What marathon runner Christian Miska actually makes? | The District Of Freising

1989 delivery Christian Miska from Moosburg his first Marathon, 24 more were to follow. But for the now 49-Year-old was ultimately clear that Running is just a

What marathon runner Christian Miska actually makes? | The District Of Freising

1989 delivery Christian Miska from Moosburg his first Marathon, 24 more were to follow. But for the now 49-Year-old was ultimately clear that Running is just a Hobby. What does he do so today?

Munich, Germany/Moosburg –18 years and that was in Munich in 1989, he contested his first Marathon. And it should still have 24 more to follow – for example in Hamburg, Berlin, Vienna, Paris and even in San Francisco. His last Start in 2002, is now a few years. A lot of Sport Christian Miska (49), the total head of the Munich-based support centre in Giesing, a facility for adults with physical disabilities, working drives, although, as before. For professional and family reasons, it was not for him, however ultimately clear that the Marathon is only a Hobby was.

"To this crazy idea am I come."

If he had been animated by friends to these physical hardships? For this question, Miska has to laugh: "no, on the contrary, on this crazy idea I'm here. From my buddies at the time, nobody was so crazy to want a 42 km run.“ Athletics at the SG Moosburg, he came at the age of 13 years. The reason is The school sports, it was established that he was well - to-track Talent over the medium and long. "Of course, I played street football with the kids in the neighborhood – but football in the Association was never my goal."

+ the joy of a generous mask donation: Christian Miska is working as the overall head of the Munich support centre Giesing engaged.©private

In the age of puberty he was on the middle distance and in the category of forest run-of-the Bavarian top-of-the. A relatively late chicken pox infection got him screwed up then, however, "an important season". The athletics, he actively and intensively for five years, until the study of social pedagogy at the University of Eichstätt took. Nevertheless, he remained of the athletics "in some ways true," he told today. He started with the marathon run and his first was the Munich in the year 1989.

of being able to exercise, which has made the native of moss Burger is always fun. However, it costs a lot of time and effort to train for a Marathon. As anno 2002 came his daughter Ronja to the world, he became aware that other things – such as family and profession, must be a priority, or should. And that, therefore, the time for such a complex and busy Sport is no longer available.

"My best time is just over three hours"

Actually want to increase Christian Miska still – the necessary intensity of the exercise units was missing, however. "My best time is just over three hours. It would have been sexy, this sound barrier break through, but at a certain level it gets really intense, if you want to improve,“ he recalls.

it was this very task focused: "I had a training plan that was about ten weeks before a Marathon is quite intense. Then I trained up to six Times a week.“ It was important not to make stupid long runs, but to alternate between intensive and regenerative units. Also, interval training and long runs are essential. "It is not recommended to run the full marathon distance in Training. However, you should can run 30 kilometers for sure. Otherwise, the Whole thing is at the end of a really tiring and tough,“ says Miska.

The professional and the family then moved the sporting priorities of Christian Miska. At the age of 32, he ran his last Marathon, after which he saddled and denied only rather small mountain-bike race. But what sports is now His? "In fact, I have discovered the Sport of Triathlon, the Cycling is always more for me. Now I'm much prefer a round with the mountain bike or racing bike,“ he says. The well-known Isartrails in Munich make him in his old age still really fun and can try out the South of Munich own good. In the Winter, Miska likes to go snowboarding. This passion was not in the previous season, but only in the absence of snow, but because the 49-Year-old in December from a cruciate ligament has sustained.

"I item no Slogan, I go through the world"

still active – about three Times per week – is not Christian Miska as a sports Junkie. Mostly, there are short units. In the past two years, he has completed only an extreme Event with his friends: one day, the troupe from Neubiberg to Bad Kötzting is cycled with mountain bikes. "To Ohu on the Isar river, then over the town of Straubing in the Woid. As well 210 kilometers, after all, in a day. Because of you, what you did know – and all the while, and especially after a cold beer is the Highest of the feelings.“

of Course, the recreational activities in the Corona had been for him-times are fairly limited. A bit of Sport it was, otherwise he was much with his family. In his Job, but it was and is anything other than a quiet Phase. Community facilities

for people with disability belong, finally, to the critical infrastructure and, therefore, have high safety requirements. In this respect, cost, and cost him just a bit of energy.

Other things with which to distract yourself usually, perhaps, in the past few weeks, is hardly possible. To meet to go to the cinema belonged to in addition to friends. The latter meets Christian Miska and his family particularly hard, Has played by his son, Matteo (14) in 2019 in the new movie "the East wind – The great hurricane". In may, the Premiere would have been.

Christian Miska is a sporty nice guy, with a responsible task. If he has a life motto? "I have no Slogan, I go through the world. But I think that it is very important to find a Balance. In our dealings with people, I attach great value to reliability.“

a vocation and a profession

Christian Miska (49), a social worker with a degree from the Catholic University of Eichstätt, told: "the search for The right profession for me was not easy. Choosing a professional means that you decide against 1000 other ways. The decisive factor is the beautiful experience in the civil service in the Juliane Maier were ultimately house in Moosburg.“ Then abroad, came to stay in the United States. Since he had worked as a therapy assistant with people who have suffered a serious skull-brain Trauma – a sustainable experience. "I have to say that I don't think it is a great pity that young men did not discover nowadays, social professions perhaps as easy for themselves, there is the civil service – as to my time. I would not, perhaps, come to this Rail. Directly after high school, I wanted to be a cartographer.“

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