Known millionaire: so This is your responsibility - not your manager's

In these years the boom of the technological development off, and if you do not want to sit back on the platform, when the technology train is running, so hop a

Known millionaire: so This is your responsibility - not your manager's

In these years the boom of the technological development off, and if you do not want to sit back on the platform, when the technology train is running, so hop aboard now. Not tomorrow, not next week – now!

the trend is going to hit everyone. Also you there are not working with technology – you can run, but you can't hide. As then, where the raison d'être largely disappeared, as we all began to send e-mails to each other. It was cheaper and more efficient. Goodbye and thank you, postman.

the History is going to repeat itself. The self-driving cars is going to create massive unemployment among taxi and bus drivers. The driverless, copenhagen metro is only a harbinger. And a large number of professionals lose jobs to robots, f.ex. journalists, lawyers, accountants and many more.

If the technological development should not lead you to a professional the day of judgment, you must take the responsibility and keep up with the development.

For when the technology took first is the noise over the platform, and you are left without jobs and without prospects, you can only thank one person: You. It is your responsibility to hold yourself to the fire and make yourself relevant and attractive to the labour market. Do it now. For once the technology train is run, you can chase it for the rest of your working life, but you will only see the tail lights.

It is not your boss's responsibility, whether you are part of the development. Your boss's responsibility is to provide the framework and materials available, so you can perform your work. But whether you follow or just sit in the corner and slowly wither away, it can your boss not manage.

incidentally, It's also a completely impossible task for a chef. For how should you, as a boss to know what exactly is going on academically for the 10, 20 or 30 (or even more) employees, you have under him? It is your responsibility as an employee and if you need a course or training to perform your job satisfactorily, then cry aloud.

In Dinero, we have chosen a pragmatic approach to the training of employees. We provide a good framework and properly the it equipment available, and so we provide each full-time employees with a budget for training.

It is, of course, not all of the sites, you can't afford or desire to give priority to the training of employees. And particularly in such a workplace you must take responsibility for yourself and your own development.

It is a difficult discipline. For we have in this country a tryghedskultur, which in many ways is great. We can both come to the hospital and take a university degree without getting thrown a bill in the neck. But the security also means that we are not necessarily accustomed to taking responsibility.

Therefore: Take responsibility! For yourself and your life. For it is not others that do.

Spout not, if your boss didn't bother paying for your education. Take the bull by the horn and grab the countless free options that exist in cyberspace:

Start on the library's website or app. Here you will find completely absolutely free of charge-a treasure trove of magazines from all over the world on all sorts of topics. Keep yourself up to date in your area of expertise, whether you are interested in it, economics or something completely third. The material you will find here – absolutely free.

Youtube is also brilliant. Yes, there are many kattevideoer, but there are also hours and hours of interesting content, like razor-sharp nerds with an unimaginable knowledge makes available to you and me totally free.

And then there is the academia, which also has got the eyes up for the internet. Several of them offer free training courses, f.ex-it recognised MY. So the only thing that stands between you and a lot of new knowledge, is time.

And don't you find that you have the time? So consider how you use your time. Drop a section of the Paradise Hotel, Ex on the Beach, or similar, which breaks down the brain cells, for the benefit of something, which instead activates them.

Give yourself plenty of time for christmas. Time to get smarter. Time to follow. For it is high time to climb aboard and make yourself ready for the future. You have the do not want to look back on the technology train, right?

Martin Thorborg

Martin Thorborg is the co-founder and adm. director at Dinero Accounting. He is a serial entrepreneur with a wide range of companies on his resume, including Leadership, Amino, Saxis, Ageras and SPAMfighter. He is the author of the book 'Entrepreneur to I die', and a much sought after lecturer. Martin writes about entrepreneurship, business, and everyday absurdities.

Date Of Update: 07 December 2019, 06:00

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