Trump's biggest Problem is called Carona

One could assume that the President of a country in which a dangerous Virus spread in the citizen to die, or fear for their lives, has other things to Worry abo

Trump's biggest Problem is called Carona

One could assume that the President of a country in which a dangerous Virus spread in the citizen to die, or fear for their lives, has other things to Worry about, to comment as a party internals of the Opposition. But Donald Trump has been working for weeks with sardonic Tweets, the primaries of the Democrats.

On Wednesday morning, he was particularly early: The democratic party, he tweeted to 5.55 PM, have destroyed the candidacy of Bernie Sanders "complete". This was won, after the former Vice-President Joe Biden – "Sleepy Joe" in Trumps diction – the primaries in several States, and the democratic presidential candidacy practically had secured. Because Trump could not resist.

It may be speaking to Biden for Joe, that the President would prefer to be competed against Sanders. However, Biden has an open flank, and trump's campaign aides are attacking them already: try the 77-year-old candidate as a tattrig and senile, if not corresponding to display.

Biden, stumbling occasionally in speech or lose the thread. Sometimes he confuses places, people or events. If one compares his campaign appearances from the time when he was a Senator or Vice-President of Barack Obama, with the present, you will see clearly that Biden is aged in every way.

Not a good figure as a crisis Manager

However, Trump is not without problems in the election campaign. The largest is Corona – or, as the President called the Virus, in one of his first Tweets on the topic: "Carona". No one can currently predict how the epidemic worldwide and in the United States is lost. The Corona-crisis, however, has the potential to affect the election in November, the massive, is out of the question.

As the medical aspects of the crisis are. Trump has not taken the Virus is obviously serious. Until today, he tried to reassure his compatriots by the fact that he explains in a tweet, the seasonal flu are dying every year thousands. The consequence of this is that Republicans Express in surveys, much more often than Democrats, with the opinion that the media exaggerated the threat posed by Corona, in order to damage the President politically.

Since all of the experts in and outside the government, in the meantime, but no longer afraid to speak to the President publicly, act the peace-making efforts gave way increasingly bizarre. More and more States, whether democratic or Republican-governed resort to drastic measures.

At the same time, the reports pile up that the world makes US seem to be able to have enough hospital beds or to provide only Tests for the Coronavirus-affected citizens. As a medical crisis Manager the President's power, therefore, at the Moment, not a good figure.

Hard to see how all the choice

the impact, However, Trump seems to be interested in even more of the economic consequences of the crisis, which could also be dramatic. Trump told the Americans for three years, that the Dow-Jones Index is the most important measure is staff for the success of his presidency. The partially sharp price falls on wall street in the last few days to undermine, therefore, Trumps the most important re-election argument.

in this respect, it is not surprising that the President has proposed all sorts of measures to strengthen the financial power of businesses and citizens. This is not to curb the Virus, but the economy suffers, perhaps, less strong.

what will be the impact of everything at the end of the election, is hard to foresee. The Corona should be a crisis until the summer is over, it is conceivable that the economic situation has improved rapidly. The crisis draws out longer, it can trump take reputation but also significantly damage. There is an example: President George W. Bush has recovered in 2005 from the botched crisis management during hurricane Katrina, never quite.

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Created: 11.03.2020, 19:49 Uhr

Updated Date: 12 March 2020, 11:01

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