What uncle Joe would need to have the Malaise to overcome

"return to normality": the slogan of the Republican presidential candidates Warren Harding was in 1920. Was meant to be the return to a "normal" everyday li

What uncle Joe would need to have the Malaise to overcome

"return to normality": the slogan of the Republican presidential candidates Warren Harding was in 1920. Was meant to be the return to a "normal" everyday life after the horrors of the First world war. Harding won the election, died in office. Its Administration was accompanied by numerous scandals.

Now, it seems Joe Biden after his recent success at the primaries on Tuesday to the democratic presidential nomination strive. Powered by the former Vice-President of a broad voter coalition, the Bernie Sanders is not to counter much, and would excite in the bearing Donald Trumps actually, anxiety.

"return to normality"

Biden's staff has started to plan for the case of a victory in the presidential election in November – under the heading of "return to normality". You would hope with a view on the presidency of Warren Harding's, that it is not a bad Omen.

Because "uncle Joe" like Biden in some places is called, would occupy in the coming election campaign, progressive positions, in order to convince the followers of Bernie Sanders and the democratic party for the fate of the election in the fall. It would, moreover, far-reaching reforms in health and education, as well as innovative efforts to overcome the serious inequality in income and assets to the American Malaise as a whole.

used As a Jimmy Carter in 1979, in the face of economic Stagflation, the expression of Malaise, he was criticized for heavily. What would say to Carter it must be now, to describe the state of the country? Because in spite of a long Phase of economic recovery, in spite of first-class universities and a Wealth of technological innovations, the American state is anything other than good.

Stumbles Trump about Corona-crisis?

The political and social divides in the country are deeper than ever. The Nation can't even agree on how dangerous Covid-19. It is believed the President and his Mouthpieces in the conservative media, everything is not so bad and the fear of the excitation of Trumps is fueled opponents. What are the Russia, the affair could not, now inform the Virus: Namely, Trump out of the office to throw.

Actually it would be attributable to this President even when he stumbled on the Corona-crisis: He played down the dangers, contrary to scientific experts and seems to be less the Welfare of the interested in Americans than the stock market. And still the Nation that carried the first men to the moon, and the digital Revolution is leading, not able to test the population over a large area on Covid-19.

You are flying blind, and in the Cockpit of a man, the thought of a lifetime and good luck was sitting with Donald Trump. This happiness leaves him now and drives Covid-19 the American economy in a recession, it is allowed to Trump's show, whether he's a good crisis Manager.

For Joe Biden is in the present circumstances, that a return to the Status quo ante, and thus to the Era of Obama has become impossible. To major American problems to a lot of damage caused by four decades of neo-liberalism and market fetishism, as well as the presidency of Donald trump as a President Biden for political life could move on.

trump cal mud bath

of Course, Joe Biden the race is not yet won. Trump and his media boosters are drawing the Obama-Vice in a mud-battle special the same as a senile old man and a case for Dr. Alzheimer. Won Biden in the fall, he would be immediately "put in an old people's home", "and other people will rule the country then," said Trump last week.

The Such, but says it must not only be doubts about his own state of mind like that. He will be also measured because, as he leads the United States in the current crisis – and how he is leading the country out of her.

Created: 11.03.2020, 20:32 PM

Updated Date: 11 March 2020, 22:03

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