The Spanish airports marked new record with more than 275 million passengers in 2019

airports of the Aena network shut down in 2019, his best year in terms of number of pasarejos to overcome the 275,2 million. This is 4.4% more than the previous

The Spanish airports marked new record with more than 275 million passengers in 2019

airports of the Aena network shut down in 2019, his best year in terms of number of pasarejos to overcome the 275,2 million. This is 4.4% more than the previous year and a new historical record, the sixth in a row, according to data published this Monday by the manager airport. In addition, we recorded the maximum of movements, with 2.36 million operations performed, 2.6% above 2018.

The total number of passengers registered during the last financial year, 188,8 million were international flights (+3.5%) and 85.5 million were domestic flights (+6,4%), according to data from Aena to 2019. Of 275,2 million passengers, 274,4 million corresponded to trade operations (+4,4%).


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In the past December, there were 18.2 million passengers in the airports of Aena, a 3.7% higher than the previous December, and most of 162.940 operations, a 8.5% more. In terms of cargo traffic, surpassed the 95.211 tons, 13.6% more.

The impact of Thomas Cook

The crisis in tourism resulting from the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook was also felt in the airports of the canary islands. Thus, throughout the network, comprising 46 airports and two heliports, only eight facilities were closed down to 2018 with falls of traveler: Gran Canaria (-2,3%), Lanzarote (Down 0.5%), Fuerteventura (-7,9%), Girona (-4,4%), Sherry of the Border (Down 1.2%), Vigo (-10,4%), Zaragoza (4.4%) and Valladolid (-1,5%).

The eight airports of the canaries exceeded 45,02 million passengers last year, which represents a decrease of 0.6% compared to the previous year, in part due in part to the fall of Thomas Cook and the decline of the German market. In the airport of Gran Canaria was a fall in the number of passengers to 2.3% in the last year, while Lanzarote fell 0.5%, and Fuerteventura a-7.9 percent. Best year they had the airports in tenerife: Tenerife South grew 1.1%, and Tenerife North is 6.3%. For its part, the Palm grew 4.5%, Iron 8.8% and that of The neighbouring island of la Gomera 25.3%.

In the Balearic islands, the community most affected by the bankruptcy of the british tour operator, airports of Ibiza and Menorca, with a total of 8.1 million passengers (+0.6%) and 3.4 million passengers (+1,5%), registered respectively, broke his record.

extending the difference-Barajas barcelona-El Prat

During 2019, the Airport Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas was the installation that increased passenger traffic recorded throughout the network, with almost 61,7 million passengers, an increase of 6.6% over the previous year. In terms of operations, Madrid-Barajas recorded 426.376 aircraft movements, which represents an increase of 4% compared to a year earlier. In charge, managed 558.566 tons, a 7.4% more.

He still Barcelona-El Prat, the second of the network, which she achieved in 2019 its record number of passengers, with 52.6 million passengers, 5% more than a year before. It is a little more than 9 million of Barajas, the biggest difference from 2012 (when there were 10 million passengers a distance between one and another). During the last financial year, the airline operated 344.558 flights at the airport Catalan, 2.7% more than the previous year, with an increase of 2.5% for freight (177.271 tons).

The airport of Palma de Mallorca, with more than 29.7 million passengers, an increase of 2.2%, was consolidated as the third of the network, with a total of 217.218 operations (-1,4%). In December recorded 952.356 passengers, which represents a decrease of 2.1%.

in Addition, the airport of Malaga-Costa del Sol is approached in 2019 to 20 million passengers, with 19.8 million (4.4%) and three others exceeded again the barrier of 10 million passengers: Alicante-Elche, with more than 15 million (+7,6%); Gran Canaria, with 13.2 million (-2,3%), and Tenerife South with 11.1 million (+1.1 percent). In the top 10 of passenger traffic slipped in the last year, Seville (7.5 million), which outpaced that of Lanzarote (almost 7.3 million passengers).

In terms of the number of operations, by 2019, will be operated on the airport network of Aena more than 2.3 million movements, a 2.6% more than in the previous year.

The airport in which there were a greater number of landings and take-offs was Adolfo Suárez Madrid Barajas, with 426.376 (+4%), followed by the Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat with 344.558 flights (+2,7%); Palma de Mallorca, with 217.218 (-1,4%); Malaga-Costa del Sol, with 144.920 (+2,5); Gran Canaria, with 126.452 (-3,5%), Alicante-Elche 101.408 (+4,8%) and Valencia with 77.699 (+2,5%).

Updated Date: 13 January 2020, 15:00

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