Turkey launches retaliatory attacks in Syria

After the death of 36 Turkish soldiers in Syria, Turkey has started in the neighboring country of massive retaliation attacks. The new use of "Operation spring

Turkey launches retaliatory attacks in Syria

After the death of 36 Turkish soldiers in Syria, Turkey has started in the neighboring country of massive retaliation attacks. The new use of "Operation spring plate" shot down the Turkey, according to information from two Syrian warplanes that had attacked Turkish Jets.

in Addition, Turkey had destroyed a drone, eight helicopters and more than 100 tanks of the government of President Bashar al-Assad, said Turkish defense Minister Hulusi Akar on Sunday. Thus the risk of a direct confrontation of Turkey with Assad's ally Russia grew.

The EU's external representative, Josep Borrell, has announced on Sunday an EU foreign Minister meeting this week to discuss the ongoing fighting in the Syrian province of Idlib. The ongoing fighting in and around Idlib are a serious threat to international peace and security. It was also caused by a endless suffering in the population.

Borrell called on the parties involved to return to a political process. According to Borrell, the EU is pursuing in addition, the Migration at the external borders.

In the case of the two Syrian fighter jets, according to information from Ankara to aircraft of the type SU-24 from Russian production. The Syrian Observatory for human rights and the Syrian state Agency Sana reported the Downing of two Syrian warplanes in the Idlib province. The defense Ministry in Moscow denied the reports of a Downing of the Sukhoi fighter jets of the type SU-24 Russian air forces in Idlib. It was "Fake"News.

Damascus restricts airspace

The government in Damascus detained in the Wake of the Turkish invasions of the air space in the North-West of the country. Planes and drones should not be there, and, in particular, Idlib fly, said the Syrian army Agency Sana said. "Every plane that violates our airspace is classified as hostile and shot down."

About the exact number of deaths caused by the attacks prevailed on Sunday ambiguity. The Turkish defense Minister Akar said, there are more than 2000 Syrian soldiers had been "put out of action". The Syrian Observatory for human rights reported that a total of about 70 soldiers of the Syrian government and its allied militias had been killed.

the Meeting of Erdogan and Putin

planned to be moved to A military confrontation of Turkey and Russia in the near future. Next week a Meeting between the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin is planned. The foreign Ministers of both countries talked on the phone in preparation for this Meeting with each other. The aim was to create the atmosphere for a "result-oriented dialogue" between the two heads of state to resolve the conflict, said the Russian foreign Ministry.

The Turkish Minister of defense Akar stressed that Turkey had no interest in a conflict with Russia. But to stop the "massacre" of the Syrian government and a new wave of Migration to prevent. He again appealed to Russia, for an end to the attacks on Damascus influence. Erdogan had threatened the Syrian government with a military use until the end of February, should not withdraw their troops in the Idlib province back. On Saturday, he announced then, the new attacks in Istanbul. In the process, investments were for the construction of chemical weapons and air defense systems and runways to be destroyed, said Erdogan.

More than 300 military vehicles have been destroyed, including more than 90 tanks. The Syrian government denied the allegations immediately, and accused Erdogan's "misleading" statements and Exaggeration.

Fourth military Intervention in Northern Syria

The Turkey had previously intervened three Times militarily in Northern Syria. In October, they had begun to the East of the river Euphrates, an internationally controversial military offensive against the Kurdish militia, YPG, which views Turkey as a terrorist organization.

Russia's protection of al-Assad's regime and Turkey had agreed then to control the Northern Syrian border areas to Turkey together. The YPG should also pull out of the border area.

In 2016, had sold the Turkey with the Offensive "shield, the river Euphrates" in the area of the Syrian town of Dscharabulus the terrorist militia Islamic state (IS) from the border, but also the Kurdish militia YPG fights. At the beginning of 2018, the Turkish army had taken with it is supporting rebels in an Offensive against the YPG, the Kurdish-influenced Syrian border region of Afrin. (chk/sda)

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