Alessandra Meyer-Wölden: She appreciates patchwork life

Alessandra Meyer-Wölden turned 40 this Tuesday (March 14).

Alessandra Meyer-Wölden: She appreciates patchwork life

Alessandra Meyer-Wölden turned 40 this Tuesday (March 14). The model wanted to celebrate her milestone birthday properly and had already celebrated it a few days earlier in Paris with various events. Oliver Pocher (45) and his wife Amira Pocher (30) were also present at the celebrations. Meyer-Wölden has three children with the comedian.

On her birthday she published a series of pictures showing the three in a party mood. Referring to the first photo, in which Pocher hugs the two women, she commented on the posting: "Two angels for Oliver Pocher. But the children are the biggest winners!" She added two heart emojis and the hashtag

Meyer-Wölden has a daughter and twin sons with Oliver Pocher. In 2013, the two announced their separation. In 2017 she gave birth to twins again. In 2020 she separated from the father of the children. Oliver and Amira Pocher have been married since October 2019. In November 2019, they announced the birth of their first child. In December 2020, the comedian announced the birth of their second child.

Another post shows a picture of Alessandra Meyer-Wölden and Amira Pocher in evening gowns. The two hug and smile at the camera. Meyer-Wölden wrote: "This is patchwork at its best. Super proud of us." Numerous birthday wishes have already been collected under the two postings. "Happy birthday babe! 40 has never looked so good," commented Sylvie Meis (44).

Lilly Becker (46), like Meyer-Wölden an ex-partner of Boris Becker (55), was also present at the birthday celebrations in Paris and has now posted a picture together. "To the most beautiful soul inside and out, welcome to the 40's," she said. "This is just the beginning of your prime. It was absolutely wonderful to be a part of your celebration. Have the most beautiful day today, lots of love from your girlfriend." The birthday girl, in turn, commented on the picture: "Lilly, love you so much. Sisters for life and thank you for being there on this special day."

Meyer-Wölden is also enthusiastic about her multi-day birthday break in an Instagram story. For a video in which she dances wildly in a glitter dress, she writes: "I'm blessed, I'm grateful, I'm full of energy and I'm looking forward to what life has in store in the 40s."