Minister with wild ambition: Will lowering the wait time for all the victims

'Badly treated', 'reprehensible', 'extremely painful reality' and 'not taken seriously.' More victims of burglary and other forms of theft feel let do

Minister with wild ambition: Will lowering the wait time for all the victims

'Badly treated', 'reprehensible', 'extremely painful reality' and 'not taken seriously.'

More victims of burglary and other forms of theft feel let down by the hard-pressed police. The long wait is particularly one of the reasons. But just wait. There is a new one on the way.

After a series of revelations in the B. of T. has justice minister Nick Hækkerup (S) has already set new targets for the police and courts ' treatment of cases of violence, blufærdighedeskrænkelser, brandstiftelser, robbery and killing.

specifically, both the processing time and the number of cases on this personfarlige crime fall by twenty percent by the year 2020.

however, It is not enough.

the Minister says that it is not solved with a jiffy, but he calls it 'his ambition' that all the other forms of crime also have shorter waiting time.

It will say the shorter the processing time, for example, for proceedings concerning a burglary and theft.

And it must be done with the agreement after the new year.

"My ambition is that the government together with other political parties at Christiansborg palace in connection with the negotiations on the new flerårsaftale for the police and prosecutors need to look at more comprehensive measures to reduce the case processing time for criminal cases in general and not only to the cases of personfarlig crime," he says.

Klaus Fischer from Glostrup is one of the victims of burglary have had to find themselves in a very long wait from notification of the judgment. The entire 623 days went there.

"It's good to hear that there will be taken the initiative to do more about it. Just it is not castles in the air," he says.

Nick Hækkerup recognises that the long wait is devastating for retfærdighedsfølelsen.

"Each case contains victims who are waiting for long to get the matter settled so they can get ahead in life, and it is devastating for the retfærdighedsfølelsen, if going for a long time. Therefore, it is one of the greatest tasks that lie on my table, to reduce the case processing time," says the minister.

The new requirement that police must now have a greater focus on the personfarlige crime framework as also the victims of other crimes.

As it has emerged, the number of cases, the police choose to drop within the just-not-personfarlige crime, increased significantly in just a month.

In October, the number of cases terminated on the entire 18.078 cases against 15.962 in september, figures show.

the Homeowner Sallie Nielsen from Esbjerg is one of the victims of burglary who have experienced that the police just dropped her complaint.

She very much hope that the minister will get the 'comprehensive approach' to become a reality. Sallie Nielsen knows how hard it is to notice one's review be terminated.

"It is an area that in no way has been the focus enough. People get hit, maybe not physically, but mentally. And it comes, you never over," she says.

For more than three years ago, Uffe Kurt Jensen stolen his car from his farm near Nykøbing Sjælland.

Although he immediately reported the crime, sent the police never patrol.

He calls the police action ‘smadderærgerlig’ and a waste of his and his wife's time.

"I am positive that the minister would like to do something about it, but I am also thinking of, if it is only a question of resources. I also think that the police should look a little inward and do this in a smarter way," he says.

the Police had not time to come, as Tom Persson in the summer notified the burglary in her car in a car park in Klampenborg.

And shortly after, he received a standard message that the investigation was stopped.

"It is as pleasing, that it appears that more resources - and perhaps sad, that it must udbasuneres in many newspapers was, before anything happens," he says.

Date Of Update: 09 December 2019, 22:00