The weapons shake again to Torreon

The strong wind that shakes the winter night in Torreon prevents Susana Ramos light the candle that brings to pay tribute to the victims of the attack on the Ce

The weapons shake again to Torreon

The strong wind that shakes the winter night in Torreon prevents Susana Ramos light the candle that brings to pay tribute to the victims of the attack on the Cervantes College, where a boy of 11 years was killed Friday morning to their teacher and injuring six other people before committing suicide. The girl, 22-year-old alum of the college, ask for help to light a fire that will sneaks, as it is beyond the answers to the questions that the martillean. “I don't understand why this happened. I have my best moments here. Is that I can not explain it”. It is the why that is repeated among the inhabitants of this city in the north of Mexico, situated on what was once a lagoon, now converted into a broad mantle to urban. A population that a decade ago he suffered a bloody war between cartels that left hundreds dead and missing, but he never imagined that a boy of eleven years could get weapons to attack their classmates and teachers.


A student of 11 years old kill shots to a teacher and left six wounded in a college of Mexico, Mexico calls on U.S. to halt the flow of guns to change have reduced the migration flow In my house lived the narco

“There is a lot of anger and also a lot of sadness. Unfortunately, this day will be marked forever,” says Susana after depositing the candle on the door of the school, alongside the other candles, white balloons, flowers and a note written in school notebook: “What God will give you strength. Love will heal our tears”.

The young man called Jose Angel and until now it is known that he lived with his paternal grandparents, after the death of his mother when he was between five and six years. Grew up, say the authorities consulted, with the pampering at home prodigaban grandparents, after that the father rehiciera his life with another couple. He liked the technology and was attending class with an iPhone of the latest generation, a watch iWatch, and also played with drones. That's why he was admired among her peers, who complained that their parents gave them such luxuries. What has Humberto Barbachano, 38-year-old, whose eldest son is studying in the same room that Joseph Angel, in the sixth grade. It was, he says, a boy wide awake. Good at math, competitive. “A chavito charismatic. Not had the profile of a person that was rejected. But you don't know what you're living at home or in your interior,” says the communications expert who lives a block from the school that was founded in march 1940 by an exile Spanish, Antonio Vigatán Simó.

Barbachano finished grooming the Friday morning when a call from his mother learned of what was happening in the Cervantes. It took him a minute to get to the door of the school, where there reigned the chaos: ambulances, parents bewildered, officers cordoning the area. Their two sons are studying there, but it was the greatest, when they could find, who told him what had happened: his companion, he asked permission to the teacher to be changed, it was up to the bathroom, where it took 15 minutes. The English teacher Mary Assaf Medina, called fondly Miss Marrie, was to seek and the child shot him. Before committing suicide wounded another teacher and five classmates. “It is a topic that never waits to get to speak,” says Barbachano. “Dads are frightened, like children, but we try not to dismiss the small as a murderer but as a victim.”

The reasons which led the boy to commit the crime and to know how it could be done with the weapons is that attempts to clarify Gerardo Márquez, attorney general, State of Coahuila, to which it belongs Tower. In an interview with THE COUNTRY ensures that the line of research is based on the assumption that the weapons could have been in the house of the grandparents of the child, but is very careful to take it for a fact. He says that they did an inspection on the home and they found many video game –“some with violent activities, of fighting,” says–, toys of war, and on interviews with classmates, one of them said that at some time the boy told that he had in his home weapons. “We are concluding the first stage of the research. That the provenance of the weapons is the domicile of the child is a deduction that we get regularly, because the access to this type of instruments can only give the inside of the home. It is empirical knowledge of the facts until we have the investigations of expert witnesses. These are not definitive proof”, explains the official. In anticipation of the report of the expert is final, the authorities suggest that it is artifact-22-caliber –that are acquired with permission of the appropriate authorities– and 40-caliber, to which access is restricted and for the use of security officers. The experts investigate, through the registration of the place of manufacture, sale and provenance of the weapons.

In a city that a decade ago was hit by the territorial dispute between the cartel of Los Zetas and the Sinaloa cartel, it is not very difficult to find weapons. It is, to say the journalist lagunero Javier Garza, one of the most recognized in the country, “a sequel to” of that encounter. Garza asserts that there is an illegal arms market and that the majority of murders and assaults that are recorded in the city are done with firearms. Although the statistics are not the same as ten years ago. According to official figures, between 2007 and 2012, 4,000 people were killed, while 2018 ended with 94 homicides. The prosecutor Marquez ensures that the illegal gun market “is not a matter of investigation in this case” and explains that in regards to the Prosecutor's office has record of all the weaponry that has been seized in clashes between the authorities and organized crime.

The inhabitants of Torreon, follow with the expectation each party that published by the authorities. You want to understand what happened on Friday, because they refuse to accept that their city, of which they feel proud for having overcome the horror of the violence drug trafficking, a return to the headlines blood-tinged. “Torreon is a warm region, not only for its climate in the summer, but for its people, but yesterday it was terrible in all aspects, was one of the worst days of their history. Here we are very football fans and nobody gave importance to the league. It is not the same feeling when we had the wave of violence, this is different. We know that was not the fault of the system, of the authorities. We assume us as a society to blame for what happened, but the security that was lost we want to recover it. Or Torreon or Mexico are characterized by this type of violence,” says Humberto Barbachano, while he, his wife and their children prepare to attend the masses of tribute from Jose Angel and Miss Marrie.

Date Of Update: 12 January 2020, 01:00

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