Hot tip: Grill mats for the BBQ: Why the Teflon mats are so popular

Barbecue fans all over Germany can hardly wait.

Hot tip: Grill mats for the BBQ: Why the Teflon mats are so popular

Barbecue fans all over Germany can hardly wait. The barbecue season is in the starting blocks. According to a survey by Statista, April is the month in which things sizzle for the first time on terraces and in allotments. A trend that has been observed for several years: more and more Germans prefer high-quality gas grills to the traditional charcoal version. Probably one of the main reasons: Anyone who grills with briquettes or charcoal sends around three times the amount of nitrogen dioxide (CO2) into the air compared to a gas grill. In addition, the gas version is ready for use at the push of a button, while charcoal only reaches operating temperature after 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the skill and experience of the grill master.

Charcoal and gas grillers definitely agree on one thing. Cleaning the grate should be kept to a minimum. And this is where the grill mat comes into play. The Teflon-coated pads are the trend tool for the 2024 grilling season and a practical alternative to the aluminum shell. Clear and important advantage: The heat is distributed more evenly on grill mats. When it comes to sustainability, the point goes to the reusable grill mats. Aluminum shells end up in the trash after the first barbecue party and are also difficult to recycle.

Let's start with a grill mat that has its purpose in its name. The BeeClean grill mat is three millimeters thick and, according to the manufacturer, food-safe. This means it can come into contact with food. If in doubt, look for the glass fork symbol on the label or packaging. The mats, which weigh 80 grams, are 40 by 50 centimeters in size and therefore fit on any standard gas grill. As with the other mats in the comparison, BeeClean has taken the good old frying pan as its model. The mats are Teflon-coated, making them extremely heat-resistant and water-repellent. Temperatures of 300 degrees Celsius and more do not affect the BeeClean grill mats. In addition, due to the non-stick effect, the grilled food does not have to be scraped off the Teflon mat, but can be elegantly removed from the heat with the grill tongs when it is fully cooked. Like the two following grill mats, the BeeClean can also be used in the oven at home when baking.

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Ribs, sausages, fish and vegetables are usually grilled and eaten very quickly. Unfortunately, the work-and-pleasure-after thing doesn't really work when it comes to grilling. Because only if you take some time to clean the grill afterwards will the meat taste good next time. If you would rather drink one more beer instead, you could try using a grill mat. The Komoto BBQ helper is made of fiberglass fabric and coated with Teflon. The principle is simple: place the mat on the grill grate, grill the food on it, sizzle as usual, and you're done! Nice: The mat can be cut to the desired size with scissors and is dishwasher safe. All in all, a really clean thing. A nice side effect: mini sausages, bacon or other small treats no longer fall through the grate as easily. Komoto's mats are also three millimeters thick. Depending on the food being grilled, a grill mat can be reused at least three times. All you need to clean is warm water and a little detergent.

The grill mats from BBQRox are suitable for both charcoal grills and gas grills. The slightly thinner two-millimeter version should be exposed to a maximum of 260 degrees Celsius. If there is an extra millimeter of Teflon between the food to be grilled and the heat source, up to 300 degrees are possible. When searing steaks, you should use a slightly thicker mat to be on the safe side. Otherwise, these grill mats can also be cut up and adjusted to the size of the grill area. They are dishwasher safe and can be used multiple times.

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Even the best barbecue party usually ends with a neat clean-up for one of those involved. It may take some time before the rust shines again. If you want to make the laborious task of cleaning your grill a little easier, you should try using a grill mat. Because it can be cleaned quickly by hand or in the dishwasher. If you don't have a dishwasher, wipe the mat with a dishwashing sponge and light soapy water in the evening after barbecuing. The mats are extremely easy to care for. A short program in the dishwasher is usually sufficient.

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