Weilheimer hut is locked after Pentecost for walkers | Weilheim

The weilheimer hut, mountains, a popular destination in the ester, may be due to the Corona to open position heuer, as usual, the day of Pentecost. The host is

Weilheimer hut is locked after Pentecost for walkers | Weilheim

The weilheimer hut, mountains, a popular destination in the ester, may be due to the Corona to open position heuer, as usual, the day of Pentecost. The host is using the time now for very specific things.

Weilheim – Since the spring of 2000, Christian Weiermann the weilheimer hut-Keeper. And only once, he recalls, he could not open it since then, due to weather conditions at the usual time on the day of Pentecost. This year, the Krüner is slowed down a second Time. Not masses of snow, but by the Coronavirus. The start of the season is moved according to the Weiermann "to 4. July – at least,“ the host on request.

The protection of the house of the DAV-section because the home is located at 1955 metres in height and is a real feature. Because the close of the Krottenkopf summit building is the highest mountain hut in the Bavarian Alps. Both of Oberau as well as Farchant from a climb takes about four hours, so the DAV-section on their Homepage. The cottage is only accessible by foot – Hiking in the ester mountains are still popular.

weilheimer hut: Highest hut in the Alps

On an Opening on the Whitsun week-end Weiermann waived heuer, however. At the same time, a gastronomy that is required of the concept of Hygiene to be observed, "is not possible". There is, therefore, for now, neither a sale at the Kiosk, nor is it a "terrace business", as Weiermann says, and certainly no place to stay. Due to the Corona Situation, the winter room for quite some time already (usually with an Alpine club key) is locked, and the "until Further notice".

Whether actually from the 4. July can be opened, is also still in the stars. At least a buffer of about five weeks in order for the host: "let's see how the Situation develops." In mid-June, he estimates, you will need to re-decide in terms of "Opening". He hopes that more easing. The current Corona-rules in the kitchen implement was difficult for him. "I can't run for 16 hours with a mask wandering around." It is clear for him: "We will never take guests with us in any Form is illegal under." Also they wanted to not risk any penalties. The DAV holds according to the Weiermann, this week, a video conference, in the hut owners are still open questions to be clarified.

weilheimer hut: forced break is for tags

The forced break uses the host work for some remodeling. It will set up a new parlor, new window will be used. That's why he is off for a few days at the cottage. Only at the weekend that he has to measure different areas for the Work, and told Weiermann. On one of the host places a value: Even when he is summoned to the cottage, so it is closed for hikers. This also means that nobody can rely on it to get around in a Thunderstorm, but the inlet. Hikers must take precautions and be on the mountain, according to behavior.

Weiermann in his 21. Season as host of the weilheimer hut. Two of his three daughters assist him in his work on a regular basis. – Most of all at weekends – staff assistants. Usually, the house offers on the Krottenkopf around 50 places for the Night. The DAV-section because home the Kaseralm between Ohlstadt and Duke is also. It is reserved for only members of the section and are not managed. In Corona-times is currently locked, the Kaseralm.

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