Three more funerals for Buffalo victims during week of farewells

Sister and mother are well-known for their delicious pastries. Restaurant worker buying his 3-year old's birthday cake. Six-year-old father who was a school bus aide.

Three more funerals for Buffalo victims during week of farewells

Sister and mother are well-known for their delicious pastries. Restaurant worker buying his 3-year old's birthday cake. Six-year-old father who was a school bus aide.

In a week of goodbyes to family and friends, the three victims of the attack on a Buffalo grocery store will be laid to repose Friday.

Funeral services will be held for Geraldine Talley (62), of Buffalo, Andre Mackniel (53), of Auburn, Margus Morrison (52), of Buffalo.

These were among the 10 Black victims and three others who were wounded in the shooting attack by a white gunman on Tops Friendly Market employees and shoppers on May 14. According to authorities, he chose the grocery shop because it is located in a predominantly Black area.

Many Black Americans felt the same emotions after previous attacks when this latest act of targeted racial violence was committed.

It's Groundhog's Day. At a Thursday news conference, Mark Talley (son of Geraldine Talley) said that he's seen it over and over again. "I think constantly about what could've been done."

Talley's family and friends claim that she was an excellent baker and treated them to delicious apple crisp, cakes, and pastries. When the shooting began, she was there with her fiance. Her fiance was in another aisle and made it safely.

Her online obituary stated that Gerri will be remembered for "her beautiful spirit, her dimpled smile, and her immense love for her loved ones." Rev. Al Sharpton will be paying tribute to Talley on Friday.

Mackniel was preparing a birthday cake to his son when he was shot and killed. His obituary stated that he was a stay-at home father and cook to his son.

It said that Andre loved to play basketball, write poetry, and listen to music. But, most importantly, Andre was very family-oriented.

Morrison, a father to six children, was previously a security guard. He also worked as a bus aide for Buffalo Public Schools since 2019. His stepdaughter Cassandra Demps said that he was purchasing snacks for a family movie evening.

Frederick Morrison said that he will always remember his brother, who he played basketball with often, as funny and full of energy.

Frederick said that "all his jokes were not good", but that he was still funny.

Wednesday saw the funerals of Aaron Salter (55), Lockport, and Pearl Young (77), Buffalo. Previous days saw the deaths of 32-year old Roberta Drury, 72 year-old Katherine Massey and 67-yearold Heyward Patterson. Celestine Chaney, 65, and Celestine Chaney, 65, were also laid to repose.

Ruth Whitfield (86), will be the last victim. She will be laid to rest on Sunday.

While the country was still grieving the violence in Buffalo, another mass shooting took place at an elementary school in Uvalde (Texas) on May 24, killing 19 students and 2 teachers. Authorities believe that both attackers were 18-year old men with semiautomatic rifles.

The suspect in the Buffalo shooting has been charged with first-degree killing and is currently being held without bail. At his initial court appearance, his lawyer entered a plea not guilty. The Texas law enforcement killed the alleged gunman.