E-Bike battery: range, cost, battery life and charging time

just as there is in the case of E-Bikes with a lot of models with significant Differences, so not all E-Bike batteries are the same. All there is to know about

E-Bike battery: range, cost, battery life and charging time

just as there is in the case of E-Bikes with a lot of models with significant Differences, so not all E-Bike batteries are the same. All there is to know about this topic, we have summarized for you.

E-Bike-battery - you should look for when buying

E-Bike batteries in a number of variants and price classes. It is worth contemplating the purchase of a new battery a couple of thoughts, which claims to meet the battery.

  • The capacity of a battery affect the range. The more watt hours in a battery, the further you can go. You lay back with your E-Bike for just a short distance, sufficient to secure a lower capacity to 250 watt-hours. You company with your E-Bike on larger tours, it's worth investing in a battery with up to 600 watt-hours.

  • take into Account when selecting the battery, the positioning . Here there are big differences. Some batteries are installed in the frame. This is the most visually elegant solution, but also the more expensive. Cheaper batteries, which are mounted to either the Luggage rack or on the outside of the frame. A further advantage of this variant: Outside of the frame positioned batteries are not only smaller but also lighter. So you save some weight, even if only minimally.

  • the main purpose of an E-bike is that the Motor helps you pedal. How well and how long this will work, depends not only on the engine, but also from the battery. You can choose in to your E-Bike from various levels of Support , determines the selected level, how long the battery lasts. You are more likely to use a lot of support, this costs battery power. In this case, a battery with higher capacity is recommended.

  • Set only occasionally on your E-Bike, is a long charging time hardly a Problem. You can use your E-Bike on a daily basis, to be charged the battery as quickly as possible. Also in this point, E-Bike batteries differ. Some of them are already loaded after one and a half hours again. Others need up to ten hours for a charge.

  • finally, the price is of course an important aspect when buying. Here are all of the above factors play a role. The larger the capacity of E-Bike batteries, the higher the price. As already mentioned, in the context of built-in batteries are more expensive than external energy suppliers. In addition, the brand has a influence on the cost of models from renowned manufacturers are usually a bit more expensive.

(image: Pixabay/Daniel cherry) EFAHRER range of E-Bike battery pack

manufacturer of E-Bike batteries to always give the range of your product. The specified values, however, are measured under optimum conditions. In everyday life, the actual range of E may vary-Bike batteries of the specified value. Many factors have influence on how far you get with one battery charge. The capacity of the battery is crucial - but not alone a decisive factor for the range. 12 E-Bikes in the Test: Only four are good, with two of the battery went up in flames on FOCUS Online/Wochit 12 E-Bikes in the Test: Only four are good, with two of the battery went up in flames on

External influences such as strong wind or an unfavorable condition such as rain, the range negatively affect. Also your driving behaviour , as well as the routes you take with the E-Bike, affect the range of the battery. Gradients the battery require more than level roads. Select a higher support mode, it will consume more power and reduce the range. You sit very upright on the bike, this means a higher air resistance and worse aerodynamics. Both comes at the expense of range.

the pressure tyres too low, it costs more battery power. Depending on the tire tread, the battery is charged more or less. Each start-up operation costs of energy. The more Start and Stop cycles for you, so during your travel, the less far you get with one battery charge.

To end, weight for a role. It is not only your own body weight. The heavier the Bike is, and the more you upload, the more the battery is charged.

(image: Pixabay/Albrecht Fietz) EFAHRER lifespan of the battery

The battery of an E-bike is a wearing part and has a limited life. The manufacturer can tell you how many charge cycles can a battery. The number of possible charging cycles, for example, with 1,000, and you charge your battery once per week, would keep the battery in theory almost 20 years.

With such a long lifespan, you can not count, however. Normally, a new battery after two to five years due. Many factors influence how long a battery lasts. For example, a battery will age calendar. Even if you don't use the E-Bike, the battery annually a portion of its capacity. You can do much to extend the life of your battery.

With proper care, the life of a battery longer. Batteries are temperature sensitive. You like it is neither very hot nor very cold. Leave your E-Bike in the summer so not in the blazing sun and in the Winter Outdoors.

Is the E-Bike over the Winter in the Garage and not in use, should be loaded, the battery is neither completely empty nor completely. Best to store a battery at a charge level between 30 and 70 percent and temperatures between 10 and 20 degrees.

conserve the battery if you charge it after every ride. You don't pay attention as to discharge the battery completely. They use to Charge only the battery charger supplied with the battery.

cost for a replacement battery - so you need to convert

Eventually, a new E-Bike battery is even with the best care due. The correct time is indicated by the fact that the capacity has diminished greatly. The battery is only 50 percent of its original capacity, then you should upgrade.

Then is it worth it to learn about different manufacturers and compare prices. You should be aware, however, that the exchange of E-Bike batteries is not a cheap affair. For a high-quality replacement battery with good capacity, you have to expect a cost of several hundred euros.

Depending on how old your E-Bike and how expensive it was, it is worth Considering whether a new battery is worthwhile really. You are planning in the near future anyway with the purchase of a new E-bike, is well worth the investment in a new battery hardly.

(image:Bosch) EFAHRER costs So much mentioned a single battery charge

As before, you should charge the battery of your E-bike after every ride. The cost of electricity and thus money. How much a battery costs the same, we have researched for you. We have assumed a price of Electricity of 29 cents per kilowatt-hour. How expensive the battery is, of course, depends on the capacity of the battery.

  • A full charge of a battery with a 300 watt-hours capacity costs of 8.7 cents.

  • your battery has a capacity of 400 watt-hours, increases the amount for a full load to 11.6 cents.

  • With a 500 watt hours of battery, you must expect to 14.5 cents per full battery charge.

  • Is the capacity of your battery at 600 watt-hours, a full battery charge, with 17.4 cents to beech.

(image: Pixabay/Christian oehlen mountain) EFAHRER charging time of E-Bike battery pack

How long does it take until an E-Bike is loaded and battery also depends on the capacity of the battery. It will charge the battery of an E-bike to an ordinary household outlet. In General, a charging process between one and 10 hours. Also in terms of load time, all manufacturers provide detailed information.

What is the well-known manufacturer of E-Bike batteries, there are

, The selection of E-Bike batteries is great. You decide on a reputable manufacturer, you should get a quality product. Bosch and Yamaha are well-known names in the field of E-Bike batteries. Also, the Japanese manufacturer Shimano offers a variety of E-Bike batteries. From Japan, batteries from Panasonic are also. Also, the Berlin-based company of Brose has made a name for itself with powerful batteries.

battery is empty - you can still continue to

go For a long Tour it may happen, in spite of a fully charged battery, the battery is soon empty. An E-Bike is first and foremost a Bicycle, a Motor support only when pedalling. The battery is empty, it no longer works and the engine. Then you can ride the E-Bike as a normal Bicycle. However, an E-Bike not a car driving without motor support as easy as a conventional bike. E-Bikes are due to the motor and the battery just heavier. This higher weight remember you clearly, when you step into the pedals.

Lay back with your E-Bike, often long distances, you should think about a spare battery that you can take home with them. The capacity of the batteries is not enough and the battery goes empty, you do not need to rely on your condition, but can install a fresh battery.

This article by Nicole Hery-Moßmann

*The article "rechargeable batteries for E-Bikes: Everything to range, cost, service life and load time" is written and published by EFAHRER.com. Contact with the executives here.


Date Of Update: 31 July 2020, 12:28

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