DEA agent shot in Arizona Amtrak shooting killed was a notable leader

The agency stated Tuesday that the federal agent who was killed in a shooting accident by an Amtrak passenger while concealing large quantities of marijuana in Arizona was a respected leader whose career span almost twenty years.

DEA agent shot in Arizona Amtrak shooting killed was a notable leader

Michael Garbo was also known as Mike and worked as a group supervisor for the Drug Enforcement Administration. Anne Milgram, DEA Administrator, stated that Garbo was renowned for his expertise and unique manner.

Garbo was respected and loved by the entire agency for "his leadership and his unrelenting passion for protecting the safety of American citizens," she stated. "Above all, he was a loving and dedicated father and husband.

Garbo joined DEA in 2005. He was a supervisor and special agent who pursued drug traffickers along the U.S.-Mexico border as well as in Afghanistan.

Law enforcement officers took to social media to praise Garbo for being an outstanding police officer who began his career in Nashville, Tennessee. Metropolitan Nashville Police Department confirmed that a similar name was employed there from 1993 to 2005, but couldn't confirm that he was the deceased agent.

Gov. Doug Ducey directed flags at state buildings to remain at half-staff through Wednesday, in Garbo’s honor.

Garbo was shot to death Monday by gunfire as a Tucson police officer and DEA agents were inspecting luggage for drugs, illegal money, weapons and other contraband. According to Amtrak tips, the inspection was initiated by a federal criminal case released Tuesday. This complaint provided more details about the events that led to the shooting.

Another agent and an officer from Tucson were also shot multiple times. A suspect was also killed. According to the DEA, both the agent and officer were in stable condition on Tuesday. Authorities have yet to release their identities.

According to Jason Abrams (Amtrak spokesperson), the Sunset Limited, Train 2, had 137 passengers and 11 crew members travelling from Los Angeles and New Orleans. It arrived at the downtown Tucson station around 7:40 AM.

The shooting took place about 20 minutes later, sending panicked passengers fleeing.

The complaint states that an officer observed a man in his 20s standing on the top level of a double-decker train car. He left a backpack and two bags just a few rows from the station. Devonte Okeith Matthews, the complainant, said that he didn't have the bags. They were taken to the platform by the officer for further inspection.

Garbo and another DEA agent spoke simultaneously with Mathis. All three went to the platform, where they were granted permission to use a drug sniffing dog to inspect several bags. The man returned to his car.

The complaint stated that Mathis was found with two large packages of marijuana in his backpack by the officer questioning him. Garbo and another agent were alerted.

Garbo and Garbo's fellow agent got back in the car to speak to the second suspect and were then ambushed with gunfire.

Garbo was declared dead. In a Tucson police car, the second agent was taken to the hospital. A Tucson police officer was also struck by gunfire at that time.

The scene was then attended by several additional officers. According to the complaint, the armed suspect was killed and shot after they fired on him. According to Tucson police, he was found dead in a train bathroom. His identity has not yet been revealed.

Mathis was charged with federal drug possession and distribution charges. On Tuesday, it was unclear if Mathis had an attorney.

The search warrant revealed that he had 2.4 kg (5.3 pounds) raw marijuana and 50 packets containing 3.5 grams (0.12oz) of other cannabis and edibles. The FBI is leading the investigation.

The train's crew and passengers sustained no injuries.

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