Weather/summer forecast: Typically German - experts talk clear text on before | world

the weather will be Like in the summer of 2020? We are looking forward to the months of July, August and September. A particularly gloomy forecast comes from th

Weather/summer forecast: Typically German - experts talk clear text on before | world

the weather will be Like in the summer of 2020? We are looking forward to the months of July, August and September. A particularly gloomy forecast comes from the United States.

weather : The summer has been quite changeable. the solar and rain have divided the Republic. For the summer 2020 the forecast is hope.

Update from the 29. June: , the Portal not expecting a extremely summer in Germany. Overall, the Outlook is rather sobering. "The summer of 2020, currently makes no effort to bring stable weather," it says in the summer forecast.

The experts of expect a change of weather just a "typical German summer" are liable , at least in June, was launched. The world meteorological organization (WMO) advertised heat summer ball was not on the North half, at least in point of view . The conclusion of the portal: "After two very dry and warm summers, it seems in 2020, a little more relaxed approach!"

However, the monthly change from June to July is probably anything but relaxed. A jet is apparently responsible for the fact that the next day will be stormy. Where particularly thunderstorms be warned, you can read in our current weather Ticker.

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Dark summer of 2020? Expert doubts weather forecast

Update from the 24. June, 14.49 PM : diploma-meteorologist Dominik Jung the grim summer in doubt-2020-forecasts of the private US weather service strongly believes that in the but in the coming months for Germany with a "roller-coaster summer" . His American colleagues go out of a "great heat" from Spain to Germany to Poland.

For Young "disaster scenario" , because Corona-pandemic* a drought would be there . His prediction is, however, Sunny and cloudy episodes interspersed in the "zig-zag"course. "You could see them in the last few days," said the expert*.

What devices currently, but like in oblivion, and So a "zig-zag summer" for nothing Unusual, so Young. The U.S. counterparts of mistook Germany's position with the Mediterranean , or throw a number of EU countries, from a meteorological point of view, in a pot, he said.

summer forecast 2020: The latest weather-Trend from July to September

initial message of 23. June : Munich, Germany - Due to the constraints of the corona crisis* in the last few months and weeks, many people long after a Sunny summer of 2020. Laue summer nights or enjoy Barbecuing in the garden – the s.

+ sleepless nights about in the tropical summer nights - for many Germans, a horror. ©picture alliance / dpa-tmn / Jens Kalaene

As in many States, soon the summer holidays start, is expected to be a summer full of Sunny days hot. But recently, a weather expert was a shock to the forecast for the summer of 2020.

However, the desire to have a great summer 2020 could come true. The American weather service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in its long-term model assumes that the summer of 2020 will be in Germany in terms of temperatures slightly above the average.

weather-summer 2020: July and August are hot

This is the NOAA mainly with the values from the June. But also in July and August it is, in many places, between 0.5 and 1 degrees above the long-term average. The North of Germany, to stand before, according to the NOAA long term model even a clear, dry summer. In contrast, the South of the Republic must reckon also with changeable weather* and rain.

in Particular, in June the weather remained so far a goody bag with a few days of sunshine in the South and super weather in the North. The previous temperature 16.4 grade was clearly above the average of the years 1961-1990 (15,1).

It fell, however, on may 23. June already at 91% of June normal rainfall. But the must - have, especially for the South of Germany - not a bad Omen for a good summer.

The probability that it is in the summer months of June and July rather changeable weather, is quite high. The great heat wave comes mainly from the end of July and especially in August.

During the so-called dog days of 23. July to the 23. August, generally the hottest days of the year.

the seven schläfertag was often used as an indicator for the subsequent seven weeks and the following summer. On Saturday, this is, he will probably bring good weather - but for experts, this is not a guarantee for a beautiful summer.

+ As of the summer of 2020? What is certain is that some of the lake are again-day for man and dog! ©Roland Weihrauch/dpa

weather in the summer of 2020: a century of weather, but the sun are not expected to be saturated

Due to the current forecasts, is really a summer of the century . Hot days with the beach weather with temperatures over 30 degrees are expected this year.

The nature of this is likely to benefit, according to the extreme heat waves 2019, a temperature-decrease is urgently needed. In the past year, the temperature cracked of 24. to 26. July in Germany, the 40-degree mark.

a Lot of tourists seem to have confidence in the summer. The campsites are fully booked in many places in Germany already.

The forecast for the weather in the summer of 2020 in Germany makes experts fear, as op reported online.

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Date Of Update: 30 June 2020, 04:33