session was only 20 to 30% fresh air recycled. And the Filter of the air-conditioning was not able to the Virus in the circulation of the air to hold back.

On the Website of the science magazine "quark" of the West German Rundfunk, Dirk Müller, Professor for buildings and indoor climate at RWTH Aachen University said, professionally installed and maintained plants with fresh air intake: "air conditioning and ventilation systems to make sure that all of these loads are diluted in the room air. Thus, the risk of a possible Transmission of viruses by aerosols can be reduced.“

Aerosol accumulation in enclosed spaces

prevent In a modern air-conditioning, as it says in the post, we would be breathing air as directly as possible from the people way upwards or downwards by a constant, barely noticeable movement of air. The air conditioner will deliver a continuous supply of fresh air. There is a constant exchange of used and fresh air.

fans see air conditioning service technicians in connection with the aerosol dilution rather critical, when you are about to set up in the office so that colleagues are directly with the bladder.

air-conditioning systems in aircraft are designed in principle so that they counteract the risk of Infection for the passengers, the fresh air, be filtered every couple of minutes to complete the exchange, feed on the heads, and dissipation on the floor. For protection against viral aerosols must, however, between the pass and a number of passengers, respectively, and at least one space between the two of them remain. In addition, the air conditioner has to run constantly, so that viruses spread in the air.

trains is considered to be the risk of infection from the experts is significantly lower, if the air conditioner is running and constantly fresh air into the wagons, transported. The Deutsche Bahn exchanges the air, although according to its own data every 7.5 minutes, but no Hepa-Filter, virus filter, but coarser G4-Filter.

car rides with several Strangers, about Ride-sharing portals, you should run the ventilation system in lower level with the setting to "fresh air supply". A mouth-nose mask however, is recommended for the room close. Can you get infected by eating meat with Corona? Infections Lodge of the answers FOCUS Online, you Can become infected by eating meat with Corona? Infections Lodge answers

Date Of Update: 26 June 2020, 08:28

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