Was 2020 : the fall of the empire (tourism) in roman - The Point

This is almost a month that Italy has officially reopened its borders to european citizens. An opening vital for a country whose 13 % of GDP depend directly on

Was 2020 : the fall of the empire (tourism) in roman - The Point

This is almost a month that Italy has officially reopened its borders to european citizens. An opening vital for a country whose 13 % of GDP depend directly on tourism. But strolling through the streets of Rome in this weekend of July, it would seem that the invitation of the Italian has not enticed many people.

of Course, places of the eternal City no longer deserted as in the early hours of confinement, and thousands of Italians took advantage of the beautiful day to discover or rediscover the riches of the ancient imperial city. From here to there, listening, we hear again speak German, English or Spanish. But nothing to do : the historic heart of Rome always sounds terribly hollow and, for professionals, the situation is alarming.

"Here, the recovery, we are all still waiting for"

" Tragic ", believes the same Manuela, a tourist guide in the capital for fifteen years. "Normally at this time, here it is the black world," she says, pointing to the crowd maigrelette massed in front of the entrance of the Colosseum. The ticket sellers have beautiful canvass round-arm, the interested customers not be in a hurry. "At the level of the guided tours, we recovered only 10 % of reservations compared to the level of last year," says the guide. Due to health restrictions, the colossus of stone would host an average of a thousand visitors a day, far short of the 35,000 daily passages observed last summer, reports the Italian press. Even life in slow motion in the floors of the Vatican museums. For what concern the accounting of the City pontifical, which, in the face of declining inputs, including a loss of revenue of approximately 11 million euros for the month of June.

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The radius and grey, restaurateurs romans are also in a good position. The servers dressed to the nines, have a nice show their most beautiful smile, there are few passers-by to stop on their terraces. "Here, the recovery, waiting for forever," laments the manager of a restaurant, the mythical piazza Navona, almost deserted at lunch time. In normal times, its establishment, no fewer than thirty employees to handle the service and the kitchen. "Today, I have two servers and a chef. It gives you an idea, " says the entrepreneur. Inevitably, on the side of the wallet, the account is not there. "Here, the monthly rent is 40 000 euros. Typically, the covers in a little more than a week of work. But at this pace, today it would take us three months. "

to Have the city", a little for himself "

To try to address the crisis, the government of Giuseppe Conte has put in place the beginning of July a "bonus holidays" (up to € 500 per household) to attempt to induce the Italians to make their suitcases for a few days. But on the side of the hoteliers romans, it lurks especially in the return of the Americans, Russians and asian nationals, more "generous" in their daily expenditures. The lack of arrivals, today in Rome, " only 200 hotels opened on the 1 200 of the city. And with an occupancy rate of 10% to 15% ", said Giuseppe Roscioli, head of Federalberghi, the association of hoteliers of the capital. With losses by December, which could reach 70 % of sales, a lot of professionals have already made a cross on the season. "I am the owner of two hotels and I will reveal that in march next year," says the entrepreneur.

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on the side of The tourists, the feeling is mixed. "The plane tickets are still expensive, but, on the spot, we feel that the rates are pulled down, which is interesting. And then, it is quite unique to see the city like this, to have a little for himself, " says a tourist from europe. But, without waiting, added : "After that, it was well aware that this is not normal, that something is wrong. "

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