United states : who will be the colistière of Joe Biden ? - The Point

This is the major issue that has roiled the microcosm of american political these days. Which Joe Biden will he choose as colistière and future vice-president o

United states : who will be the colistière of Joe Biden ? - The Point

This is the major issue that has roiled the microcosm of american political these days. Which Joe Biden will he choose as colistière and future vice-president of the United States if he beats Donald Trump in November ? Then it should give its answer very soon, it is the senator black with Kamala Harris who is given great favourite to accompany the democratic candidate in his seventies. By promising to make her choice "the first week of August" after months of suspense, the former american vice-president has joked about the fact that it would be very difficult to receive in person the finalists so that journalists have the watch in front of him.

But behind the scenes, his team will review the balance sheets and maintain, especially by telephone or online, coronavirus forces, with the last candidate still in contention. A pandemic that has claimed more than 150 000 deaths in the United States, the deep recession that accompanies it, and the wave of anger history against police violence and racism : the list has been strengthened in recent weeks, influenced by the unique and memorable events which have rocked this campaign. After a democratic primary marked by great diversity, the candidate 77-year-old has promised to choose a woman who would be, in case of a victory on 3 November in the face of the republican president, the first vice-president of the United States. And since the death of George Floyd, was asphyxiated at the end of may by a white policeman, the pressure is increased so that it refers to a colistière black.

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Harris, Rice, and Bass

Kamala Harris, 55 years old, appears well ahead of forecasts. "Talented ", "great respect for it" : these words written under the name Kamala Harris were captured Tuesday on the book that Joe Biden held in hand, in front of the photographers, still climb up the rating of elected black of California. The CV and the trajectory of this daughter of immigrant jamaican and indian strengthen his chances. But his past as a prosecutor whose actions were, say its detractors, particularly affected minorities may weigh against it. A Candidate in the primary, she had not taken off in the polls among African-American voters key to democrats, before you throw in the towel in December. And among some allies of the candidate, it has not forgiven his surprise attack, during a debate, against what it describes as yet a friend.

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Another potential candidate, Susan Rice, former national security advisor to Barack Obama. She has worked with Joe Biden during their years in the White House. An important element for those who would like to republish the good agreement of its own together with the former democratic president between 2009 and 2017. This Afro-American of 55 years, bête noire of the camp Trump, however, has never had to face the rigors of a campaign.

Finally, there is also Karen Bass, 66, who was elected to the House of representatives, it directs the influential group of elected black to Congress and has produced a draft reform of the police bearing the name of George Floyd. Its positioning, however, could provide ammunition to republicans, who are trying to portray Joe Biden as a "puppet" of the " radical left ". An argument that could impede the chances of the senator's progressive Elizabeth Warren, a 71-year-old, arriving later in the predictions.

A crucial step for Joe Biden

Large-time traditional campaigns for the u.s., the choice of the candidate " VP " is particularly crucial for Joe Biden. If he wins, the veteran of the policy will be the oldest president in american history to take office in January, and he has intimated that he does briguerait a warrant. Its decision is thus "more important than usual, because the person he chooses is likely to be the candidate of democratic party in four years," says David Barker, a professor of political science at the American University. All the doubts on the fitness of the septuagenarian, who has said they want someone who is " ready to be president on the first day ". Because of the Covid-19, Joe Biden spends most of his time at his home in Wilmington, Delaware.

Private meetings, he conducted a campaign in mute which earned him the mockery of the pro-Trump. But who, in the face to the outputs of the tempestuous president and his management disputed the pandemic, he succeeds : he is ahead of the billionaire republican in the national surveys as in the States-key. If it is well received, the choice of his colistière, he could wait a few days before reveal, should strengthen the momentum of Joe Biden, just before the democratic convention (17 to 20 August) where he will accept formally her nomination as a candidate.

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Even if they are reduced to their bare minimum, due to a virus, the conventions, democrat and republican mark a clear acceleration of the campaign. And at the end of September, a half-dozen States will start to vote by mail. To David Barker, "the result of the election could in fact be determined well before" the 3 November.

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