Trump is upgrading to a Virus war

Donald Trump provides his political troops under a new command. On Friday evening, the U.S. President appointed the members of Mark Meadows, the new chief of s

Trump is upgrading to a Virus war

Donald Trump provides his political troops under a new command. On Friday evening, the U.S. President appointed the members of Mark Meadows, the new chief of staff. The 60-year-old representative from North Carolina, a staunch Conservative and ardent supporter of the Trump Revolution, is close to the President personally. As the fourth chief of staff, he should lead Trumps Team through the coming battles.

Meadows’ acting predecessor, Mick Mulvaney will be compensated for his 14 months of service with a comfortable posts Abroad as a special envoy for Northern Ireland. Mulvaney has caused with his loose tongue in the Impeachment context, the case of the President, some of the damage. Allegedly, he had grinding in the last few months the reins.

New chief of staff: Mark Meadows is a staunch Conservative. (Reuters/Erin Scott/archives)

at the Top of Meadows’ priority list, not the struggle and the re-election is for the time being. Trump tried in the past week, yet, to embarrass the Democrats with the accusation of political machinations, in order to support the genehmeren opponent Bernie Sanders. Last polls suggest, however, that Ex-Vice President Joe Biden, the candidate of the moderate party wing, will achieve in the next preselection round on Tuesday with a little more einholbaren tab.

The President brags that he get everything

First of all, trump is the most dangerous opponent is the Coronavirus. Until yesterday, the epidemic has spread to half of the 50 States. Were counted over 330 confirmed infections and two deaths in Florida, the first on the East coast, climbed in the number of Coronavirus deaths across the country to 17.

With a series of performances by the Trump-government tried, the political threat, which increases with each new Corona case. On Friday afternoon, the President first made a comfort and encouragement to visit the cyclone-ravaged Region in Tennessee. Then he inspected the centre for the control and prevention of diseases (CDC) in Atlanta. The red Golf cap with the words "Keep America Great" is placed, still showed Trump in the laboratory next to his Minister of health, the CDC Director, to the Governor of Georgia, and medical professionals.

The Trump of confusion, by which have undercutting the intended message, his government had everything under control. Factually incorrect, he said that all who wanted to test themselves on the Coronavirus, could this also. Then he indulged in self-praise about his own understanding of Science. "I love these things, I get it, really," he boasted.

Faulty Test Kits added to the Problem

the task of The political Aufwischers Vice-President Mike Pence took over a little later. As the head of the Coronavirus-crisis unit, he suggested to the press in a calm tone, and demonstrated with his Team unity. Pence acknowledged that the first Million Tests would not be available until the beginning of next week.

In comparison to other countries, the United States needed a long time for the development of an efficient Test infrastructure. As "Politico" determined to take over the US health authorities, for unexplained reasons, this testing of the world health organization. The CDC insisted to develop their own Test Kits. Because these were faulty, there have been further delays. Possibly could spread the Covid-19-epidemic, therefore, faster.

As in all the countries concerned, the uncertainty is in the United States large. Against the Background of the Test fiasco and the chaotic tendencies of the Trump-government, many people fear that the health system will be overwhelmed by Covid-19 quickly. Against such a disaster, spells for the President would be ineffective.

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