Tegel airport may close in June | economy

Berlin and the airport - this is a not a simple topic. Often it is a question of lack and scarcity. But now the German capital has more airports than you can us

Tegel airport may close in June | economy

Berlin and the airport - this is a not a simple topic. Often it is a question of lack and scarcity. But now the German capital has more airports than you can use. You now consequences.

Berlin (Reuters) - No car in the driveway, empty Parking lots at the Terminal, high chairs in front of the Snack: On the Berlin Tegel airport, you can visit the future today.

For if the new capital airport BER in the autumn, goes into operation, after a painfully long Baufiasko, then Tegel is out of service.

This is long decided. The Corona-crisis, but Tegel is already at the Ghost Airport. And so the capital could already be to 15. June from your main airport to say goodbye. Berlin, Brandenburg and the Federal government have reached an agreement on Wednesday.

"the best Possible flight operating under Corana-conditions - that is our task," stressed Airport CEO Engelbert Lütke Daldrup on Wednesday. In order to save but in Tegel costs, he wants all aircraft in Schönefeld, take off and land.

Just 2000 passengers, there were the two Berlin airports, the normal fifty times. And if that does not change in the next few weeks completely goes Tegel in less than four weeks - twelve years after the closure of the city near Airport Tempelhof.

a temporary closure for two months is Requested, to the authority initially. According to a similar pattern, Paris had on 1. April its Orly airport is closed and flights to Charles de Gaulle airport moved.

however, It is unlikely that Tegel in August again for two, three months opens the door. 31. October is supposed to be the new capital airport BER opens - and this Time, this could work really. After years of Chaos, the building authority has released the Terminal Recently. The sample engine has started.

"If I have 50,000 guests, is Tegel directly back to the grid", had Lütke stated Daldrup recently. "But I'm not honestly very optimistic that we will have in a few months 50,000 guests."

The airlines are likely to already have little joy of it, for a couple of weeks, two more Times to move. "In the current crisis, which calls for us already enormous, is a further burden," commented Lufthansa short-term change of location.

With more than 24 million passengers in the last year Tegel, under the German locations, the number, four to Frankfurt, Munich and Düsseldorf. Schönefeld in the South-Eastern border of the city, in the state of Brandenburg is small, there were eleven million passengers.

On the former West-Berlin's Allied airfield in Tegel there since 1964 civil air transport. Ten years later, the hexagonal main terminal went into operation. It has been closed since March.

With the end of accomodation with the comfort to be relieved of several hundred thousand Berliners by aircraft noise. Because of its proximity to the city centre and the short distances in the terminal of the airport, but also has a lot of friends. In a referendum in 2017, a majority in favour of the airport, parallel to the BER to operate the agreed. The vote has no force of law.

also passengers on the Service complained but problems. The airport is suitable for Transit passengers, baggage will be unloaded by Hand. The airport worked for years at the load limit. The former Airport CEO Hartmut Mehdorn spoke some years ago of a "gnawed spinach". With the depreciated plant operators earned but also good money.

at the end of March the Federal government had yet to be that Tegel will remain open. The infrastructure should remain straight due to the Corona-crisis flexible available, it said. Concerns the Federal government had not, because the new government terminal in Schönefeld operation was not yet ready. In the past few days had indicated but a compromise.

The building is set up in a rush to finish. Then the Federal government can move to Schönefeld, before Germany takes over in July, the presidency of the EU. Government spokesman Steffen Seibert said, for the Federal government to stay is crucial that the accessibility of Berlin is fully guaranteed.

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Date Of Update: 23 May 2020, 20:33