Comedian Dieter Nuhr shocks with Corona-jokes - then the Shitstorm | the Boulevard comes

Dieter Nuhr makes jokes about Corona. The Humor of the Comedian is not well everywhere. The Corona* Comedy Dieter only is controversial Because the topic

Comedian Dieter Nuhr shocks with Corona-jokes - then the Shitstorm | the Boulevard comes

Dieter Nuhr makes jokes about Corona. The Humor of the Comedian is not well everywhere.

The Corona* Comedy Dieter only is controversial Because the topic of Corona is sensitive, An expert explains the effect of the Corona -humor

Offenbach – Humor is regarded as the miracle weapon: It can make the risks small and rulers ridiculous he can fight Fears and Threatening his Power. The Coronavirus that has a military coup as a dictator in our world and our life on the head, there is actually a predestined adversaries – a perfect template for Comedians such as Dieter Nuhr .

Dieter Nuhr Is symbolic of the Corona-Humor in the Comedy scene?

However, a lot of it is just on the subject of "Humor and Corona " in the pants. In the social media outrage romp; the focus is on comedians, whose speech is to listen as if from the mouth of Wutbürgern, Anti-Corona protesters or "resistance 2020"-members. Creeps as a dangerous way of thinking for Dieter Nuhr and in the Comedy scene? We need to have now before the Humor of fear – or we lose fear, our sense of humour?

On the summit of the excitement is Dieter only – again. Lately, the comedian with the penchant of alleged Overreactions in Corona-times etches , to far-reaching restrictions, or the futility of wearing mouth-nose protection. Recently, he questioned the presumption that "Ms. Merkel is forfeited, apparently, this Mr. Drosten".

Dieter Nuhr polemic against Corona experts

"Is this Drosten your virological consultant? Or is it him now in thrall?“, ask Dieter Nuhr in a Video that went around in the social media. Speculation and polemic comments about a possible political stance Nuhrs followed by a Corona: "Dieter sits, apparently, on a regular basis in pubs in addition to Pegida-trunk tables, and copies the spells there in full in his program" suggested a Twitter User.

Not only Dieter Nuhr , also, the Bavarian cabaret artist Monika Gruber hits the criticism. On Facebook you recently released a Video in which she says: "yesterday, I heard a saying on the Radio that the world health organization, WHO: ,Please help to save humanity, by to keep himself as far as possible from her.' The saying is about the dumbest thing since ,greed is good‘.“

Not only Dieter Nuhr makes controversial jokes-to-Corona

Stupid the mask to be wear for protection against Corona* and the provision of an unwashed scarves as a mask replacement. "And to help against viruses. This is, as you would in the prevention of to say: You, condoms, gäh, taking just the Sausage, if the sausage dinner is ready are.“ At the end of the video, you have to submit it to: "Please: Corona , pandemic here, Think don't forget!"

oops! How do you handle it when comedians such as Dieter Nuhr , and Monika Gruber sounds in word choice, logic and reasoning suspiciously Aluhutträger-Think? If the credibility of science is challenged, a kind of Corona -plot or close to it is believed that the citizens would be kept in ignorance and without sufficient explanation of freedoms robbed... Is operated under the guise of irony, opinion make?

"Dieter Nuhr not bring his mind to Corona on the stage"

That is not so, Martina Keiffenheim is convinced. For almost a year, she is the head of the German cabaret archive with seat in Mainz. "We are watching what is happening in the cabaret and Comedy scene, and since there is no threatening developments." the Corona -Satire, such as the Dieter only will make use of the alienation, Exaggeration and provocation. You go out of an apparent reality, to pick out a reference object, and create from it something Cruel with a bitter evil, deep black, and ambiguous.

"You shouldn't take at face value," says Keiffenheim. "What Dieter only for example, on the stage, is not one-to-one his own opinion." Satire is allowed to be shown in Germany almost everything, the last Czech man-judgement. That's not all laugh at the same joke, led to the legal dispute before their eyes.

Fits the Corona-Satire, by Dieter Nuhr to as a first topic?

In the case of the Corona-Satire it is quite understandable that Remarks such as those convicted of Dieter Nuhr and Monica Gruber as a bit of a bore: It is Corona after all, life and death. And because of the suspicion is also in the Comedy scene, sometimes, that someone could not have heard the shot. To watch comedian protect be now not in front of special settings, such as the recent case of Mathias Richling in the panel discussion on "Maischberger" was.

There Richling moved over to the Robert-Koch-Institute, irritated with the comparisons between Corona-pandemic , Influenza, and an earthquake scenario. As it is not only hopes that these views come to the cabaret stage.

Dieter Nuhr and the dance on the Corona-volcano

Corona means hard times for the Humor. He encounters an irritable mood, to weird, to dangerous developments in society and emotional discussions, especially in social media. All possible groupings are sensing the opportunity to exploit the. For comedians such as Dieter Nuhr it is a dance on the volcano.

"The humor of the term is shifting," believes Keiffenheim. Satirist wanted to let societal trends not blind thrill – and now it's so: Hey Presto, they are there, where the growing counter-trend approach.

What can we do now, we, the sovereign, thinking people of this country, to save the sense of Humor? Maybe with the sausage skin, dancing on the head of the table? Better solution: in the trash with the skin and behind the mouth-nose mask in peals of laughter break out. How embarrassing, when you give off as a comedian as a thin whistle!

Lisa Berins

even before his Corona-Comedy Dieter Nuhr had caused a criticism. The climate activist Greta Thunberg.

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Date Of Update: 01 June 2020, 06:33

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