Secure payments – your credit card is protected against misuse

the credit card: Important phone numbers and tips how to find apply for best credit card credit card: how to in 5 steps Pay with a credit card is conve

Secure payments – your credit card is protected against misuse
  • credit card: Important phone numbers and tips
  • how to find apply for best credit card
  • credit card: how to in 5 steps

Pay with a credit card is convenient. But it is also really safe? Many people doubt and do not have any credit card or use your card only to a very limited extent. The major credit card providers such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express company's many efforts to take care of the consumers, this anxiety and to prevent fraud.

Good to know: Should it still be abuse, you do not need credit card owner to fear that someone is going on their shopping expenses. The liability is legally limited to 150 Euro, some providers even do without them completely. But that does not apply in cases of intent or gross negligence. This may not be the case if the card owner reports the loss of his card immediately, or about the Pin together with the card picks up.

security features of the card

EMC-Chip: of The EMV Chip makes it difficult duplicates the use of the Card. The Chip is used for the secure Transmission of card data.

signature: The signature on the back of difficult, in that the credit card can be used by anyone other than the card holder.

hologram : The forgery of a hologram is complicated and difficult. The hologram on the credit cards of Visa shows a dove, in the case of Mastercard two interlocking displays it to the end of world globes with continents, which seem to move when you Tilt the card. In the Background, the balls, the word "Mastercard appears multiple times". American Express waived, however, on a hologram.

Hidden text: Under UV light are visible with Mastercard, the letters "M" and "C", for American Express, the word "Amex" is displayed large on the front. A dove appears with Visa.

year of membership: As one of the major credit card providers pressure American Express the year on the card, in which the membership began. At the checkout and when you Pay can therefore be checked, whether the age of the customer is consistent.

embossing of The Name, the card number and the expiry date stand out from the surface of the Card. This is not, however, in the case of Prepaid credit cards. Mastercard / FOCUS Online security features on the front of a Mastercard credit card

security when you Pay in the business and when money

payment withdraw make: be tapped So that when Pay data, the credit card industry, to make the process safer. The global security standard Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) sets of twelve minimum requirements that must comply with merchant and payment processor. He holds it, he can take recourse to.

Pin: Not only when it comes to money, a Pin is stand out, but more and more often the Pay. The secret number to make sure that no swindlers or thieves to use the card.

signature: Only if the signature on the card with the signature on the receipt matches, everything is OK.

credit: Every credit card has a Limit. To minimize the risk for the Bank, but also the card owners to protect. It succeeds fraudsters to crack despite all the safety precautions the card, you can't spend because of the Limits of limitless money.

security when you Pay on the Internet

Cvv: On the back of the card the three-digit security code is located. It is used to control whether the card is present when making payments on the Internet really physically. The test number may not be on the Chip or the magnetic stripe is read. In the case of the credit cards of American Express, the Code is on the front.

Special Code: Visa (Verified by Visa), Mastercard (Securecode) and American Express (SafeKey) offer when Paying online, in addition to the security code an additional Check, in order to increase the security. In this authentication procedure, the card holder must enter a special Code to complete the payment process. This is to ensure that only the actual card holder can enter the transaction freely. In the case of Visa and Mastercard, the cardholder has agreed to the Code with his Bank, in the case of American Express, he comes in a similar way to Online Banking on your mobile phone or Email.

banks and credit card companies also in the Background much to increase safety. Computer check the plausibility of requests to come to the scams on the track. The internal systems, for example, hitting the Alarm when it comes to unusual transactions, which correspond to the previous behaviour pattern. Many banks also offer to send an SMS text message to inform the cardholder about a transaction. He is always informed when their card is used – and can sound the Alarm, if not, he was the one who paid for it. You can find the perfect credit card in comparison (display) is Now in FOCUS Online credit cards to compare!

the owner of the cards can do a lot:
  • do not Store your credit card and the Pin in one place.
  • sign the card as soon as you have received it.
  • take Control of your credit card statement to come in to fraud cases are on the track.
  • make a Note of the emergency number to block your card. The number 116 116 reads.
  • when buying Online at trusted Shops. These recognize for example the Tüv-seal or the Logo of Trusted Shops.
  • make Sure that your data are transferred securely on the Internet. You realize the line that the abbreviation "https" at the beginning of the URL. It shows a so-called SSL-encryption.
  • do not Fall for the so-called Phishing emails. These emails are similar graphically to those of your Bank, but they are from scammers. Most of the time you will be asked in this mail, enter your data. But the provided Link leads to a fake webpage, so that the data can be tapped. Accordingly, you should never click on a Link in a Mail, but the side of the Bank about opening the Browser. In addition, banks request such data by e-mail.
  • Protect your computer with virus scanners and Firewalls against malicious programs. Dissatisfied with your credit card? Now convenient online to cancel! (Display)

in addition to these described measures, the credit card providers are still working on additional steps to increase security. A large issue is, for example, that the Online or mobile payments not the card number or the card data to be transferred. Instead, they are transformed into transaction numbers (Tokens). Another possibility is that the credit cards are stored in digital Wallets. When you Pay, it is sufficient then, the user name and the password. American Express Always on your side (display)

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