When Obama and Biden pay Trump - The Point

Obama-Biden, the duo of democratic years of Barack Obama's presidency is back. The two friends never missed an opportunity to show their complicity at the high

When Obama and Biden pay Trump - The Point

Obama-Biden, the duo of democratic years of Barack Obama's presidency is back. The two friends never missed an opportunity to show their complicity at the highest levels of the american State. As at the handover by Obama of the " Medal of Freedom ", the highest american peacetime award, its vice-president, up to make you cry friend " Joe ". Five months away from the presidential expiry, the time has come for the big moves, and it is up to the former president, still popular, that comes back to support his brother in a long interview aired on Thursday.

" Can you imagine, when you were president, you stand up and say : This is not my responsibility. I don't assume any of my responsibilities ? Literally, in the proper sense ? " asks Joe Biden, referring to the decision to Trump to leave the States free to manage the crisis of the coronavirus that is hitting the United States, in a short video posted on the social networks. "These words did not come out of my mouth when I was in the responsibilities," responds Obama. Seated, face-to-face, blue shirts granted in an amazing symmetry, the chair and the candidate exchange, the air serious, on the state of the union. Do not forget to scratch the passage the current commander-in-chief, guilty, according to them, have not grasped the magnitude of the health crisis and to have declined to act in consequence.

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Bromance in the White House

in The United States, the controversy raging after that 1,000 deaths have been recorded over the past 24 hours. Several States have chosen to déconfiner very early, comparing the country to a new outbreak of cases. The president even in the face of a dissent in the camp republican. The Lincoln Project, a small movement conservative, explicitly calls to " fight Trump and the trumpisme in the polls ". Last shift in date, Donald Trump appeared hidden after he refused to give the example, and against the recommendations of its own health authorities.

determined to stand out, the two democrats boast visibly the mask in the beginning of the meeting. Cars with tinted windows, voluntary approaches, Joe above Barack in the corridors leading to the salon to be selected to gather their confidences. The chairs installed at more than a metre of one another, face the flag star representing the 50 States. A new device for an american countryside, far from the short format television spots financed with blows of million. The goal : to capitalize on the experience of Obama, deemed cold and methodical, in the face of the negligence of Trump serial-twitteur. And show, by the way, a friendship forged over the events, a true bromance that made the delights of Twitter until the departure of the couple executive in 2016.

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The weight of the legacy

Exit the cheering crowds and the electric atmosphere of the rallies of the campaign, Biden as Trump will be forced to adopt their strategy to the health crisis. "Biden is facing an urgent need to expand its presence on social networks in a campaign that is now likely to be defined, to a large extent in line ", writes the Washington Post. "What looks like a campaign during a pandemic ? We are " develops Eric Schultz, a spokesman for Obama. "It is an attempt to bring together two leaders loved and respected to discuss the challenges of our time ", adds the manager, quoted in the Washington Post article.

so far mocked to be confined in his basement, "Sleepy Joe" or "Joe the sleepy" as he was nicknamed Trump needed even more of the credibility of Obama. These sixteen minutes smoothly conducted will surely have a impact in this funny campaign.

Date Of Update: 23 July 2020, 12:33

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