Geretsried: Own dog sports club for boxers - group of the Isar-Loisach | Geretsried

In Gelting has the Isar-Loisach-group of the Boxer clubs in your district. Why there is a dog sports club for this breed, says Chairman Bernd Füger. Gelting –

Geretsried: Own dog sports club for boxers - group of the Isar-Loisach | Geretsried

In Gelting has the Isar-Loisach-group of the Boxer clubs in your district. Why there is a dog sports club for this breed, says Chairman Bernd Füger.

Gelting – On Sunday, the day of the dog"". Just in time for their special day Aimy "may", "Xandro", "Fila", "Squiggle", and your friends to the corona-induced forced break again exercise, albeit subject to conditions.

preparation for "dog license" for the holder

well-Behaved four-year-old "Xandro wait" on the club lawn in the "seat" on the next command of its master Sebastian Helmer. In whose hand is the sign of the dog runs, jumps over an obstacle and takes a behind the stored toys. As a reward, he gets a treat. Helmer Xandro prepares for the International utility dog trial (IGP), for the Boxer, among other things, must be able, to retrieve, to follow a trail and 20 km in addition to the bike run. The companion dog test, a kind of "dog license" for the holder, has completed the handsome Brindle with the white chest is already successful.

+ The Boxer is not a Retriever as the Retriever: it is to bring the four-year-old "Xandro" fun towalk and his master, Sebastian Helmer a toy. ©Tanja Lühr

The individual training is with a view to the risk of Infection with the Coronavirus is not a Problem. Two or three persons are allowed to practice on the sprawling club is the place of the so-called subordination, or the protection service. The Second Chairman Marion Schemmel shows, Heidi Janz, as she brings her "Opra" to run exactly "on foot" – namely, with clear body language, a lot of positive confirmation, and a treat for good performance. "We are working here only with Motivation and praise," says training Manager, Claudia di Camillo. More than a sharp "no!" or "Ugh!" don't give it as a penalty.

building the bond between humans and animals

at The Boxer club Isar-Loisach is worked in principle like in any other dog training school. The most Important thing is, a bond between man and the animal, - says the Chairman Bernd Füger. Based on this, place"," Come"," Stay "and all the other commands would work". Because the club is called dog sports club, take part in its members through education of the dog, in addition to competitions such as the International utility dog trial. Some members have done it in the past with your four-legged friends up to the German championship, reported Füger, lived together for 33 years with boxers. It is self-evident that his current bitch "Aimy" on the word listening. The Chairman believes it is extremely important. In Germany there are more and more dogs. If only some of them were poorly educated, if you went around to other dogs or people, or release, then the back case on all the holder – and that was a shame.

One of the oldest German purebred dog clubs

But why there are separate associations for the German Boxer? In Bavaria, there are ten groups under the umbrella of the Boxer club (BK), headquartered in Munich, Germany. "The Boxer club is one of the oldest German purebred dog breed clubs dedicated to the breeding nature of fixed and healthy animals," reads the Homepage of the BK. The compact guys with the adoring gaze, then, are special representatives of the genus canis lupus familiaris.

As their direct ancestors are subject to the "bull-biter" or "Saupacker". They were bred by hunters to grab the Hetzhunden driven Wild and hold on until the man killed the prey. For this task, you needed to have as wide jaws as possible, in order to properly bite down. In order to provide themselves little bit of attack surface, they were docked earlier in the ears and the tail, which has been banned since 1987, or since 1998, in Germany.

German Boxer is a family dog

Today, the German Boxer is a family dog. "He is extremely fond of children, is much liked, but he guarded his people as well," says breeding were Dr. Eva-Maria Muscholl. She advises and assists members, if you want to draw puppies large. "He is the Clown among the dogs", describes Bernd Füger the curious, playful and brave companion on four paws. As a protection or police dog, he is suitable only to a limited extent. For the protection service, the image of the Boxer club Isar-Loisach however, because the grab and Drag nature of the boxer, explained Füger.

Sebastian Helmer to bind at its next Exercise with "Xandro" a thick arm. The dog jumps up at his master and grabs playfully to the upholstery. "This serves to make the dog sharp. He may act out his play instinct. And you can see if he is fearless,“ stresses Füger. A clear "From" from Helmer puts the fun right away.

Foundation in October 1975

In the 1970s, the Boxer was strong in fashion. The club Isar-Loisach was on 22. October founded in 1975. In 1989, the managers leased the site to the street. The members – at the time of the 170 buildings in the club house.

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Today the club has around 50 members, including a dozen Active. To 99 percent of it is boxer owners, but other breeds are included. And like the typical boxer, Ms. Chen or Mr. Chen look like? "We are fun, sociable, agile. We don't take everything so seriously,“ says Claudia di Camillo. A very special impact, therefore, exactly how your Partner with a short snout.

Tanja Lühr

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