Jewelry classic to receive the holidays

this Is one of the fairs of old parts most veteran and diverse of which are held in Ifema. From 14 to 18 December, Auction Antik Passion (which, by the way, wil

Jewelry classic to receive the holidays

this Is one of the fairs of old parts most veteran and diverse of which are held in Ifema. From 14 to 18 December, Auction Antik Passion (which, by the way, will order his name to be more attractive for all audiences) opens its doors to dressing up for Christmas. "More than 25,000 unique pieces of all shapes and sizes, from 80 firms participating, come to inspire a broader public", explains the director of the show, Ana Rodriguez. The fair wants to have an impact this year on the concept of sustainability. "In this age of consumerism we are avoiding the purchase irresponsible of new parts, with everything generated by the production chain," he says.

Rodriguez details the developments of the show that aims to seduce "lovers of the art, exclusive and unique pieces". Also, to the new generations. To be a fair multi-product "with pieces for all pockets, and with an entrance at popular prices (between 6.5 and 8 euros) the organizers try to broaden the range of visitors. In fact, it has enabled an area for children where they can draw and decorate a big Christmas tree," says the director. It coincides in dates with the closing of the COP 25, but also with two events for children and youth, the Circus, Ice and Juvenalia.

Whenever you purchase art, purchase history. "Who doesn't seem nice to give away a story, a second life? For a long time the culture led us to throw them away, but in times when everything is homogeneous, the houses they can add something special and different. We give a second life to pieces made a long time ago," says Rodriguez, who likes to speak of "circular economy".

To Auction, the education of taste through pieces with decades of seniority is one of its hallmarks of identity. "Here are started by many collectors. It is the prelude to raise your inspiration. In Auction you can purchase an incredible watch, a collection of brooches, great price good. In addition, purchased parts are unique, original, such as a bag that is 70 years old and is in perfect condition, a piece that no one is going to carry the same; very exclusive." But not only addons, also billiard balls, golf clubs, binoculars, typewriters and maps. Classic furniture, such as seats and consoles, for example, and lithographs and porcelains are other examples.

there Are many galleries that repeat. Argucho & Co and Agurcho Iruretagoyena (with a store in san Sebastian and Pamplona) is a classic of Feriarte and Auction. Terese Oyarbide defines this christmas fair as "a beautiful event and a fun, focused to find very special treats for all the pockets; this is key, there are always things that are very wearable for every occasion."

May be also the catalogues of the gallery Miquel Alzueta, which brings pieces of folk of Great Britain; furniture of the EIGHTEENTH century and contemporary paintings. Or of The Courtyard Antiques, a business of 1992 that sells european furniture. The artist Francisco Retamero will bring an original work in oil on canvas, lithographs, serigraphs and works in digital printing. The gallery owner, Paloma Martínez Oven will offer antiques and vintage pieces, jewelry, collectibles, porcelain, oriental and european, glass, painting and decorative arts.

The gallery of Pedro Miguel, specializing in works on paper, acrylics, oils and mixed media, abstraction, new figuration and Realism, will bring several works in these formats. The family company Pemberley Antiques will have several proposals to prepare a table; from cutlery, ceramics and silver. And another classic, Ulysse Art Deco, which sells Online a selection of refurbished parts. "We have 20 years of mixing styles", explains José Luis Cespedes, Third, director of Ulysse. "We show customers how they can get things right. And they are surprised".

Taste and history

"The exhibitor does not attend as if it were a flea market, for that reason, there are other spaces in the great that can respond to those needs. Everything that comes are objects with much taste and with a history, with a special value," explains the director of the fair. And so, "it is possible to acquire from a plastic work of the NINETEENTH century to a bracelet of platinum with 33 carats of brillantería art deco. The intention also is to help people to prepare their Christmas gifts, the decoration of your table or your house... it Will avoid headaches and they were full of ideas."

The exclusivity does not imply high prices. "Here, you can find things from very few euros and amazing works of art," says Terese Oyarbide. "There are antiques of all types; we carry a collection of jewellery of the EIGHTEENTH and NINETEENTH century. It is a fair very different, for example, to Bow and Feriarte, focused to an audience with a greater purchasing power."

The reason that next year the fair invests his name and renamed Antik Passion Almoneda is to position itself as an event that would attract the same audience that appreciates high fashion and the fashion pieces old. "Everyone wants to have something that makes your life different, different. Now it all seems, and any small piece invites you to be exclusive. Is more, in the fair there are fashionable also. Add-ons that you can add a touch simple and chic to any look that is everyday". The next edition of the fair, which will be held in the spring, from 18 to 26 April, coincides with its 30th anniversary.

Date Of Update: 26 December 2019, 12:00