Venezuela is entangled further into her maze institutional

The hemicycle of the protocol of the Palace of the Legislative branch of Venezuela has become a hall of multiple uses. On Tuesday, two boards -one, the John Gua

Venezuela is entangled further into her maze institutional

The hemicycle of the protocol of the Palace of the Legislative branch of Venezuela has become a hall of multiple uses. On Tuesday, two boards -one, the John Guaidó, elected with vote and quorum verified and with a majority of parliamentarians and another, Luis Parra, not - refuse one another, they start the session of both Parliaments. This Wednesday, the National Constituent Assembly, formed illegally in 2017 as a counterweight to legislative for the opposition, also used the room for a session in which its president, Diosdado Cabello, said that in the face of the conflict of the National Assembly would follow in making decisions.

The maze of institutional living on the south american country has been further complicated in just four days. Luis Parra, a self-proclaimed president of the NAS in a session totally irregular, gives press conferences from the office of the Palace, publishes videos by logging in with escorts to the venue and among the first of their measures formed a commission to notify the rest of the public powers the change of control in the AN and start the “reinstitucionalización” of the legislature.


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The word is also part of the new discourse of chavismo. But the board of Parra, beyond the prospect of illegality of his appointment, in the political game faces the same problem of blocking legal has gone through for four years the parliament by the opposition in contempt by the Supreme Court, an ally of Maduro. A policy measure that originated in the impeachment of three members of indigenous remains unresolved and is supported by more than 100 judgments in four years to limit the actions of the AN, they would have to get rid now to make it possible for that “reinstitucionalización” now promise. A lock that has also been returned as a boomerang to the chavismo.

“There are decisions, signatures of agreements and contracts or international credits, which, as dictated by the Constitution, must be passed by the Parliament, to be valid, as the credit of the CAF who asked the government a while ago. This policy measure is in extremis to force a new board, aside Guaidó is a sample of the failure that was the Constituent assembly as a parallel power,” writes the lawyer Ali Daniels, the NGO Access to Justice. It is a road that has been closed to Mature and that has complicated its control in the current scenario of international sanctions and siege diplomatic.

For the taking of other measures that may be crucial in this political moment there is also no bases. The election of a new Supreme Electoral Council, a requirement for priority to go to parliamentary elections as presidential, it would be by the vote of a qualified majority which does not have Parra and now, after the low, nor Guaidó. This could become once again in a box in the political game, in which the Supreme name the members of the electoral power, as he has already done, even without that this is within their powers. “What happened in the AN what it has done is further complicate the crisis in the country. To say that has not weakened the institutional framework of the na is lying, because before you had at least a respect for the Power of the Executive to that from meeting. This also puts more uphill, the possibility of reaching a political agreement to address the serious political crisis that the country lives, while that happens the chaos in AN. To be able to re-elect Guaidó could overcome part of the obstacles, but this will need to take other measures to assert its institutional framework,” adds Daniels.

Maduro has recognized Parra almost immediately as a president. But this commands a Parliament that lost more than half of the 167 seats, which is painted in the Constitution. There, according to the numbers inaccurate that has released, is a minority in your own backyard, for about thirty deputies are part of the new opposition that has promised to build and 51 are of the stand chavez, that ensures even reject it.

Date Of Update: 08 January 2020, 22:00