André Arthur: more zero than hero

Have you read what Bloc Québécois MP Alexis Brunelle-Duceppe wrote on Twitter when André Arthur died?.

André Arthur: more zero than hero

Have you read what Bloc Québécois MP Alexis Brunelle-Duceppe wrote on Twitter when André Arthur died?

“He called my mother cancerous. He insinuated that my sister and I had an incestuous relationship. And yet, I forgive him. And I offer my deepest condolences to his family and loved ones. »

Can you believe that Internet users accused Gilles Duceppe's son of disrespecting Arthur's family? Couso, are these people blind?

It fascinates me to see how André Arthur's defenders close their eyes to all the crap this man has uttered during his career.


Yes, André Arthur had a great talent as a communicator. But why did this intelligent and cultivated man waste it by sowing hatred?

Re-read Brunelle-Duceppe's tweet. Arthur hinted that Alexis and her sister had an incestuous relationship. But what kind of vermin spreads this kind of defamatory information?

As radio host and columnist Philippe Laguë wrote: “Sorry, but I won’t shed a tear. Rather, I will have sympathy for the countless people this heinous and mean-spirited being has attacked, often gratuitously — when he hasn't outright destroyed their lives."

Do you remember when André Arthur encouraged his listeners to “hit the cyclists” who insisted on riding their bikes in the middle of winter? The following day, after the outcry over his remarks, he apologized, saying he had had "a brain cramp" and that what he really meant was that he was "afraid to hit the cyclists”. He took us for suitcases, or what?

“Arthur was a Formula 1 communicator, but he lacked brakes in tight turns,” his former colleague Myriam Ségal told the Journal. But what are these euphemisms to describe André Arthur's many vicious, unfounded attacks?

Quebec Solidarity MNA Catherine Dorion said on Facebook that with "lies and a microphone", Arthur destroyed his father's life in the 1980s. She also recalled that René Lévesque called Arthur a "social termite".

But no, "he was an honest and intense man and he lived an honest and intense way" affirms Myriam Ségal, quoted in Le Journal.

Integrated ? When he called Arab and Haitian taxi drivers in Montreal “incompetent, dirty and corrupt”? When he called the teachers of Quebec "cursed crazy"?


In January 2018, I was working at the same radio station as André Arthur, BLVD, in Quebec. When he made homophobic remarks, calling rue Saint-Jean an "AIDS boulevard in the heart of the gay district", I dissociated myself from this toxic host and started my program by denouncing his remarks "loudly" which deeply shocked me. Shortly after, Arthur was fired.

He had fun claiming on Twitter that I had demanded his departure, which is absolutely false.

It was neither the first nor the last time that André Arthur lacked "integrity".


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