Patek Philippe: wrist watch in honor of an imposing factory building

1000 copies will manufacture Patek Philippe, the brand new reference 6007A-001. None more, none less. The price is around 25.000 Euro. Ensure to remain, given t

Patek Philippe: wrist watch in honor of an imposing factory building

1000 copies will manufacture Patek Philippe, the brand new reference 6007A-001. None more, none less. The price is around 25.000 Euro. Ensure to remain, given the current corona crisis on the new wrist watches sit, do not need to make President Thierry Stern and his Team, however.

on the one Hand, limited editions at the Geneva family businesses are not an everyday story. They arise only when there is something to celebrate. In this case, it is the completion of the new factory building in the Geneva district of Plan-les-Ouates. But more of that later.

And the other can count the since 1933 by members of the Stern family managed traditional manufactory to a global circle of equally fanatical as wealthy customers. The understanding of the brand, its history, as well as their comprehensive values not only well, but are, so to speak, snake already.

If the reference number 6007A, it is clear that it is a timepiece with a steel case. It measures 40 mm and is wearing on the wrist exactly 10,34 mm. The pressure of the wet element, the classic round, absolutely no-frills shell can withstand up to three bar. This value corresponds to a water column of approximately 30 meters. Of course, the screw has a Calatrava cross and note on the event featured the viewing window is made of sapphire. PR Patek Philippe reference 6007A

manufacture-Mechanics, taking care of whatever else

Behind the best factory Mechanics to the also in times of crisis, continues to be precious time. Specifically, it is the automatic caliber 324 SC. Here, too, insiders will know immediately that the two Book are for Seconde Centrale. In this case, Patek makes Philippe the centrally positioned seconds hand, Bronze-finished, and then white paint. The four Hertz ticking microcosm has a diameter of 27 millimeters. The height is 3.3 mm.

For a copy of the watchmakers are in need of 213 components. Among these are the already in 1949 he had written and in 1951, patented ", which includes a gyromax"balance wheel. In addition to this veteran, in the meantime, but again and again, optimised gear control with variable inertia high-modern "Spiromax"balance wheel spiral. Patek, you self-made from Silinvar, which means nothing else than invariables or thermally stable silicon. To the circle of the many components of a Rotor made of 21-carat Gold also. The tension spring Erspannt in a direction of rotation. When fully wound, the power reserve is a minimum of 35 and maximum of 45 hours.

Special Outfit

there have, of Course, the product designer also, when you dial something. The grey-blue lacquered brass plate, in front of the massive Golden light rotating hands for hours and minutes, has different cuts and patterns. Through a window at "3" shows the date. The protection of a scratch offers resistant sapphire crystal glass.

At first Glance, the bracelet with stainless steel buckle close on a textile Material. But this is not so. Rather, Patek Philippe watches, the according to embossed calf leather.

Who now feels the desire to on the in this form is never more recurring timepiece that should very quickly move to the official brand licensee. It is expected that soon the first copies will be offered at significantly higher prices on the parallel market.

manufactory building with prospects for the future

Now for the new manufacturing building in addition to 1996, in Geneva, the district of Plan-les-Ouates initiates manufacture. The construction started in 2015. For the first time in the history of Patek Philippe all departments, clocks and watches production activities are now United under one roof.

in 2019, the Nobel manufactory produced almost 62,000 watches. The annual turnover is silent. The is likely to be estimated in the order of two billion Swiss francs.

The total budget for this project was 600 million Swiss francs. A sixth of the total, on the interior and the facilities include a modern machine Park.

of Course, the Geneva architects have worn the current ecological requirements into account. The low-energy building was created according to the Geneva Standard Haute Performance Energétique (HPE). Already Patek Philippe, the request for obtaining the Minergie-P label was submitted. Consequently, it meets even stricter requirements than the introduced in 1998, the Minergie Standard for comfort, energy-efficiency and sustainability.

See let can also the gigantic dimensions of the building In length it measures nearly 190, the width of 67.6 and in the height of 34 meters. Join six aboveground floors, four cellar floors, of which 17 meters in the ground down range.

The total area is well-133.000 square meters. Approximately 542.000 cubic meters, the building volume is located. The latter value corresponds to about seven large aircraft of the type Airbus A 380. The 260,000 cubic metres of basement volume are approximately equivalent to 90 Olympic size swimming pool. Not less than 636 Parking spaces are the partially-arriving employees under the earth.

For the current conditions, the new factory building is rather too big than too small planned. In this way, the court reserves for the future development are sufficient. To a sale, the family does not think the star, despite numerous tempting offers namely. And it is assumed that the international luxury-economy will flourish after a virus-related period of weakness again.

Updated Date: 24 June 2020, 18:27

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