The RTVE Symphony will be opening the thirtieth Guadix Clasica Festival

Guadix Clasica will be launching a new edition on Friday, July 10.

The RTVE Symphony will be opening the thirtieth Guadix Clasica Festival

Guadix Clasica will be launching a new edition on Friday, July 10. It will include seven concerts and an international music seminar. Five more will be integrated from small format where the Iberia and Kandinsky, Dostoyevski and Moser quartets will take part. Ricardo Espigares, the Guadix Symphonic Band's conductor and cultural manager, is at the head of the cycle.

The quality and quantity of the ensembles participating in this year's cycle are impressive. This year's concept approach is based on a quote from Hegel during times when education laws have made philosophy a commodity. The organizers draw inspiration from Hegel to say that "nothing great has ever been done in this world without passion." It is true that, three decades after a group music lovers started this cycle with little resources and great interest, it has become a standard. A significant number of people are willing to travel the 70 km to the capital to listen to good music in places of high heritage value.

The inaugural concert will be held at the Mira Municipal Theater, Amescua. It will feature the Radio Television Espanola Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Enrique Garcia Asensio (a legend on the podium who was its principal conductor for many decades and continues to amaze with its ability and authority concert by concert). Cesar Arrieta will be joined by Pablo Galvez, tenor, and Teresa Villena (soprano), who will perform 'El retablo de Pedro' by Manuel de Falla.

The television violinist Jesus Reina from Malaga will perform Bruch’s 'Concerto für Violin und Orchestra number 1' along with Mendelssohn’s 'Symphony no 4'. The Quadraphonix group will be evolving at Villalegre Palace on Sunday 18th with the program 'A Century Away from East-West'. In this program, they will perform Say's 'Variations' as well as Reich's 'Quartet', 'Ma mere l'oye', and 'Spanish Rhapsody' composed by Maurice Ravel. A parenthesis will be made until July 3rd, when the Quiroga Quartet, who we saw last year at Music and Dance Festival with the 'String Quartet C major, op. 74' by Haydn, and Beethoven's "String Quartet number 15".

Rafael Sanchez Arana will conduct the City of Granada Orchestra. Manuel Alejandro Recena will play the flute solo. The concert will take place at Mira de Amescua on Saturday 9, with Manuel Alejandro Recena conducting. The Guadix Clasica Young Orchestral Encounter, featuring Pilar Alva as the soprano, Ricardo Espigares as guitarist, and Stoyan Pascov conducting. A program that also includes the Concierto de Aranjuez’ by Rodrigo, and the Cuarta' from Mahler will be performed on Sunday, July 10. On July 17, the last act will be performed by the Guadix Symphonic Band. Espigares will once again take the podium, with Manuel Brazo, the saxophonist, and Stoyan Pascov as soloist.

Except for the inaugural concert which requires a small solidarity fee - purchase a ticket to the Red Cross draw – all concerts are free and can be accessed by reservation at Culture Area of Guadix City Council.