Ida's family is desperate - suffering with scabies for months

Itchy rash on hands and feet, vandblærer down along the inner thigh and live mites that crawl around and dig times under the skin. It has been the reality for

Ida's family is desperate - suffering with scabies for months

Itchy rash on hands and feet, vandblærer down along the inner thigh and live mites that crawl around and dig times under the skin.

It has been the reality for the 28-year-old Ida Kirkeby Hansen from Aarhus in almost three months. A reality that has affected both her and her family.

"I have very small children. I can't avoid to touch them. I can't have gloves on when I should put my two-year-old and comfort him, and it gets you almost have to," she says.

The first indication that Ida had scabies, proved a long time ago. In fact, we must rewind time all the way back to the 1. October.

An itchy rash is at the time started to spread on her thighs.

Ida therefore choose to give her doctor a visit, and here she gets to know that the rash is not scabies, even though she herself is quite certain that it is the contagious skin disease, she has symptoms of.

But in the course of the next days the rash is only getting worse.

There occurs small, itchy lumps, which runs down her inner thighs, and in her face and behind her ears grow the rash also appears.

But it is only when she troops up with his doctor for the fourth time, she finally gets a referral to a dermatologist, who as the only one in the Aarhusområdet have a free time.

the Dermatologist confirms the fear, the Ida has had in a month at this time, when the doctor finds a fnatmide on Ida's skin.

At that time, Ida had symptoms of scabies for over a month.

the Same day moving Ida, her husband and their three small children, seven, four and two years out of their house and home to Ida's in-laws on hudlægens call - and starts again a cremebehandling up.

But Ida sees continued signs of scabies on his skin. On her feet and hands arise times, as miderne digs, even though she is in treatment.

In the course of two months, the Ida has been through the cremekuren three times, while her husband and their three children have been through it five times. Just a little, however, it has helped.

One evening, Ida difficulty in sleeping. She is pretty sure that midegangene on her hands have been longer:

"My husband and I take a flashlight and a needle and looking, and then we find the three fnatmider, as the devil is alive, and we can see that they rotate. Later that night, I stood up and took several fnatmider. Miderne was so big, that even I could see them with the naked eye," says Ida.

Ida phoned his doctor and told him that she had now found more mites on her body, but the message from the doctor was that she couldn't get a time to the dermatologist again a whole month later.

"It's a very, very tough message to get, and I can't fathom how we can get through december," says Ida.

Therefore, she chooses to take more drastic steps:

"I thought, I have nothing to lose, so I went to the dermatologist and almost kicked the door in. I began to tell and explain what I had gone through, and she said that she would take me on right now, even though she was actually about to close."

Here is found the dermatologist even a live fnatmide - despite the fact that Ida had been in treatment over so many laps. The dermatologist did a pill for scabies to Ida, as the only dermatologist who has permission to print here and now.

Now, there is no other than to wait.

Ida Kirkeby Hansen is convinced that the reason that the cream has not worked, is that fnatmiderne has become resistant, and the belief is she is not alone on:

"I think that fnatmiderne can tolerate the cream," says Charles Kromann, who is a specialist in dermatology.

"There are signs enough that the treatment certainly is not good enough anymore. We don't know why, but we see the same with lice."

Ida Kirkeby Hansen does not believe that the Danish sundhedsystem is ready for a scabies epidemic. It is due to her experience to fight for a referral to a dermatologist, but also the long waiting times, there are to the dermatologist.

"None of the practitioners I have seen, is able to deal with the here challenge. At last start the frustration to grow, and suddenly start I think: 'We get never of it. What do you need to? Who should I speak up?'"

Updated Date: 20 December 2019, 19:00

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