Jean-Roch : come back boxes at night to avoid that France will not become a no club land - The Point

Everything had begun. In this was born, the streets of new rough saw friends, lovers or co-workers make up for lost time in their bars and favorite restaurants.

Jean-Roch : come back boxes at night to avoid that France will not become a no club land  - The Point

Everything had begun. In this was born, the streets of new rough saw friends, lovers or co-workers make up for lost time in their bars and favorite restaurants. The evening would then continue in the club, in those places where the memories remain imperishable. Alas, in this June 2, and since the 16th march, their doors have remained closed, leaving the night a taste of unfinished business.

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While every sector of the economy wakes up slowly after three months of confinement and sees the end of the tunnel, that of the world of night seems, to him, to be left on the side of the road, with little consideration of, and perspectives. The feast, however, is a safe haven. An institution whose clubs and discos are the main drivers.

The party can reinvent itself

Thursday, Friday or Saturday evening, for everyone to keep these places unique memories : his first dance, his first drink or his first kiss. No matter the age, the city, the region, the nightclubs are, and must remain, a decompression chamber and of freedom. The party can reinvent itself, pandemic is forcing. But these institutions will not disappear, because they remain a landmark in the mode of life of our society.

This world of the night live of the passions, but also of men and women who every day contribute to make our nights spangled and envoûtées. DJ and dancers or dancers are not the only artisans. Bartenders, maintenance workers and security officers of the establishment, trade, suppliers, musicians, they are more than 50 000 working in this ecosystem directly or indirectly. With a turnover of 2 billion euros, the sector constitutes a greater weight of our economy.


The clubs and discos are also a vector of radiation to some major cities in France. They remain as one of the criteria looked at closely by the tourists in their destination choice as well as sectors of activity, for example the mode, for their investments. Paris, Lyon or Marseille but also in smaller cities (La Baule, Cannes or Saint-Tropez) reinvent themselves constantly to stay places where it is good to do the feast, like Berlin or Barcelona.

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Unfortunately, this health crisis has worsened our situation already hit by a number of constraints and economic circumstances. Thousands of establishments at night are now on the verge of economic strangulation, leaving fear the worst for the months to come. According to figures from the Union of trades and industries of hospitality, the number of nightclubs dropped from 70 % in France, from 4 000 in 1980 to about 1,200 today. After the crisis of 2008, 800 schools that have closed in just five years. This is why we ask for emergency consideration for this sector and the people it employs, but also of the visibility in the next decisions of the government.

Recognition of the profession

Also, we propose to initiate exchanges with the whole of the industry in order to obtain a true recognition of the profession to the world bank so that we feel more supported and protected and so put an end to this segregation of the banks. In addition, clubs must pay a VAT of 20 %, plus a levy of 4 % for the Sacem in respect of the music broadcast. In the same vein, when a club invests 100 000 euros to organize artistic performances, and that it generates 100 000 euros of turnover, it is taxed both on the amount of investment, but also on the revenue from this service. We ask that this legislation be softened the "time cost" to the reboot of the world of the night in France. Finally, for a disco, it usually takes 10 000 and 15 000 euros a month in rent, which, in this context, is simply not tenable. This is why we would like to share with the professionals of the sector to lead to aid of cash for which the contours must be identified quickly.

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We must be heard ! Do we want a country that would lose its spirit and its culture of the festival ? Do we want to see appear of the territories "no. club's land" in France ? Of course, we are aware that the fight against the virus is not yet complete and realistic in the face of the complexity of the déconfinement for clubs and discos. However, as hoteliers, restaurant owners, or cinemas, we ask to be regarded by the public authorities ! The French confirmed daily : the business of the night is not a sub-sector. We contribute to the development of the economy, the attractiveness of the country, to the well-being of millions of citizens and the spirit of freedom so dear to France. Give back to our country means to the party before it is too late.

*Jean-Roch is an entrepreneur and founder of the facilities VIP Room.

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