The united states applauds the withdrawal from Mexico and Argentina of Mature

After the attempt of chavez to neutralize the power of John Guaidó to the front of the National Assembly, the united States insisted on Monday that his re-elect

The united states applauds the withdrawal from Mexico and Argentina of Mature

After the attempt of chavez to neutralize the power of John Guaidó to the front of the National Assembly, the united States insisted on Monday that his re-election was legitimate and that the one hundred votes cast, out of 167 possible, it shows. The Organization of American States (OAS) or the Group of Lima condemned what happened on Sunday afternoon, but the manager of the united States to Venezuela, Elliott Abrams, pointed out that of the reactions of the international community the positions most novel are those of Mexico and Argentina. "Argentina has said that what happened is unacceptable and Mexico that the democratic operation is vital,” said Abrams.

“The fact that the postures come from governments of the left adds importance to what happened, and increases the isolation of the regime of Maduro". “We all know the support of Colombia to the of democracy in Venezuela and John Guaidó. But the new government of Argentina has taken a slightly different position and also what has Mexico done. Do not have the same position obviously, the united States, but it was very interesting that on the same day, and without a second's hesitation, rate what happened is unacceptable," he added.

According to Abrams: “Mature must be wondering if we are allies. Because they will not support these measures, they will reject. We are Russia, Cuba and China. But is losing support not only of the right and center, but also of the left in Latin America".

After the events of Sunday to the doors of the Assembly, the Governments of Mexico and Argentina were aligned with the main international partners of Guaidó in their rejection of the hand strike that ended with the proclamation as president of the National Assembly of Venezuela Luis Parra, a member of opposition and dissident, with the support of chavismo.

"Mexico makes votes for the National Assembly of Venezuela be able to democratically elect their Board of Directors in accordance with the process established in the Constitution of that country brother. The legitimate functioning of the Legislative Power is pillar inviolable democracies", said the ministry of Foreign Affairs in a press release. Until now, the government of Mexico has maintained a distance on what was happening in Venezuela, despite the attempts of one and another side by the lure you to their cause. The Government of Mexico insists on the doctrine Estrada of non-intervention, and opened months ago the possibility of offering himself as a mediator. With its positioning of Sunday to ask for respect in the Legislature as a "pillar inviolable of democracies", the united States has interpreted that there is a distance of Mature.

For its part, the argentine foreign minister, Felipe Solá, recalled that the Executive of Alberto Fernandez, who took office in December, "is trying by all means that the dialogue and the agreements are the way for the full recovery of the democratic functioning of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela". "To prevent by force the operation of the Legislative Assembly is to be condemned to international isolation. We reject this action and we urge the venezuelan government to accept that the road is exactly the opposite. The Assembly shall choose its president with total legitimacy," said the argentine foreign minister.

According to Abrams, "the popularity of Mature is 10%, sometimes 12, but Mature each time has less and less money and less and less friends in the world. Dozens of countries such as Mexico and Argentina left them alone. Only has support for two or three dictatorships," added the man chosen by Trump to take charge of the caribbean country. "We will see the fall of Mature. No one knows the day but we know to do, continue with more and more pressure and that is what we will do with the international community."

Precisely, in relation with the international community, the united States stressed the role and presence of Russia, which has moved 150 soldiers to Venezuela, but ruled out an active role of Iran. "Enough problems already has,” he said.

"We are studying closely the role of Russia, we are not going to allow the level of support the last few months without reacting. There are 150 Russian soldiers in Venezuela. But we do not want to engage militarily but to keep the economic pressure", he described. "The russians are supporting the regime, but we know that they are not investing in Venezuela. Are only taking, recovering, your money. Not investing or lending their money, because they do not have confidence in the regime. In the Kremlin know that the regime is becoming more and more weak."

In reference to Luis Parra, the deputy who took possession of the form at issue, the united States confirmed that will be part of the sanctions imposed by the Administration Trump the caribbean country. “We are passing from the past year to people involved in the destruction of democracy in Venezuela. Yes we are going to include it (Luis Parra) in the sanctions," he concluded.

Date Of Update: 07 January 2020, 02:00