Corona is no excuse: If You don't, the tax Declaration in time, threaten whopping penalties

but Now, presto: For the tax year 2019 to 31. July time, with the tax bill. A General extension of all deadlines due to the Corona pandemic, "it will not give

Corona is no excuse: If You don't, the tax Declaration in time, threaten whopping penalties

but Now, presto: For the tax year 2019 to 31. July time, with the tax bill. A General extension of all deadlines due to the Corona pandemic, "it will not give up, even if tax advisors are calling for that, and maybe a lot of citizens on that," says Thomas Eigenthaler, Chairman of the German tax Union.

Who needs more time should be active and the tax office for a new appointment, ask for , and as quickly as possible. "A levy only to the 31. September will be, in most cases, there is Mild fashionable,“ says Eigenthaler. "Who, however, goes out of it, Corona will take, gets a delay sanction." Since this year, too Late to make-Kommer on the new automatic late fee taken.

What do I do if it will be with the tax Declaration time is tight?

Who realizes that he is in the tax return, certainly not by the deadline to December 31. July fix, or before spontaneously in the holidays, should ask his government, in any case, in a timely manner in writing to an extension of the deadline, also recommends Uwe Rauhöft, managing Director of the German Association for wage tax help associations (BVL). In time means before the expiry of the deadline on December 31. July, at the latest, but subsequently in August. Chief financial officer - Live will-Online-conference on 3. August!

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Who asks for a postponement, should the by letter, E-Mail, Fax or directly at the Elster. One to two months of extension are usually still in there. "In this special year, the Offices are likely to approach because of the Corona pandemic with a sense of proportion and generous", is Rauhöft convinced. But: As before quickly in the tax office call and a shift out of more goes to get them. The law on the modernisation of the taxation procedure for the use of officials, in principle, less scope for discretion. An extension should only be possible in exceptional cases.

How am I supposed to ask for a postponement?

Who wants to give, must give a good reason. "You should not take advantage of Corona, because of the pandemic, not arbitrariness, is popular with the justification," warns self-Thaler. Financial officials must approve the request for an extension only in exceptional circumstances, if the tax a citizen through no fault of their own, the timely submission failed. For example, because he is in the hospital, moved, had a heart attack, a death in the family or similar. Your tax return in 30 minutes

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"a vacation is not a dispensation-the reason for the tax Declaration obligation," stresses self-Thaler. The Lack of documents is not one too. The IRS grants the deferral of the rule implied. Until the end of the extension, the explanation has to be done then, but really – otherwise, delay, threaten, definitely supplements.

the December 31. July for all?

no. A tax Advisor or a wage taking care of tax assistance of the Association to the tax return, remains significantly more air. For the tax year 2019 that is: The settlement with the consultant must 1 to. March 2021 filed. 28. February falls on a Sunday.

read more on the subject of tax returns: time limits, receipts, penalties: What to look for when the tax return

need to pay attention to the "Here we advise: Give up the documents at the latest until the end of the year, the consultants have enough time, everything on time and relaxed to get it," stresses Sigurd Warschkow of the wage tax for workers in Gladbeck. "It is good that there is no General extension for all deadlines, otherwise, the tax authorities are sitting on Dry land, we have no short-time work," says Eigenthaler.

What comes to notorious flea?

Asks a punctual taxpayer to an extension of the deadline, will be suppressed in General, a blind eye, says the Union chief. A penalty payment is then not an issue. Because: the explanation Is indeed late, but still before 1. March 2021 issued financial officers discretion. For Late-Kommer it can be for this year, but uncomfortable. Check list for tax return Our PDF guide shows you how you can get your tax return quickly and save.To the PDF guide

Defaulting a whopping fine threatening . For each month or part month that the tax return is late at the tax office, you must pay the broker's 0.25 of a percentage of the fixed tax on it. A minimum of 25 euros per late month. The amount of the delay premium is set by law. A maximum of 25,000 euros are possible. The penalty is automatically calculated in the tax assessment for the tax debt or a refund. In addition, there may be other sanctions in order to bring a notorious slowpoke on its toes, such as Penalties, interest, and the estimate of the tax liability.

when is final final?

The tax office has concerns at the end of a little room, what sanctions. The calculated tax liability is € 0 or someone gets money refunded, may dispense with the officials on the mandatory late fee.

Otherwise the thing is likely to look for, and must pay taxes. Who has not managed its tax Declaration within 14 months after the end of the tax year, you will be asked to register. That is: Are the documents for 2019 to 1. March 2021 is still not at the tax office, there is no Pardon, and the late fee automatically.

What if one is not obliged to submit?

A late charge is only possible when a tax citizen is obliged to Settle up with the tax office. This applies, for example,

  • workers with tax class 6, the number of employment conditions had the same time.
  • Or married couples, the employed, assessed jointly in tax class 3 or 5.
  • As a citizen, the 2019 had additional income of about € 410 to the main content.
  • Or would a free amount to enter, in order to have monthly more net in your pocket.
  • Who got 2019 workers on short time or temporarily unemployed, money is also a duty. This also applies to other wage replacement benefits such as sick, maternity or parental allowance, if the amounts were about 410 Euro.
  • In a tight spot are also pensioners, who have received a solicitation from the IRS.
  • in addition, spouses who were predisposed to look in 2019, but had to get a divorce.
  • Or separate as a divorced spouse, received from Ex maintenance, this settles as special expenses.

Relaxed Employed, the only income from their work to home can be. You may choose whether or not you make the effort and submit a tax return - or is it simply to be. Who settles a voluntary basis, has four years to do it.

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