10,000 euros, 200 km range: Dacia brings cheap people's stromer

In comparison to Tesla, but also to Hyundai and Kia, the Renault-Nissan group is like the last in terms of the electric car back a bit. The Nissan Leaf, once th

10,000 euros, 200 km range: Dacia brings cheap people's stromer

In comparison to Tesla, but also to Hyundai and Kia, the Renault-Nissan group is like the last in terms of the electric car back a bit. The Nissan Leaf, once the global leader in E-cars can no longer convince in his new edition completely and the Renault Zoe is a best seller, but more of a reason car for cool calculators. More of a thrill in the electric world to bring Nissan's new E-SUV Ariya. The SUV with its minimalist Cockpit Design is going to attack the next VW ID4, also cars like the Hyundai Kona Electric.

Nissan Ariya comes as a new electric SUV

With battery sizes between 63 and 87 kWh and optional all-wheel drive, ranges of up to 500 kilometers. However, from the price of the Nissan Ariya will be playing with around 40,000 euros, the estimated Minimum rather in the upscale League. Therefore, the Renault-Nissan Alliance is also planning a genuine people's power, and comes from Dacia. Nissan Nissan Ariya: brand new E-SUV in five versions

Dacia people, stromer Spring builds starting in 2021

The model carries the working title "Spring" (spring) and was previously only available as study. If the car is really so, remains to be seen. Even in 2021, but Dacia want to bring the car to market. That would be urgently needed, especially in the car markets of southern and Eastern Europe, the Emobility only to a relevant extent spread when there are also matching cheap models. VW City Stromer gets Upgrade: Volkswagen doubled the range and lowers the price PCP VW City Stromer Upgrade gets: Volkswagen doubled the range and lowers the price

In the more prosperous countries like Germany have in the Spring would be probably as the second of a potential Bestseller. Finally, it has established itself, the Dacia brand is already well. What you can expect from the "Aldi-power"?

  • Optically reminds of the car, despite the SUV-like body to the more compact cars Dacia Sandero, but it will be with 3.73 meters in length, shorter. 2.43 meters wheelbase to provide plenty of living space, and the airy interior is the space-saving design of electric cars (batteries in the underbody, little required installation space for other components, such as a Motor or a charger).
  • The car will offer space for four people and a trunk with a capacity of 300 litres, so a little more than a small car.
  • Technically, the car is likely to be related very closely with the Renault K-ZE, the French sell in China. That is to say: A 45-Kilowatt electric motor drives the front wheels, with a maximum torque of 125 Newton meters. While the K-ZE at 105 km/h circuit, this would be for European conditions a little bit. Even for a mostly city car used car should be with the appropriate gear ratio at least to 130 or 140 km/h. Also, the performance would have to be for the local market a little higher, around 60 kW would be adequate.
  • In any case, the car is very lightweight - lightweight construction in the body and in the interior, as well as a waiver of elaborate noise reduction - and thus also economical. This is the key to the 200 km planned range; in the case of a 27-kWh, large battery (the Renault K-ZE) is not likely the car will need more energy than 13.5 kWh per 100 kilometres. Dacia Dacia Spring Electric
price: 10.000 euros after deduction of the promotion

For the price there are no official figures. The E-Dacia will be built in Romania, but at least initially, in the Chinese Renault factory in Wuhan. "The factory in Wuhan, has now a capacity for 120,000 cars a year, and can be almost arbitrarily extended," writes the ADAC. Since the China-Dacia will have to be adapted for the European market, which also includes the Integration of many in the future with prescribed safety and assistance systems, will cost the car more than in China. However, Due to the 9,000 euros, increased electrical-promotion - in China E are subsidised cars with very modest sums of money - would be a base price in Germany for 10,000 euros after deduction of all subsidies is conceivable. Groupe Renault, the Renault factory in the Chinese city of Wuhan to subscribe to the Auto-Newsletter

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it is Interesting to note that of all the EU could do with your electric promotion this price is also offset. Because while China has committed to no verifiable reduction of CO2 emissions in international comparison, are the politically-targeted climate goals of the EU so extreme that the EU Commission is thinking already about "climate tariffs".

EU punitive tariffs for China-Stromer?

This means products that are CO2 intensive - and that would be an electric car from China due to the high coal-based electricity share in the country could well be in any case - at the time of importation to Europe with punitive duties assigned. This could then lead to the Paradox that a tax-funded product, such as a EU car could lose through punitive tariffs when importing a part of its price advantage. Computer drawing: Reichel Car Design To come 2023: VW ID.1, the new Mini e-bike, Volkswagen


The actual "people's car counters"-manufacturer Volkswagen is bringing a Low-Budget Stromer by the way, only later on the market. First of all, the compact ID3 must be the hoped-for success before to other offshoots of the around 11,000 euros expensive VW ID1 is displayed. When that will be, there are different speculations ranging from 2023 to 2025. More info on the car click here to read in FOCUS Online . Sawtooth-the summer is coming to a head: Only 36 degrees - then the drop in temperature PCP sawtooth follows-the summer is coming to a head: Only 36 degrees - the temperature fall arrival, distances, reservations: This should be the summer of the following-Camper now PCP arrivals, distances, reservations know: The summer should Camper now

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Date Of Update: 27 July 2020, 07:28

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