Three to zero for the car: Kills Corona turning the Traffic?

Maybe I'm wrong, but the representatives of the Green, Bicycle associations, and self-declared environmental rescuers in the corona of a crisis are not conspic

Three to zero for the car: Kills Corona turning the Traffic?

Maybe I'm wrong, but the representatives of the Green, Bicycle associations, and self-declared environmental rescuers in the corona of a crisis are not conspicuously silent? Even if I looked for at least five years, no TV and no talk shows, where these people nightly in detail to word, I actually to be always quite well informed. And I have noticed that the topics of global warming, car and Transport, are currently ignored. A very loud Silence, marred only by a five-minute by minute updated virus messages.

Theoretically, the E would be the cars prima for the climate

don't get me wrong, my current knowledge is, even after several hours of talks with the well-known climate researchers, Hans von Storch, approximately so: Yes, there is a climate change, and, Yes, the man has proven to a share of it. And, Yes again, CO2 plays a major role, which is why we should all try to reduce it. If you believe that electric cars can help here – what I'm doing at least for the moment from a variety of reasons, only should be used to force this in a logical way. About the guest author

Guido bell mountain, 1967 Rheinland born, a political scientist and petrol head. Known for its car-articles for FOCUS Online, and THE WORLD. Bell mountain started his journalistic career already as a student in the case of unknown Ad paper in the Rhineland, for which he reported about the carnival sessions, and rabbit breeders, and whose name is he – student debauchery in Cologne thanks – now has forgotten. After different internships and a successful high school studies, he joined the mid-90s to Düsseldorf in advertising, where he was allowed to contraceptives for women, quick Internet, and exterior mirrors in body color care. In 2004, he began Writing Essays to the car and traffic issues. He commutes between the Baltic sea and Hamburg, is the host of the "Wise friends"podcast and has a lot of Trouble with one of his cars.

The solution would be simple: area-wide electrification by a handful of nuclear power plants of the latest Generation and replacement of the cars with combustion engine with electric drive. The same is true for many other areas also, such heaters. Why is heating oil, wood pellets or even coal use, if you have a reliable supply of electricity and nearly CO2-free to operate. Discussion done. private Our columnist Guido bell mountain loves cars, especially if you are not permanently broken

The German wants to go less CO2, but nuclear energy is not used

But, of course, is not the end of the discussion in order, first, because it is the business model of politicians and NGOs, to profile and this is still the best on heated discussions, and, secondly, because in Germany nobody really wants to nuclear energy. Meanwhile, I doubt even whether we were still able to build in a timely manner, the most modern reactors, but this is a different discussion, probably heated. I'm actually not a Fan of nuclear power, but if you want to bring people into electric cars, you will not get hardly around, anyway, if you want to save CO2. Here, the Auto-Newsletter

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What is the "traffic turnaround" really?

But maybe it's not many actors even so much about the climate as you like to claim. Maybe, and this impression to me is always more, is the fight against our car – and thus our individual mobility, also over long distances – for these people are already emotional drive enough and the climate debate, you just located. Clear doesn't seem to be in any case, the energy transition, as it was planned in Germany, really works and costs a pretty penny of the money invested might be better in the health system or the citizens paid back would have been.

For the enemies of the automobile and individual freedom, the last years excellent: hardly any politicians dare opposition, and the overwhelming majority of journalists las banned you to write every word from the lips and then consternation drunken article that painted the imminent end of the world by car use colourful on the wall.

Corona makes the car look more attractive

But then came Corona and with the Virus for many is the realization that there is nothing like a car, doesn't matter what drive. And, as so often, the common people, is perhaps more of a sense for realities, as the chattering class in the main cities: who does not want to plug in, keeps better. "Stay at home" as opposed to it blasting us for weeks, of Schwarzenegger in California, the loses due to catastrophic policy, more and more inhabitants of Texas, to the moderators of "The Grand Tour". private cars May, even if he has nothing but Trouble with them: Guido bell mountain

And it makes sense: If you want to reduce your risk of infection, this is the easiest way to spend less among people. This means, of course, perhaps no longer as in the past, every day, a few things to purchase, but once a week, right to strike. The concluded amounts of food might be transported with a cargo bike, at least for a Single person household, but at the latest, with several children, a car is a must in order to cope with the shopping. Well, that many Germans are such a wonder vehicle in front of the door.

Alternative path? I have tried, but...

The vociferous Fans of Car-Sharing and public transport have, however, clearly a Problem. Cars that do not subdued by many – always hygienic – people are used per day, in a pandemic, less sex appeal as a free cuddly courses at the local community College. A rental car is not for the majority of citizens are only eligible if there is no other choice. One-to-zero for the car, which belongs to a self. Because I want to make my contribution, I have reactivated my rail card again, a few weeks before the outbreak of the corona of a crisis. Cattle man the ICE in the Central station of Munich. The Corona of the crisis in the number of rail journeys to break in - and is likely to turn the so-called Transport challenge: mobility by private car is more attractive than ever

my first journey gave me a fully occupied train, and about five seats away – a duration of coughing lady. This distance corresponds to the officially recommended minimum, but of course not in the least bit to cold or other viruses of heroic train-driving journalists away. The next dates I then took the way back with a car true. The leads two to zero. The summer is arrived at last, and as someone who lives on the beautiful coast, I can assure you, Yes, the people make the holiday in their own country. In the predominant case, with a private car, especially with children. As well as otherwise. Three to zero.

Many will not want to miss your car

Perhaps this impressive point, declared victory in the individual car transport in the crisis and their current (hopefully) aftermath of the Silence of his opponent. A Silence that, as a result of currently, strategic sense, because it is easy to win nothing, I think, but not for one second, that it is not converted at the latest in late summer and again in annoying continuous chatter. The Problem will be, however, that many Federal will have terms citizens finally, on what you can rely on in a crisis: a handful of canned food, functioning Internet, and a private automobile.

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Date Of Update: 24 July 2020, 10:28

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